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Managing the Project Manager in a Network

Project Managers are responsible for coordinating and managing budgets, resources, schedules, and stakeholders. But who manages the Project ...
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Hiring: 42 Scrum Product Owner Interview Questions to Avoid Agile Imposters

Co-authored with Andreea Tomoiaga, 42 Scrum Product Owner Interview Questions to Avoid Hiring Agile Imposters represents the most important ...
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CIO improves project management to push POS

Absent proper project management and data governance, the result is a serious IT headache. That's exactly the situation Marc Kermisch jumped into ...
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Star Wars Scrum: Rebel Agility vs. Empire Command and Control

In the Star Wars saga, the Empire is clearly a traditional waterfall, top-down, command-and-control based organization. Its characteristic corporate ...
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Agile and Lean Program Management: Scaling Collaboration Across the Organization is Available ...

Project and program frameworks are comforting. However, they ... "With agile and lean program management, you make the status visible at all times.
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Top 3 Methods of Project Management. Scrum vs Agile vs Kanban

... decided to create enhanced methods for projects control and maintenance. Let's see how the most popular of them Scrum, Agile and Kanban work.
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7 great IT certification exam simulators for project managers

BrainBOK offers a toolkit to study for the Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) exams that ...
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Successful 2016 months for the Turning Tides Project

THE Turning Tides Project (TTTP), a group which provides access to music and the arts for those with learning difficulties, has had a successful 12 ...
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How the Kubernetes Community Drives The Project's Success

Chen Goldberg, Director of Engineering, Container Engine and Kubernetes at Google, explains the value of the Kubernetes community during her ...
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Building an Effective Knowledge Management System in Scrum Teams

Still, it is inevitable that top talent members will leave Scrum teams. Some of the resources with the most essential knowledge are developers and ...
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Jira: Aufgaben- und Projektverfolgung für Software-Teams - Was hinter der Webanwendung steckt

Bugtracker, Issue-Tracking-Lösung oder Projektmanagement- Jira erlaubt es, Aufgaben vieler Art komfortabel über den Web-Browser zu verwalten.
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Project management tool ProofHub, gets an update

ProofHub, a project management tool has introduced a new version of proofing tool which is expected to make life easy for teams with many useful ...
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The 5 Biggest Project Management Trends Shaping 2017

What are the biggest project management trends for 2017? From agile to the PMP, big changes are afoot. Read on to learn more.
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How to Continuously Involve Ops Stuff in the Agile Development Cycle (Part #2)

Let's look at the Agile development process - again focusing on Scrum from the Ops perspective. Let's review the places where we intervene: in which ...
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Das magische Dreieck im Projektmanagement

Hältst du Projektmanagement für Zauberei? Ich bin sicher: Du hast dir schon mal gewünscht zaubern zu können. Vor allem dann, wenn es in deinen ...
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Ehemalige Sun-Projekte: Open Source à la Oracle

Im September 2016 stellte Dennis E. Hamilton, der Vorsitzende des Openoffice Project Management Committee, in einer Rundmail sogar eine ...
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sourceable.net berichtet:

Does Australia Fail in the Delivery of Major Hospital Projects?

The consortium responsible for delivering the project is locked in a bitter dispute ... In absence of strong project management skills, the source said the ...
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Toby Waxman Releases New Project Management Book

Rising to the level of exceptional project management requires a powerful set of skills, knowledge and technical expertise acquired through years and ...
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How does a Scrum Master actually facilitate anything?

I was recently coaching a team and got pulled-in to mediate between the Scrum Master and the Product Owner. It was revealed that the SM felt ...
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Most Big Data Projects Fail: 4 Ways to Make Yours Succeed!

Most successful projects are developed and deployed completely standalone from the rest of the company infrastructure. These skunkworks projects ...
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Your project management New Year's Resolutions

Spend less? Save more? What about work? Here are five project management resolutions that will help you get off to a successful start in 2017.
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Scrum und Design Thinking erobern die Entwicklungsabteilungen

Denn das sind die wesentlichen Gemeinsamkeiten von Scrum, Design Thinking und Lean Startup: Sie legen den Schwerpunkt darauf, in kurzen ...
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Projektmanagement-Software: So klappt die Einführung

Die richtige Projektmanagement-Software sorgt für eine deutliche Erleichterung des Arbeitsalltags. Doch wie finden Sie den passenden Anbieter, der ...
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Projektverwaltung: Was Zenkit zum Trello-Killer machen soll

Das Projektmanagement-Tool Zenkit soll sich vor allem durch seine Flexibilität von Konkurrenzprodukten wie Trello absetzen. Wir haben einen Blick ...
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Applying Sociocracy 3.0 Patterns for Implementing Agile Practices

Priest & Bockelbrink: Most agile frameworks and methods focus on software development and project management, omitting to significantly address ...
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New year could mean changes in legal world

These techniques include traditional project management, agile project management, enhanced budgeting, process improvement and new ...
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10 Must-have project management apps for entrepreneurs

Trying to manage a project without project management software can turn into a Godzilla-like apocalypse quickly. Small businesses have a variety of ...
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Alignment of Risk Management Processes for Medical Device Products and Projects

While product and project risk management focuses differ, both processes should be aligned and utilize the same risk management principles.
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How critical thinking, or lack of it, makes or breaks projects

Among the objectives of the UMASS-Lowell project management course are helping project managers learn are how to clarify issues to arrive at ...
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Scrum Roles: Product Owners and Team Members

Unlike a scrum master, whose responsibilities are focused on the development team, a product owner has a shared responsibility to the team and to ...
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CMMI® Institute Publishes A Guide to Scrum and CMMI: Improving Agile Performance with CMMI

Agile organizations struggling with issues of performance are increasingly turning to the CMMI for proven results. PITTSBURGH--(BUSINESS ...
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dzone.com berichtet:

Getting to Done: Tackling Impediments

Scrum teams will always face impediments because the work is complex and dynamic. The question is whether we tackle those impediments or live ...
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Mastering Scrum: Wisdom Perceived or Received?

Are Scrum 'best practices' myth or reality? Learn how one Accusoft Engineer recommends mastering Scrum despite well-intended advice.
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Wie Mitarbeiter Agilität praxisnah erleben können

Neben dem Spielleiter, der auch "Timekeeper" und "Product Owner" ist, gibt es nur ein großes Team. Alle anderen Teilnehmer sind Teil des großen ...
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Agile Methoden auf dem Vormarsch

Beide dienen dazu, mit dem Product Owner die Prioritäten der einzelnen Product-Backlog-Items zu besprechen. Daraus werden dann im zweiten ...
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What To Know About Lean Warehouse Management

... be used to overcome many of them. In particular, value stream mapping (VSM), 5S, and Kanban can be used to make warehouses more efficient.
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Die sog. Projektbefristung

Die Projektarbeit hat in der modernen Arbeitswelt enorm an Bedeutung gewonnen. Auch die Befristung eines Arbeitsvertrages wird in der Praxis ...
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What you can learn from the feds about effective project management (no, this is not a joke)

The PMIAA requires the implementation of established project management strategies to create a more consistent, efficient and effective federal ...
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How To Make Organizational Change Without More Resources

We combined those with project management best practices and rolled out the new system. The dedicated team members bought in and rolled up ...
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8 steps to breaking bad news to difficult project stakeholders

Once the project is complete and lessons learned have been discussed ... To get more project management tips, subscribe to our Executive Briefing ...
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