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adtmag.com berichtet:

Protecting Your Software Investment from Fickle Product Owners

Our Agile Architect discusses strategies for working with a product owner that .... Agile development, Agile architecture, and Agile project management ...
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cio.com berichtet:

5 project management mistakes your marketing team is probably making

Project management isn't just for your software development team. The same concepts can be applied to other areas of your operations, as well, from ...
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scrum.org berichtet:

A Kanban primer for Scrum Teams

This time around Yuval Yeret joins us to write a Kanban primer for Scrum Teams. "All you need to know to improve your Scrum using Kanban."
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Are Traditional Scrum Masters Becoming Obsolete?

At the center of this whirl of frenetic activity was a person who the team called a “scrum master.” At first, I thought this person was a project manager.
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erp-news.info berichtet:

Lastenheft-Checkliste von godesys: Diese 5 Informationen sollten im Pflichtenheft unbedingt ...

Deshalb sollten sie sich an die Grundregeln für erfolgreiches Projektmanagement halten und keine ERP-Auswahl starten, solange keine Klarheit über ...
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bizjournals.com berichtet:

How to perfect the art of 'good enough' project management

That's because “good enough” project management is based on principles called “Agile” and “Scrum” from the world of software development.
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5 Metaphors to Explore the Value of Scrum Values

“Successful use of Scrum depends on people becoming more proficient in living these five values (Focus, Openness, Respect, Courage, ...
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elektroniknet.de berichtet:

KFZ schiebt IoT an

Die Marktforscher von Berg Insight haben eine Datenbank mit den größten IoT-Projekten aufgebaut, die auf Mobilfunk basieren, und dabei ...
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Jim Bowes: How to use Agile to create more effective teams and happier staff

Luckily, we'd built our agency around Agile principles, so we were already equipped for dealing with change. Agile is a project management ...
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hbr.org berichtet:

How HR Can Become Agile (and Why It Needs To)

The bulk of this agile canon will teach your individual teams to deliver ... the qualities being evaluated in the performance management system, for every ... biweekly) meeting with a team involved in a particular project or initiative to ...
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Who Will Project Manage Your System Implementation?

While there are a variety of reasons for these problems, overall the single biggest contributor in our view is the lack of experienced project managers.
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Technology Excellence: Roboter und Künstliche Intelligenz verändern die Gesellschaft (Teil 2)

Immer mehr erfolgreiche Projekte weisen jedoch den Weg und machen deutlich, dass ein neues Softwarekonzept zur Unternehmenssteuerung ...
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cmswire.com berichtet:

How to Build an Agile Marketing Team Across Time Zones

These demands place your project management system at the heart of your ... At the core of the agile marketing philosophy is the need to develop ...
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oracle.com berichtet:

Modern Best Practice for Project Management – Project Methodology to Delivery

Your project management approach determines how well your projects will proceed. With this modern best practice, you can determine the most ...
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The Scrum Framework

After coaching global Scrum Teams, Agile projects, and product development in all situations across Europe, Russia, and the Silicon Valley, I faced ...
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Have you implemented Scrum in your Marketing Department?

Recently, we decided to implement Scrum in our Marketing Department, and so far it's been a success. Do any of you use Scrum in your department?
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Atlassian JIRA: Best Agile Project Management Software

After conducting extensive research and analysis, we recommend JIRA as the best agile project management solution for 2017. We chose JIRA from a ...
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What Do You Mean My Production Is Wonky?

What would you want to do? Place blame or work on a remedy? There is a solution: Personal Kanban. It's cheap, easy to customize, and has only two ...
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Wrike: Best Free Project Management Software

After conducting extensive research and analysis in 2017, we recommend Wrike as the best free project management solution for 2017. We chose ...
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Translation Project Management: Like a Martial Art?

