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Myth: You Can’t Do Projects With Scrum

Scrum is intended as a simple, yet sufficient framework for complex product delivery. Scrum is not a one-size-fits-all solution, a silver bullet or a complete methodology. Instead, Scrum provides the minimal boundaries within which teams can self-organize to solve complex problems with an empirical approach. ...
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Product Owner als Agile Leader

In dieser Folge unseres Podcasts spricht OIi mit Sohrab Salimi über das Thema „Product Owner als Agile Leader“. ...
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What Should Be The Focus For The Product Owner?

The most straightforward answer would be – value, of course! But how do you reach it? ...
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Overcoming Four Common Problems with Retrospectives

An essential part of agile is continuous improvement. No matter how good an agile team is today, its team members feel compelled to seek ways to become even better in the future. This search for continual improvements is the purpose of the iteration retrospective. ...
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Sustainable Product Strategy: How to Move from Outputs to Outcomes

7 tips from the Yesware team about shifting product planning to put the customer front and center. ...
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Discovery When Working Remotely

Normally the question I focus on in my work and in my writing is “How can we leverage the best practices of the very best companies in order to give ourselves the very best chance for continuous innovation?” ...
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The Difference between Impact Mapping and… – Product Thoughts

Over the years, I’ve developed and refined my own interpretation of Impact Mapping (learn more about that here). But especially during my training and talks, I often get questions about how Impact Mapping relates to other frameworks out there. ...
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Software Teams and Teamwork Trends Report Q1 2020

Remote work is suddenly the new normal due to the impact of COVID-19, and many teams are not fully ready for the change ...
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Virtuelles Lean Coffee

Das ist eine agile Methode für den Wissens- und Erfahrungsaustausch. Ihr dürft alle Themen mitbringen, die Ihr für wichtig erachtet und die Euch unter den Nägeln brennen. Ein Lean Coffee dauert ca. 1,5. Wir sammeln und priorisieren zu Beginn gemeinsam. ...
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4 Thesen zur agilen Verwaltung

Im Februar 2001 trafen sich 17 Softwareentwickler in einer verschneiten Lodge in den Wasatch Mountains im US-Bundesstaat Utah. Sie wollten sich entspannen und Ski fahren, aber auch über ein anderes, besseres Arbeiten diskutieren, da sie mit den üblichen Projektmanagement-Methoden nicht zufrieden waren. ...
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Das Agile Manifest aus soziologischer Perspektive

Vor 19 Jahren wurde das Agile Manifest formuliert. Was davon wurde verwirklicht, welche Prinzipien scheinen unerreicht und veränderte das Manifest unsere Arbeitswelt? ...
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How scrum masters can navigate the 'amplified challenges' of remote work

Professional scrum master Ryan Ripley shares his advice on leading software development and product delivery teams while working remotely.
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Project Estimating

Estimating is a critical part of project planning, involving a quantitative estimate of project costs, resources or duration.
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Digitale Zeiterfassung: 7 Tools im Test

Wesentliche Funktionen: Projektmanagement mit KI-basierter Auswahl passender Mitarbeiter für die Aufgaben, Echtzeit-Analysen; Vorteile: SaaS, ...
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Drei Voraussetzungen für erfolgreiche KI-Projekte

Dataiku ermittelte drei Voraussetzungen, um KI-Projekte erfolgreich durchzuführen: 1. Demokratisierung von KI, 2. Nutzung konsistenter Daten mit den ...
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Karrieretipps: Ownership vs. Leadership – wo liegt der Unterschied?

