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gruenderszene.de berichtet:

Die digitalen Projekt-Überblicker

Linnekogel weiß daher auch, dass Unternehmen zum Teil viel Geld dafür zahlen, damit Gruppen- und Projektarbeiten rund laufen. Also gründete er ...
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Finger weg vom Multitasking!

Zumindest einen Lichtblick schenkt uns die Studie: In Unternehmen mit einem reifen Projektmanagement, die u.a. ausgebildete Projektleiter ...
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itnews.com.au berichtet:

Five years on, AusPost works to keep agile project agile

Five years on, and with a “main” Salesforce environment serving some 4000 standard users, business systems manager Brett Ashworth insists the ...
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live-pr.com berichtet:

Projektmanagement bekommt immer mehr Zulauf

Projektmanagement bekommt immer mehr ZulaufDie Procow UG aus Hannover war gleich mit zwei Projektleitern auf der ...
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Bahrain International Project Management Convention takes place through month of November

Ahmed Al Naeemi, the BIBF's head of operations, IT and project management, said that next month's Bahrain International Project Management ...
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esri.com berichtet:

Learning to Be a Leader at the Project Management Level

What are some of the skills GIS professionals need to learn to be good managers? Surprisingly, a lot can be gleaned from that first foray into project ...
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romanpichler.com berichtet:

Mindfulness Tips for Product Managers and Product Owners

This post shares practical mindfulness tips that help product managers and product owners be more productive and creative and feel happier.
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cio.com berichtet:

We can't afford quality!

Too much management is based on quantity rather than quality. ... There is no reason why one can't modify a waterfall project management approach ...
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Manage and assess your GitHub projects with Blazemetrics

With the service, project managers can keep up-to-date on a project's status. The tool also provides a comprehensive real-time dashboard, as well as ...
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goodcall.com berichtet:

MicroMasters: The Next Big Thing in Graduate Degrees?

The Rochester Institute of Technology offers a MicroMasters in project management. “This online Project Management sequence is a semester's worth ...
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Finger weg vom Multitasking!

Die Studienautoren haben über 400 Unternehmen in Deutschland mit Multiprojektumgebungen befragt, wie sich Multitasking auf die Projektarbeit ...
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skyword.com berichtet:

Collaboration's Dark Side: Avoiding Design by Committee Through Project Management

It's project management 101: if a project changes once you've already started development, something's got to give. At a minimum, you're looking at ...
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The Technical ScrumMaster: A Path to "Himself-Organized" Teams

To follow market trends and the "state of Agile" in other places, one thing I like to do is to check on job postings. I usually scan through LinkedIn's job ...
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Are We Responding to Change Effectively?

One of the principles of Agile underscores the importance of "responding to change." Though we are theoretically willing to respond to changes, we ...
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A Beginner's Guide to the User Story Template

He or she may write a user story or ask the Scrum Team to write it. In any case, the user story is where conversations between the product owner and ...
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pressebox.de berichtet:

Die Kunst, die richtige Projektmanagement-Software zu finden

Es gibt zahlreiche Tools für das Projektmanagement. Aber welche Software ist für das eigene Team die ...
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Best Practices – oder: Der unstillbare Wunsch nach Schema F

Die ganze Projektmanagement-Branche träumt von einem Erfolgsrezept, das man jedem Projekt überstülpen kann und mit dem dann nichts mehr ...
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Can we manage project resources?

In recent years, project management has changed dramatically. Projects are strategic in nature and companies manage numerous projects ...
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The Product Backlog Refinement Meeting

It creates more transparency among the Scrum team members. DEEP Product Backlog - results in Product Refinement Meeting. Tags: Opinions ...
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Collaboration and Communication

A team's productivity is based on various elements, but two key factors are effective collaboration and communication. An increase in the comfort level ...
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Software für kollaboratives Projektmanagement

Umfangreiche Recherchen des Herstellers CA Technologies haben die unterschiedlichen Arbeitsweisen im Projektmanagement erforscht. In vielen ...
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Effective leadership skill acquisition thru project management

ONE of the most significant challenges faced by the higher management of any organization in the GCC, whether government or private, is to train and ...
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Zeitpuffer eliminieren

Die Management- und IT-Beratung MHP und Actano, Anbieter von Software fürs Projektmanagement, haben eine Partnerschaft vereinbart, um ...
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cio.de berichtet:

Wie Recaro mit Kanban Zeit spart

In der SAP- und der PLM-Abteilung innerhalb der IT von Recaro Aircraft Seating ist vieles anders als beim Kanban-Entwickler Toyota (siehe Kasten): ...
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news.sys-con.com berichtet:

Project Management App 'ClickUp' Opens Headquarters in Palo Alto

With ClickUp, Mango Technologies is hoping to deliver an immediate project management solution to [unique, concrete market with good ...
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Most Kiwi CFOs use interim managers for cost efficiency

The demand for financial interim managers is strongest for business transformation (48%) and project management (38%). 92% of New Zealand CFOs ...
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5 Ways Agile Boosted Our IT Team's Happiness

Agile is the only project management approach I know of wherein a deck of playing cards can be a seriously useful forecasting tool. I'm talking here of ...
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hbr.org berichtet:

An Ode to the Underappreciated Spreadsheet

While some people maintain this kind of file using a project management tool like Trello, I've found a spreadsheet gives me more options for ...
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The 41 Top Project Management Books

Looking to get started with project management and don't know where to turn? Are you a seasoned professional wanting to find new inspiration?
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infoq.com berichtet:

Agile Development at the Enterprise Level: Misconceptions That Jeopardize Success

With project management, it's a constant cost-benefit analysis – regardless of whether the project involves Agile or not. Project managers are always ...
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How Do We Plan for Unplanned Work in a Sprint?

I see Scrum Teams struggling with unplanned work even though they do lot of planning to build ... Why should a Scrum Team accept unplanned work?
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dzone.com berichtet:

Scrumban: The Solution That Fits My Team

Kanban and Scrum are both Agile software developments methodologies with similarities and differences. Some say that these are two different paths ...
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whatchado.com berichtet:

Wolfgang Auer, Developer und Scrum Master

“Das Coolste sind Abwechslungen und Herausforderungen. Tage sind oft ganz anders, als man sie geplant hat.” Wolfgang Auer geht in seinem Job ...
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Agiles Projektmanagement spart Kosten

Ismaning bei München, 06.10.2016 - Schon das Wort klingt massiv: Mit "Wasserfall" wird das klassische Vorgehen umschrieben, mit dem IT-Projekte ...
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Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt

Eigentlich kann Meierdiercks zufrieden sein: Das Projekt läuft insgesamt nach Plan und die Zusammenarbeit und das Teamklima sind top. Dennoch ...
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Talking Events: The Event Geek project management system

“Event Geek is project management software for events. As someone who was responsible for running over 50 events a year with a $1 million budget, ...
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smartsheet.com berichtet:

Transitioning from Project Manager to Scrum Master

Discover the varying responsibilities of a Project Manager and Scrum Master and how to transition from one to the other.
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Agile's DSDM Consortium evolves into Agile Business Consortium

The DSDM Consortium - host of London's annual Agile Business ... project management and programme management frameworks, the Agile ...
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td.org berichtet:

How I Stopped Getting Project Hangovers

A couple of months ago, I had a realization: I was a project doer and not a project manager. To be clear, I thought I was actually a pretty solid project ...
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thehindu.com berichtet:

Book on IT project management launched

Mr. Parthasarathy said this while releasing a book on Project Management in the IT services authored by Customer Services Director of Oracle India ...
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