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techwell.com berichtet:

4 Ways to Restore Purpose to Your Daily Scrum

The daily scrum was created to help the Scrum team meet its sprint goal. Unfortunately, answering the three daily questions can turn a synchronization ...
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Blerina Ilia on the 3 aspects of Scrum Master success

In this episode we explore the different aspects of success for Scrum Masters according to Blerin Ilia. We discuss the importance, and impact of ...
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govtech.com berichtet:

Agile Acquisitions: Rethinking Public-Sector Purchasing

Determined to break out of that cycle, the state looked for a significant project to which it could apply agile project management methodology and ...
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infoq.com berichtet:

Six Ways Agile Can Turn Static

Agile methodologies don't always deliver the expected results. ... Project managers need to evaluate projects to analyze if a smaller number of ...
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entwickler.de berichtet:

Die Retrospektive unter der Lupe: Der Retrospective Report 2017

Mit einem Drittel stellt die Berufsgruppe der internen Scrum-Master den größten Anteil an Teilnehmern dar; zusammen mit agilen Coaches (ebenfalls ...
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itpro.co.uk berichtet:

Best free project management tools

Whether you work specifically on projects or want to make business as usual (BAU) tasks run as smoothly as possible, project management tools are ...
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cuinsight.com berichtet:

Project management vs project leadership

It's different. Leaders develop people, think strategically and take responsibility. Managers manage. Here are three ways the differences flesh out in ...
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Assessing the growing need for robust project management in cloud deployments

According to a PwC study, 97% of organisations believe project management is critical to business performance and organisational success, and in ...
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cio.com.au berichtet:

7 goals every project manager should aspire to achieve

Project managers must look beyond requirements, budgets and timelines to ensure they are executing high-impact, high-visibility projects with a direct ...
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Designing the IT Organization for Service Management

PROCESS - The Process function houses the Project Management Office (PMO) and manages the development of project management processes, ...
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Trilux setzt für konzernweite Projektmanagement-Plattform auf cplace

Dieser kann sein Projekt in cplace zunächst grob planen und dann ... Gerke, Leiter Project Management und Advanced Quality beim Innovations- und ...
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gcn.com berichtet:

Kanban for slaying the external dependency monster in migrations

Kanban can be a simple yet elegant way to lift the veil from what is actually happening with dependencies and illustrate how they are impacting an ...
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Wenn sich Wissen aus dem Unternehmen verabschiedet: vom Super-GAU zur Chance

Mitarbeiter, die über Jahre im Unternehmen Wissen aufgebaut, Expertise entwickelt und Netzwerke gebildet haben, sind in jeder Abteilung gefragte ...
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Guest blog: Five keys to win at project management

Project success, at its simplest level, can be defined as completing a project's three primary objectives – time, performance and cost. If a project does ...
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readitquik.com berichtet:

What to Look for in Project Management Tools

New processes and technologies are bringing new ways of working to life, and these must be incorporated in the project management process.
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Smart Tricks that Business Leaders Use to Meet Scary Deadlines

Now business teams are using a variety of free task tracking software and project management systems for dealing with their projects.
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sdtimes.com berichtet:

Scaling Agile

The concepts of Agile software development are well understood, more than a ... “That,” said Robert Holler, former CEO of agile project management ...
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HR must get over its struggle with digital transformation for brands to thrive

A topic related to organisational urgency is that of 'agile' project management. Agile, a methodology adopted from software development, permits ...
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statescoop.com berichtet:

Effective enterprise IT vision begins with the team

With his management team now stabilized, Smith says he turned his focus to project management, which lead the state to embrace agile development.
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Sennheiser Uses Helix ALM From Perforce to Accelerate its Agile-Based Development Lifecycle ...

