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it-daily.net berichtet:

Was kostet die Digitalisierung?

Der positive Effekt direkter Investitionskosten in die Digitalisierung zeigt sich in der Regel bereits nach wenigen Wochen. Wie aber steht es um den ...
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forbes.com berichtet:

Five Tools For Maximum Productivity In 2019

Proofhub is a project management system that brings your projects, remote teams and clients under one roof, empowering you to keep things always ...
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inar.de berichtet:

Agilität für alle!

Das Ziel: Prozess-Optimierung geht leicht mit agilen Methoden wie scrum. Ein Scrum Master zeigt Ihnen auf, wie Sie Ihre Prozesse und Projekte ...
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Resolving Companies in Crisis: Agile Crisis Project Management

Resolving Companies in Crisis: Agile Crisis Project Management. Goran ?elesnikgoran.celesnik@gmail.com, Mladen ...
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Is your project management workflow process broken? Here are the fixes

A major focus today is on the delivering semantic results where project management plays a crucial role while sticking to your budget and deadlines ...
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techrepublic.com berichtet:

5 ways poor capacity planning can sabotage a project

Every project consists of tasks that require resources in order to succeed. However, project managers often encounter challenges when trying to match ...
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openpr.de berichtet:

Die erste agile Beratung für nicht IT-Unternehmen in Deutschland

Im Projektmanagement gibt es bei Scrum vor allem drei zentrale Rollen die von Bedeutung sind: den Product Owner, den Scrum Master und das ...
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nature.com berichtet:

Six project-management tips for your PhD

In my view, every graduate-school curriculum should carry a course on project management. I am a PhD candidate in bioengineering at the Georgia ...
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Giving a Whole New Meaning to Project Management Triangle

Sometimes the take is about bad managers or bosses, sometimes it's about co-workers, and sometimes it's about optimism despite the circumstances.
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bdcnetwork.com berichtet:

Design-build delivery is setting new parameters for project management

Make sure there are formal internal hand-off meeting(s) between estimating/preconstruction and project management/field operations. This should ...
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bmmagazine.co.uk berichtet:

Overview of Prince2 project management methodology

But project management situation of currents era, the principals have ... Even, Prince2 also have certification that certifies the project managers after ...
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dev-insider.de berichtet:

Agile Entwicklung hat Seltenheitswert

Im Projektmanagement deutscher Unternehmen ist agile Entwicklung noch nicht in der Breite angekommen. Dies hat der Bitkom im Zuge einer Studie ...
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Unsere Welt wird immer komplexer. Hilft als Strategie bald nur noch die Intuition des Teams?

Prof. Peter Kruse – leider viel zu früh gestorben – führt in dem folgenden Video aus, dass wir Menschen nicht in der Lage sind, komplexe Probleme wirklich zu verstehen. ...
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qz.com berichtet:

Why it’s so hard to think effectively about the future

Just about every decision made in business seems to rely on an accurate understanding of the future state of the world. How will the market respond to our upcoming launch?. ...
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Episode 117: Project Delivery and Emotional Intelligence

In this episode we talk about: Why it is important to focus on project delivery, The value of emotional intelligence and how to get more of it, Colin’s paper on project delivery and how to get it. ...
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How to Handle Stakeholder Objections

Handling stakeholder objections is an unavoidable part of life as a Project Manager. It ought to be one of my Project Management Rules. Resistance is Inevitable. ...
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How to speak with customer-facing colleagues

One of my favourite things to do in a service improvement role is spending time with customer-facing colleagues (by 'customer', I could also mean citizen, service user, client, patient, etc.) I used to work in customer-facing roles myself, and miss being able to make an immediate difference. ...
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hackernoon.com berichtet:

This Is The Single Most Costly Mistake Engineers Make?—?And How To Fix It

We prefer building things from scratch, even if 90% of the technology we need already exists. We like pushing boundaries. And we’re drawn instinctively to complexity. It’s like we think of the complexity of a given problem as a proxy for how much mental weight we’re capable of moving. ...
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scrum.org berichtet:

Speed Up Your Scrum With Mob Programming

The Development Team is both self-organizing and cross-functional and by the end of each Sprint provides an increment that is ‘done’ and releasable. The team defines how to organize work in a Sprint. ...
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qz.com berichtet:

This year the world woke up to the problems with AI everywhere

For all the money AI has made for big companies like Google and Facebook, this year companies have woken up to some of the pitfalls of the technology: It can easily become biased, there’s no set code of ethics for the technology, and putting research into the real world too soon can cost lives. ...
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cnbc.com berichtet:

3 simple questions can help highly successful people quit a common bad habit

Even successful people can suffer from procrastination, Christine Li, ... can answer key questions on complicated projects and move those forward.
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t3n.de berichtet:

So schaffst du Vertrauen in agilen und komplexen Projekten

Die Agentur sollte nicht nur „kundennahe“ Projektbeteiligte wie Product-Owner oder Consultants dem Kunden vorstellen und in Entscheidungen ...
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schwaebische.de berichtet:

Agiles Arbeiten geht schneller, aber stressfreier

Scrum kommt ursprünglich aus der Software-Entwicklung. Auch hier besteht das Problem, das Entwicklungsteams lange an Lösungen arbeiten und ...
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Using Software Approaches In Hardware Verification

Agile methodologies, created to improve quality in software code, ... is a natural fit with Agile,” said Larry Melling, product management director in the ...
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entrepreneur.com berichtet:

5 Simple Daily Life Tips For Young Entrepreneurs Till They Make It Big

You could take help of any good project management technology tool, for instance, Asana, to always know your work status in real time and not waste ...
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How to Transition to DevOps in Less Than 30 Days

It doesn't take long to lay the foundation for an agile enterprise. ... Nate Berent-Spillson, senior delivery director for IT service management ... Clearly explaining and defining key process and goals is also essential to project success.
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infoq.com berichtet:

Q&A on the Book Digital Transformation at Scale

InfoQ: What things can be done in large organizations to establish agile teams ... of digital for the UK government in 2011 and the chief data officer in 2014. ... including as digital development director at Guardian News & Media.
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handelsblatt.com berichtet:

Ein guter Vorsatz für 2019 – Projekte beerdigen

Er berät seit über 25 Jahren Firmen beim Projektmanagement. ... Nach und nach wurden neue Projektmanager und Berater ins Team geholt, die Zahl ...
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computerwoche.de berichtet:

Die richtigen Optionen in Microsoft Project wählen

Das komplette Videotraining können Sie sich bei LinkedIn ansehen: Agiles Projektmanagement mit Microsoft Project (Trainer: Bonnie Biafore, Dirk ...
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forbes.com berichtet:

The Agile Way: Trust Your Talent

I think of agile as a social engineering framework first and a software project management framework second. Agile is all about empowering the team, ...
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How The Role Of A Project Manager Is Being Rewritten In The AI Era

How The Role Of A Project Manager Is Being Rewritten In The AI Era ... The focus today is mostly on agile/hybrid forms of project management in ...
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Die Dreifaltigkeit agiler Führung

Man kann von Scrum halten was man will, aber der Scrum Guide beschreibt sehr schön drei Aspekte von Führung im Kontext agiler Produktentwicklung. ...
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Führung durch Vorbild

Wahre Autorität ist keine Frage der Position, sondern des vorbildlichen Verhaltens, denn Führung beruht mehr auf Nachahmung als auf Unterordnung. ...
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Kommunikation geht ja schief, wenn es darauf ankommt

Ich stelle oft fest, dass immer dann, wenn es wichtig wird, Kommunikation immer knapp gehalten wird. "Konzentration auf das Wesentliche", oder so. Ist nachvollziehbar, finde ich. ...
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leanchange.org berichtet:

Triggering meaningful dialogue with storytelling

If you’ve ever seen a Disney movie, you know what great storytelling looks like. The hero gets a call to action; turns it down, or fails, or runs away; finds meaning in what they were asked to do through a mentor; and finally, they come back and are successful. ...
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leanbase.de berichtet:

7 Tipps, um Selbstorganisation erfolgreich in den Sand zu setzen.

Wer Selbstorganisation nicht wirklich im Unternehmen einführen möchte, sondern Eigenverantwortung und Selbstbestimmung nur soweit zulassen will, wie sie der eigenen Meinung und den eigenen Ansichten entspricht, ist mit diesen 7 Tipps auf dem richtigen Weg. ...
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sjoerdly.com berichtet:

Is Scrum hurting your agility?

By now, most organisations are using Scrum, however, many of them feel like the agility of their organisation has degraded, and they might be right! ...
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Intime Eingriffe in Teams und Schätzprozesse mit Story Points

Dieser Blogpost ist ein Erfahrungsbericht aus einem Softwareprojekt. Es wird die Umstellung des Vorgehens bei Schätzungen mit Story Points im Backlog-Refinement beschrieben. ...
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leadingagile.com berichtet:

The problem with story points

For starters, let me just say there’s no problem with story points. Story points are a way of expressing the relative sizes of stories. They can be helpful for short-term planning of software development activities. Unfortunately, sometimes people get hung up on the numbers, and they lose track of the substance. ...
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What if the last twenty years has been another classic example of software developers solving the wrong problem? What if “agility” was never the issue as far as business was and is concerned? What if business agility is NOT the most useful response to, or strategy for, life in a VUCA world? ...
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