This ability to prioritize and focus on one or two tasks at a time is a necessary skill for any project manager. My work constantly keeps me on my toes.
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Teamwork Projects: Best Project Management Software for Small Teams

After conducting extensive research and analysis, we recommend Teamwork Projects as the best project management solution for small teams for ...
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13 Tipps für erfolgreiches Verhandeln

Auch in vielen Projekten ist der Druck hoch, ein gutes Verhandlungsergebnis zu erzielen. Für Projektmanager sind gute Verhandlungs-Skills daher ...
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jaxenter.com berichtet:

Simple secrets to a successful Agile process

Scrum masters can be considered the glue that holds development teams together during each iteration (the development process must be divided ...
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forbes.com berichtet:

Four Major Success Factors In Large-Scale Transformation

While all transformations have friction, struggle and conflict, successful projects rooted in these practices navigate the friction, and fuel individual and ...
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Libelium presents a white paper with 50 real IoT success stories after ten years of experience in the ...

The IoT company summarizes 50 of the most successful projects developed with its wireless sensor platform for smart cities, agriculture, water, ...
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it-daily.net berichtet:

Softwareentwicklung: Automatisierung steigert Qualität

Die Werkzeuge, mit denen sich agile Entwicklung konsequent über den ... zurückgemeldet und von ihm behoben (Test-Driven-Development).
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crn.de berichtet:

Die Messlatte ist der Kundennutzen

... doch nicht so brillant war, das ist das Erfolgsrezept für Dirk Walkowiak, Director Software Development bei C4B. ... Zentral ist dabei das Grundkonzept der agilen Entwicklung: Im Vordergrund steht immer der Anwendernutzen, ...
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5 Key Collaboration Skills That Can Make Good Scrum Teams Great!

To make sure your Scrum team has the right mindset, a Scrum Master needs to make sure the Scrum team moves away from the red zone and moves ...
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scruminc.com berichtet:

Scaling Scrum at Lufthansa and ScrumDay Stuttgart May 2017

At the Scrum Gathering in San Diego I gave an earlier version of this presentation and polled the audience of over 1000 people. Two thirds of the ...
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Why We Traded Scrum for “Science Fair” to Build HubSpot

We broke up with scrum about six years ago. Agile development served us well in startup mode, but as we added more seats, opened new space, and ...
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conversionxl.com berichtet:

Agile Marketing: How to Implement Scrum for Digital Marketing

While the Scrum framework was originally developed for tackling software development, it's a flexible and functional framework that can be adapted to ...
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it-daily.net berichtet:

Konfliktpotenziale in Projekten erkennen und managen

Konfliktpotenziale in Projekten erkennen und managen ... Am Schwersten sind in einem Projekt innere Konflikte einzelner Teammitglieder zu ...
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Ein Leitfaden für Konfliktlösungsgespräche

Wenn zwischen den Mitgliedern eines Teams Missstimmigkeiten oder Meinungsunterschiede auftreten, so ist es in der Regel sinnvoll, diese frühzeitig ...
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techbullion.com berichtet:

Managing Fintech Projects – Introduction to Fintech Project Management

Fintech project management makes it possible to deliver a complex project in an agile way. To achieve this capability, you will need to take some time ...
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3 Reasons Why Marketers Need Project Management Tools

Pulling together these plans can take months (or longer). Integrating a project management tool with your marketing platform allows you to plan longer ...
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ehstoday.com berichtet:

Modern Change Management: Planning for Environmental Compliance

Environmental factors simply may not be on the radar screen of project management teams. Environmental regulations can, however, have a ...
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techrepublic.com berichtet:

How to set up and manage projects in Wrike

After you've created all required folders, follow the same steps by right-clicking on the applicable folder or subfolder and selecting Project. I've created ...
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How councils can use and make the most of data

However, the experience that senior management possess is critical in successful data innovation projects. Mature experts – with years of experience ...
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jaxenter.de berichtet:

Skalieren mit Scrum und Microservices: Big Bang oder langsame Transformation?

Was nützlich war und was nicht, erarbeiteten wir zusammen mit dem Product Owner, den Stakeholdern und den Entwicklern in verschiedenen ...
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cio.de berichtet:

Arbeiten in verteilten Teams ist sehr aufwendig

Agile Methoden erfordern starkes gegenseitiges Vertrauen aller Beteiligten. Vertrauen entsteht aber erst durch persönlichen Kontakt. Forrester gibt ...
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