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infoq.com berichtet:

Feeling Safe to Be Uncomfortable

Gitte Klitgaard tells a story of learning, growth, psychological safety, and the importance of feeling included; a story of how to work and how to create a basis for growth. ...
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ronjeffries.com berichtet:

Story Points Revisited

Stories, of course, are an XP idea, not a Scrum idea. Somehow, Scrum practitioners have adopted the idea. Even though the official Scrum Guide refers to backlog items, having backlog items be User Stories is a common Scrum practice. ...
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forbes.com berichtet:

Understanding Fake Agile

I was recently asked by a major corporation to give a talk on “fake agile.” They wanted me to explain what it is, how to identify it and how to deal with it. ...
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5 steps to a progressive organizational structure

After visiting 100+ progressive companies around the world, we argue this concept is also valid in most organizations. Frontline employees at the ‘bottom of the pyramid’ have been neglected, leaving enormous untapped potential in traditional organizations. ...
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linkedin.com berichtet:

How To Prevent Breakthrough Ideas from Being Rejected

Every time Amazon invests in a new industry, that industry panics. Few business leaders think that their company's future success relies on repeating their past successes—they need radical new ideas for growth, and they need them yesterday. ...
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medium.com berichtet:

Behavioral Economics and Corporate Strategy

Dan Lovallo and Olivier Sibony are Professors of Strategy who are no strangers to the corporate world. Both study executive decision making, work as consultants, and regularly write for McKinsey. ...
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holloway.com berichtet:

Fundamentals of Product-Market Fit

As we wrote the Holloway Guide to Raising Venture Capital (available for purchase very soon), we found ourselves referring to the concept of product-market fit. A lot. ...
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atlassian.com berichtet:

3 reasons you fail at communication in the workplace and how to improve

I used to think I was good at communication. You probably think, like I once did, you’re clear when you talk to people at work (or email or text them), and it’s easy for them to understand exactly what you mean. ...
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toolblog.de berichtet:

20 Arten, “Nein” zu sagen

Sie können so gut organisiert sein wie Sie wollen, irgendwann kommt der Punkt, an dem Sie die eine oder andere Aufgabe ablehnen müssen. ...
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schlosser.info berichtet:

PowerPoint ist nicht zum Dokumentieren da, das Intranet schon

Eine Dokumentation einer Idee, eines Prozesses oder einer Vorgehensweise ist eine zweckgebundene Information. ...
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ivanblatter.com berichtet:

Das Eisenhower-Prinzip im Alltag: Hilft es wirklich?

Wenn du hier mitliest, kennst du wahrscheinlich das Eisenhower-Prinzip – vielleicht nicht unter diesem Begriff, aber in Form der Unterscheidung von wichtig-unwichtig und dringend-nicht dringend. ...
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teamworkblog.de berichtet:

Teamkultur - ein Beispiel für Constraint Mapping

Das Verhalten von komplexen Systemen wird durch Constraints (Beschränkungen) bestimmt. Beim Common Sense Team setzen wir uns gerade damit auseinander, wie man solche Constraints beschreibt. ...
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ivanblatter.com berichtet:

Fünf Fehler, die du und dein Team vermutlich auch machen

Um etwas zu verändern, können wir uns überlegen was wir wollen oder wir können versuchen, die Zeitfresser nicht mehr zuzulassen und die Fehler nicht mehr zu begehen, die heute noch auftauchen. ...
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flowwork.rocks berichtet:

Die zwei Sichten auf Objective and Key Results

Zu OKR lassen sich unterschiedliche Erklärungen finden. Je nachdem, wen man fragt, lesen sich diese Erklärungen anders. Dabei lassen sich zwei grundlegend unterschiedliche Sichtweisen auf OKR unterscheiden. ...
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rgalen.com berichtet:

Retrospective redux

It seems like retrospectives are still one of the more challenges agile activities/ceremonies to execute and get right. Which is somewhat surprising to me in that it’s a fairly simple activity. ...
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Agile Q&A: How Far Ahead Should a Team Estimate Product Backlog Items?