... sich die Owner in ihren Rollen denn wirklich immer so verhalten, wie es lehrbuchhaft in der Scrum-Methodik von ihnen verlangt und erwartet wird?
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Change oder Transformation?

einen Transformation-Manager von einem Change-Manager ... Sie müssen, um zwei Termini aus dem agilen Projektmanagement zu gebrauchen, ...
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Scrum Master Interview Questions: How to Prepare

Knowledge: Deep understanding of Agile values and the Scrum framework, as well as other Agile practices and methods such as Kanban and XP ( ...
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5 ways to empower remote development teams

Check out these articles to strategize for remote work on DevOps, Scrum and Agile teams. Learn how other developers and testers remain productive ...
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How to procure for agile projects

The project team intends to embody the ethos of agile, but the organisation's ... projects until we discuss the constraints of undertaking procurement with an agile project. ... How to make project management more 'SME-friendly'.
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Guide for Project Managers working with development teams

Whiteboard with post-it notes planning an agile sprint. There are certain things project managers must keep in consideration when working with a ...
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The Big Freelance Skills Needed As Companies Rebuild After COVID 19

Freelance HR and agile project managers are needed to help define the future. Scenario planning, modelling and executive stakeholder management ...
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Project Manager Interview Questions: 4 Key Topics to Consider

Given that project-management positions usually involve intense knowledge of methodologies such as Agile and Scrum, having an Agile Certified ...
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When digital meets government, pure Agile just won't do

Agile software development meets the needs of digital developers – but it ... inherent tensions between digital project management techniques and ...
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16 Smart Project-Management Strategies Every Tech Leader Can Use

Hold regular standup meetings. Quite a few principles fall under the agile project-management framework, but the one I find the most useful is having ...
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How to make an engaging, easy, and effective online event?

In the IPMA world, I would suggest publishing the info about your session in our Young Crew event calendar or IPMA website as well. The critical part ...
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INFOGRAPHIC: Celebrating 6+ Decades of Software Development Methodologies

The SCRUM Development Process. Three years later, Schwaber and Sutherland incorporated “Scrum” in their respective software development ...
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Scrum master: 5 signs you need to rethink the role

Leaders can inadvertently hold back scrum masters – or empower them to be true coaches, mentors, teachers, trainers, and change agents. Here's how ...
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Project Management Institute offers free online courses in the wake of COVID-19

Delhi: Project Management Institute (PMI), the world's leading not-for-profit professional membership association for the project management ...
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3 simple agile Techniken, die Ihr Team wirklich voranbringen

Ein Kanban-Board besteht aus drei oder mehr Spalten: In die erste Spalte (To-dos) tragen Mitarbeiter Aufgaben ein, die als Nächstes erledigt werden ...
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5 flourishing and 5 fading IT careers

Fading: Project managers. Agile and DevOps have, in many cases, turned project management into a team activity. The need for projects to be managed ...
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7 Innovation Frameworks To Navigate Disruption: Apple, Netflix, Amazon, & More

Now more than ever, companies are under immense pressure to innovate and make their products, operations, and business models more compelling and competitive. ...
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Conversations, Conflict and Leadership – Roman Pichler on The Product Experience

Throughout their careers, whatever question either Lily or Randy has had, Roman Pichler’s probably had some great advice on the topic! ...
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Leadership-Standup Questions

As more leaders and people in management organize themselves into teams working at coordination and strategy “flight” levels, they — like the operational teams they support — use daily standup/flow-planning meetings. ...
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How to Use OKR During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Your OKRs are, of course, a small problem considering the massive potential impact of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. But many people have asked me for advice on how to use OKR during the crazy times we are living in, and I felt it was a small thing that I could do to help others, so I decided to write this article to answer the most common concerns. ...
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You're planning a meeting. You would normally put stickies on a wall. But this time you're going to be remote.

Have you recently found yourself planning a remote meeting for the first time? Are you wondering how you’ll deliver a high-quality, interactive experience virtually? ...
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They Led the Cult of Remote Work. Now We’re All Members.

It only took a pandemic for us to live in Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson’s remote work fantasy ...
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Review – How to Make an Agile Workflow for Your Team

The concept of working within an agile framework is different than traditional project management methodologies. A traditional methodology like ...
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5 Remote Work Project Management Challenges and How to Fix Them

So, how can project managers address the issue of “lack of motivation” among employees to create a positive workplace that improves productivity?
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3 Tips to Manage a Remote QA Team

How do you manage a remote team of testers? This is a critical question for many development teams, now more than ever with so many ... This ensures you can maintain an Agile workflow, supports projects moving along as ...
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