Sennheiser Uses Helix ALM From Perforce to Accelerate its Agile-Based Development Lifecycle, Including Automated Compliance Management ... Perforce offers Agile project management tools to accelerate the product delivery ...
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How to decide Scrum or Kanban

Both. And it's a sliding scale in real life - you might be completely Kanban, or completely Scrum, or somewhere between, where you're doing some ...
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Industrie 4.0 – nur mit sicherem Netzwerk realisierbar

Obwohl meist große Konzerne wie die Automobilhersteller als Vorbilder gelten, wurden auch im Mittelstand bereits erfolgreiche Projekte durchgeführt.
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produktion.de berichtet:

Wenn die Kundenwünsche zu komplex für Hierarchien sind

Vor rund drei Jahren stellte das schwäbische Unternehmen von klassischem Projektmanagement auf agiles Management um. Der Eindruck des ...
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Agile Leadership macht Unternehmen fit für die Zukunft

Den daraus entstandenen kollektiven Erfahrungsschatz könnte ein einzelner übergeordneter Manager nicht haben. Für diesen Prozess braucht das ...
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forbes.com berichtet:

How To Prepare For (And Build) An Effective Internal Remote Workforce

I really enjoy the Scrum Agile process when integrating remote team members since it builds in accountability and regular lines of communication on ...
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td.org berichtet:

Guerilla Project Management—Moving From Controller to Helper

It's no surprise that the average outcome is worse project results. Projects seem to drag on and on, and project data in MS Project and SharePoint ...
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reseller.co.nz berichtet:

All aboard the transformation train: Agile equals opportunity for Kiwi partners

Paul De Quaastenient, manager IS portfolio and project management office at Watercare, outlined the challenge Watercare faces as a result ...
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elektroniknet.de berichtet:

Wer hat die besten Digitalisierungs-Projekte?

Die Redaktion der Markt&Technik zeichnet erstmals erfolgreiche Digitalisierungs-Projekte in der Industrie mit dem Digital Transformation Award aus.
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PMMB054: Experteninterview mit Maik Pfingsten – Das V-Modell als Vorgehensmodell in der ...

Maik ist Systemingenieur aus Leidenschaft und besitzt einen großen Erfahrungsschatz im Projektmanagement und zu Vorgehensmodell, gerade im ...
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techrepublic.com berichtet:

How to manage mobile databases: Tips and best practices

Some examples of programs which rely on mobile databases might relate to travel, conferences, project management or collaboration, finance, ...
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cio.com.au berichtet:

7 must-have project management skills

A good — or bad — IT project manager can make the difference between a project coming in on time and on budget and it being a failure. How can ...
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inar.de berichtet:

Actano lädt zum Innovationsforum

Die Keynote zum Thema „Projektmanagement in Zeiten von Digitalisierung und Arbeit 4.0“ hält Holger Lörz, Geschäftsführer der Actano GmbH und ...
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forbes.com berichtet:

14 Tips To Ensure The Deployment Of Your IoT Project Is A Success

Even more alarming is that only 26% of respondents consider their IoT deployment successful. Imagine the potential of these projects if they were able ...
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skyword.com berichtet:

What Content Creators Can Learn from Agile Teams

The technology teams at Skyword use an agile framework called Scrum for our projects. As the Scrum Master for my teams, I tend to use a lot of sports ...
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entrepreneur.com berichtet:

5 Project Management Mistakes That Can Harm Your Business

According to market research by Technavio, the project management software market will grow steadily between 2017-2020, making it a $1 billion ...
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codementor.io berichtet:

9 Project Management Tools to Remotely Manage Freelance Developers

Learn what project management tools are low cost (or free), easy to use, and make delegating tasks to remote teams and freelance developers teams ...
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Von der Pipeline zur Plattform: mit KI und Skills die Digitale Transformation planen

... Do GmbH und Dr. Bernd Korzen, Leiter Projektmanagement Office bei Arvato Systems die Chancen einer „Planung im 360° Modus“, die fernab von ...
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onetoone.de berichtet:

Was macht Data Analytics Projekte tatsächlich erfolgreich?

Erstellen Sie einen strategischen Plan für Ihre Data Analytics Projekte und leiten ... als auch nach dem erfolgreichen Abschluss des Projektes abbildet.
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Looking for a Better IT Project Manager? Try the Hybrid Model

Spare a thought, if you will, for the modern IT project manager. .... have a good track record when it comes to overseeing successful projects, firms ...
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openproject.org berichtet:

Agile and Scrum software - OpenProject supports your teams

Support your agile projects and Scrum teams with professional and intuitive methods and artefacts, such as product and sprint backlogs, task boards, ...
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