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Modern Agile Principles: Agiler arbeiten einfach gemacht

Agilität ist in aller Munde. Und unter uns: das Thema ist ziemlich unübersichtlich geworden, oder nicht? ...
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scrum.org berichtet:

Scrum Master vs Project Manager — An Overview of the Differences

What is a Scrum Master? What are the differences between a Scrum Master and Project Manager? Isn’t a Scrum Master some kind of an Agile Project Manager? ...
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Sprint Plans are Worthless, but Sprint Planning is Everything

It’s a powerful phrase that aligns all so well with Scrum. Contrary to a myth that there is no planning in Scrum, planning is actually everything: we plan our work not only in Sprint Planning but also every day at Daily Scrum. ...
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scrum.org berichtet:

Stop Measuring The Pizzas And The Cooks

Good news! You’ve become the owner of a pizzeria. Gone are the days of writing code, being a Scrum Master or deciding over the Product Backlog. ...
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There is DONE or DONE NOT!

Far too often we accept that people tell us a task is almost DONE. In this article I explain, what the concept behind the Definition of DONE ...
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flowwork.rocks berichtet:

Wofür ein Just Cause? Wir haben bereits eine Vision!

Dieser Blogartikel basiert auf dem Buch The Infinite Game von Simon Sinek und ich weiß nicht wie es euch geht, aber ich war im ersten Moment etwas verwirrt. ...
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hbr.org berichtet:

Lessons from Tesla’s Approach to Innovation

Few companies have attracted as much scorn and adoration as Tesla. When Tesla launches a product like the Cybertruck, the reception tends to be divisive: critics see it as further evidence that founder Elon Musk is out of touch and doomed to fail, while supporters buy in ...
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digitaltonto.com berichtet:

Why Software Won’t Eat The World

In 2011, technology pioneer Marc Andreessen declared that software is eating the world. “With lower start-up costs and a vastly expanded market for online services,” he wrote, ...
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How to Create a Project Risk Management Plan

Most of your project problems can be avoided or greatly reduced through risk management. The simple act of identifying and discussing risks goes a long way towards reducing problems in your project. ...
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8 Common Project Risk Examples and How to Minimize Them

Project risks are those unexpected events, that most likely will put your project deadline at risk if they are not identified and mitigated ahead of time. ...
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jrothman.com berichtet:

Effects of Separating “New” Work vs “Maintenance” Work

Back when I was a manager, my senior management wanted to separate the “new” work from the “maintenance” work. ...
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fastcompany.com berichtet:

How to finally stop micromanaging and delegate more

On the face of it, delegation looks like a straightforward managerial task. But as my experience coaching senior leaders can attest, in practice, it’s more challenging than it seems. ...
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agile42.com berichtet:

The Number 7: Why is it so important?

What team size works best in Agile? Team size is often talked about when it comes to establishing a high performing team. ...
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fs.blog berichtet:

An Astronaut’s Guide to Mental Models

There isn’t a harsher environment for a human being to live than outer space. Chris Hadfield shares some of the thinking tools he acquired as an astronaut to make high stakes decisions, be innovative in the face of failure, and stay cool under pressure. ...
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Visual Thinking For Great Collaboration With Yuri Malishenko

YURI MALISHENKO is an Agile Coach and product owner at Danske Bank – and a visual thinking evangelist. ...
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medium.com berichtet:

Design Sprints are Absurd

The ‘Design Sprint’, made extremely popular by Google Ventures is a highly problematic approach to innovation. ...
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smharter.com berichtet:

How large successful companies achieve agility at scale

Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Spotify, LinkedIn, Netflix and HP LaserJet Firmware: all these big and successful companies work to deliver digital services and/or digital products, or physical products with embedded software, and they employ from a few hundred to several thousand software developers and engineers. Some of them develop large software systems that require many of those developers and engineers to work together on the same piece of software/delivery initiative. ...
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agilix.nl berichtet:

Large Dutch Bank |Our Journey Towards Agility at Scale

Our Business Lending product is being developed by more than 20 teams spread across 3 sites. Each team contains business, IT and operations skills. In this configuration we are able to deliver valuable product increment to our customers every 2 weeks. ...
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Metrics in Agile: How to Effectively Measure Your Transformation Journey

Velocity. It is one of the most commonly used, abused, and misused metrics in Agile software development. Teams, their managers, and even their stakeholders often focus on “improving velocity” without considering the entire value delivery system. ...
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doriantaylor.com berichtet:

Agile as Trauma

The Agile Manifesto is an immune response on the part of programmers to bad management. The document is an expression of trauma, and its intellectual descendants continue to carry this baggage. ...
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Zur Messbarkeit von Veränderungsprozessen