The last responsible moment is an idea that gets a great deal of play in the Agile community. ...
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Das Problem mit dem Purpose

Ein aktuell besonders präsenter Begriff im “New Work”-Hype ist Purpose – also die Sinnhaftigkeit des eigenen Tuns als Mitarbeiter einer Organisation. ...
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scrum.org berichtet:

Systems Thinking- From Local Optimization to Global Optimization

Your organization has been disturbed by late launches in its last few new products, and now management has charged you with “getting to the bottom of the problem.” ...
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dzone.com berichtet:

The Agile Manifesto Principles: Self-Organizing Teams

While the Agile Manifesto says that teams should be self-organizing, it doesn't dictate how teams should implement that. ...
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leankit.com berichtet:

General Guidelines for Kanban Board Design

By now, you’ve probably already heard how Kanban can transform the way IT Operations teams manage tasks. From delegating roles to prioritizing assignments, Kanban makes it easier for IT Operations to meet deadlines and deliver customer satisfaction. ...
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Standards setzen in agilen Organisationen

Agilität braucht Orientierung. Erst eine gemeinsame Ausrichtung ermöglicht effektive Autonomie und dezentrale Entscheidungen, wodurch agile Organisationen so anpassungsfähig werden. ...
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Gallup found that only 26% of employees strongly agree that the feedback they receive helps them do better work. ...
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Project Resource Management: A Comprehensive Guide [Part 1]

Nothing gets done unless people do it. And those people need tools, materials, and a place to work. So, resources are vital to project delivery, and that makes Project Resource Management an essential skill set for any Project Manager. ...
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mpug.com berichtet:

How to Make the Most Out of A Project Initiation Meeting

Remember the butterflies you’d get before the first day of school? That’s exactly how I feel at the onset of a new project as a Project Manager. ...
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Feasibility and risk assessment guide

A posting from Matthew Squair put me onto a nice one page pdf template for requirements feasibility and risk assessment. ...
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mindiply.com berichtet:

Focus: The One Thing that really matters in Project Management

Many times when managing teams, especially on projects that have a long duration, focus can be lost. Difficulties in coordination and working effectively towards a particular goal can derail projects entirely. ...
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thoughtworks.com berichtet:

Change management in the agile world - Getting ready for WAR

What do you mean there’s no big bang release date? How will we know what to build if we don’t know what the thing will do far in advance? ...
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Probabilistic Forecasting with Troy Lightfoot

Trying to figure out when you will be ready to ship is incredibly challenging. Many Scrum teams track historic velocity, or story points completed in a Sprint, and then use the average number of points completed per Sprint as a way of making an educated guess as to when they could deliver when they’d expect to deliver a certain number of story points in the future. ...
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techbeacon.com berichtet:

How to get client feedback into your dev process

In a world where customer experience is king, building customer feedback into the software delivery pipeline is vital. ...
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hackernoon.com berichtet:

The ugly truth about why your product development team is so slow

There is a particular problem most companies struggle with: as time goes by, product development teams seem to get slower and slower. ...
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Influencing the eternal optimism of a delivery team

When I teach agile fundamentals classes, I frequently emphasize the importance of inspection and adaptation. ...
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Vom Ist- bis zum Soll-Zustand: Was das Industrie 4.0-IT-Reifegradmodell für KMU leistet

Dies dient der Reifegrad-Bestimmung der IT-Legacy-Struktur in Unternehmen im Sinne der Industrie 4.0. So können vorhandene Prozesse und ...
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Scrum for Hardware and Systems Development

You have probably heard of “Scrum,” the Agile framework for software design, and wondered if it could tame hardware and systems projects and help ...
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Carglass-Praxisbericht: Mit 90-Tage-Projekten fokussierter ans Ziel

Mehr Projekte abschließen und Verschiebungen in Projekten reduzieren ... Zunächst führte der Head of Project Management gemeinsam mit dem ...
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In 4 Schritten Ihren Stakeholdern zu Entscheidungen verhelfen

Das Project Management Institute (PMI) passte in der Zwischenzeit seine Analyse-Methode an, sodass aktuelle Erkenntnisse kaum mit früheren ...
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How to Steer Project Management to a Customer-Centric Road

The power customers have is quite overwhelming, making project management much more important. A project manager has to be agile, decisive, ...
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brigitte.de berichtet:

Agiles Arbeiten: Die Zukunft der Arbeitswelt?

Agiles Arbeiten kommt grundsätzlich aus dem IT-Management mit Methoden wie Scrum oder Kanban. In den letzten Jahren haben jedoch die ...
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inar.de berichtet:

Neuerscheinung: Hybrides Projektmanagement. Einsatzfertiges digitales Trainingskonzept für ...

Bonn – Das Seminarkonzept Hybrides Projektmanagement von Sabine Niodusch bietet den Ablauf sowie umfangreiche, frei anpassbare digitale ...
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pressebox.de berichtet:

Agile IT Projects 2019

CONECT mit Agile IT Projects 2019 in Berlin eine Konferenz zum Thema ... Branko Zivkovic, Audi Business Innovation GmbH, IT Project Manager
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One Skill to Build Trust

Amongst the many characteristic and traits that make up a good Scrum Master I believe the greatest one is empathy. By demonstrating empathy a ...
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