Es gibt Zusammenhänge und Veränderungsprozesse, die sich gut messen lassen, z.B. die Gewichtszunahme infolge der Weihnachtsvöllerei oder das Schrumpfen im Alter. ...
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Agile Projekte in öffentlichen Verwaltungen – Teil 4

In diesem vierten Beitrag möchte ich nun gerne die Ergebnisse unseres Artikels „Agilität und Nutzerzentrierung in der öffentlichen Verwaltung“, den wir im Rahmen der „Mensch und Computer“ 2019 veröffentlicht haben, vorstellen. ...
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Klimadebatte: eine neue agile Sichtweise aus den USA

Jonathan Franzen, einer meiner amerikanischen Lieblingsautoren, hat sich mit einer Stellungnahme zur aktuellen Klimadebatte gemeldet. Sein Essay „Wann hören wir auf, uns etwas vorzumachen? Gestehen wir uns ein, ...
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gineersnow.com berichtet:

How to Get Your Project Back on Track When Things Go Wrong

Good examples include agile project management methodologies such as Kanban and Scrum. If this is something you'd like to start doing, Kanbanize ...
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wrike.com berichtet:

Top Tips for Implementing New Project Management Software

Implementing new project management software can be daunting for both a business and its staff. Find out how to make the process easy and efficient ...
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forbes.com berichtet:

How To Increase Operational Efficiency When Understaffed: 12 Valuable Tips

For any size team, I always recommend project management software. This helps provide transparency and clarity on the project. - Elyse Flynn Meyer ...
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Scrum Infinity Stones

We all know that Scrum is a framework, but for instance, imagine Scrum to be a gauntlet that holds all the six infinity gems. If so -what could be its ...
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Maximizing Product Value Through Scrum Values

Delivering and maximizing value is a complex undertaking in which Scrum Teams learn and create value through an empirical process based on ...
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Agile Arbeitsweisen steigern die Effizienz um bis zu zwölf Prozent - Horváth-Studie nimmt die ...

Der Untersuchung zufolge ermöglichen beliebte agile Methoden wie Kanban, Scrum und Design Thinking Effizienzsteigerungen von bis zu zwölf ...
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heise.de berichtet:

OpenProject 10.4: Neuer Viewer zur Integration von 3-D-Modellen

Mit Version 10.4 erhält die Software für Open-Source-Projektmanagement einen IFC-Viewer zur Integration von Gebäudemodellen für die Anzeige in ...
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Why Agile is outperforming traditional project management models

Making waves in project management circles for a while now, the Agile model is still an undeniably popular alternative to traditional methods of project ...
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Throughput-Driven Sprint Planning

Over my 15 years of experience with Scrum, I've observed velocity-driven and capacity-driven sprint planning as our ways of working when we figure ...
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Studie: Umstellung auf agile Software-Entwicklungsmethoden und DevOps läuft

Die Umstellung der Anwendungsentwicklung und -wartung auf agile ... sind: „Agile Development“, „Continuous Testing“ und „DevOps Consulting“.
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Produktiver arbeiten? Mit diesen 10 Tools kein Problem mehr

Trello ist wohl die bekannteste und beliebteste Software, wenn es ums Projekt-Management geht. Vor allem bei der Arbeit in Teams lässt sich Trello ...
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How Your Agency Can Effectively Implement DevOps

“The whole idea behind DevOps is to combine agile methodology with ... Agencies should also use Source Control Management systems to version ...
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dev-insider.de berichtet:

Vorlagen für Scaled Agile Framework und Vertragsverwaltung zur Premiere

Über die Service-Management-Plattform Efecte ist es künftig möglich, ... aller IT-Prozesse inklusive Incident-, Release- und Projektmanagement.
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Are Your Project Managers “Professional Babysitters”?

A coaching client wrote: “I've always seen project managers as glorified babysitters. Why do agency employees need a 'professional babysitter' to tell ...
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medianet.at berichtet:

Die Kunst des digitalen Projektmanagements

Gleichzeitig steigt der Anteil der Projektarbeit in Unternehmen über alle Branchen und Funktionen hinweg kontinuierlich: Das Project Management ...
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proagile.de berichtet:

Kanban für Scrum Teams

Warum jedes gute Scrum-Team von einem guten Kanban profitiert Rolf ist ein erfahrener Trainer für Methoden wie Scrum und Kanban, der sich auch in der agilen Community sehr engagiert. Er hat z.B. den Kanban-Guide für Scrum Teams ins Deutsche übersetzt, ist akkreditierter Trainer der Kanban University und Mitorganisator des Agile Leipzig Barcamps. ...
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9 Ways to Enhance Your Project Management Skills in 2020

Smart project managers know that meeting and exceeding their goals and objectives is the key to their success. With the right project management ...
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