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When Kanban is the Better Choice

Scrum and Kanban aren't competitors, they are experiments every team should try. ...
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agile42.com berichtet:

How to use your metrics to foster team improvement?

In modern knowledge work, no two tasks are exactly the same; no two teams work exactly the same together; and no two project contexts are quite like each other. ...
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Agile Missverständnisse: Experte im Nicht-Wissen

Kennst Du das? Insbesondere im Beratungsumfeld wird nach sogenannten „Experten“ verlangt. „Haben Sie mal einen Experten für Thema X? Wir haben da so ein Problem und benötigen Beratung“, höre ich häufig, wenn uns Beratungsanfragen erreichen. ...
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hackernoon.com berichtet:

Big Tech Needs to Put Human Rights Before Business

Technology is evolving. That’s no surprise. From the world wide web to self-driving cars, all the way to the eventual onset of artificial intelligence (AI), we are living in a time where, now, more than ever, technology drives societal change and influences normality. ...
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sarahmhoban.com berichtet:

How to Brand Your Projects

Operating on schedule and under budget are hallmarks of successful project management. If you’re doing your job well, outside observers have no reason to take interest in what you’re doing. ...
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mpug.com berichtet:

Task Types Demystified

There are a lot of people who stop using MS Project before they even get very far into a project. The main reasons for quitting Project are: ...
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elisestevens.co berichtet:

Laura Dallas Burford – How to start your project management consulting career

Lots of project managers come to Laura Dallas Burford asking how they can become a consultant – but many can’t tell her why they want to. ...
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clarizen.com berichtet:

What is a Gap Analysis?

Gap analysis is a methodology used to identify whether your business or project is performing as it should be and how to bridge the “gap” between where you are and where you want to be. ...
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Meetings Are Not For You

One of the challenges with writing a blog for a long time is it possible to repeat yourself. I’m not talking repetitious themes; I’m talking word for word writing pretty much the same article. Again. ...
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brodzinski.com berichtet:

Autonomy and Transparency: Both or Neither

How does transparency feel? Early in my career, I had an occasion to experience that. I was working in a typical organization where lots of things, ...
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projectbliss.net berichtet:

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Project Team Love You

Whether you’re new to your team or you’ve been leading them for months or years, it’s never too early or late to endear yourself. ...
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medium.com berichtet:

The Science of How Music Affects Your Productivity

The late philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, once said, “without music, life would be a mistake.” This rings true for most of us. ...
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facilethings.com berichtet:

How to Be Productive if You Have No Motivation

Cambridge English Dictionary defines motivation as “enthusiasm for doing something.” However, do you always need the enthusiasm to get something done? ...
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The User’s Perspective: Using Story Structure To Stand In Your User’s Shoes

Story structure can be the lens through which we view websites. It helps us step into the user’s shoes and understand where and how users interact with our websites. ...
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How to predict the future success of new products?

Use the 'Value Disc' to predict the future success of new products. Making long term predictions is hard, but we'll teach you to make reasonable estimates. ...
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scrum.org berichtet:

How I Transformed “Multiple Scrum Teams” into “Multiple Team Scrum”

I was working with various groups over the last year and noticed some commonalities in the problems they faced. In this blog I want to share some common collaboration problems and solutions I experimented with. ...
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scrum.org berichtet:

What Good is Agility without Alignment?

One of the biggest misconceptions of agile is that it focuses on speed. How fast can we deliver? How fast can we deliver on this project/product? ...
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scruminc.com berichtet:

Why Less Communication is Better!

Yes, you read that right. Less communication is better. The reason for this is that more communication doesn’t scale while just enough communication is essential for the high performance of a team and particular teams of teams. ...
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news.de berichtet:

Projektmanagement: Mit diesen Tipps bleiben Ihre Projekte stressfrei

Projekte sind bürokratische Ungeheuer und bringen alles durcheinander: Gerade der Mittelstand tut sich oft schwer mit Projekten. Aus Sorge, sich in ...
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scrum.org berichtet:

An anti-pattern when you scale up the Scrum Team

Last week, I had a long discussion with my friends about how to scale up the Scrum team from the startup product. That was an interesting topic and ...
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scrum.org berichtet:

The Scrum Master is a Full-Time Role?

Ever wonder what a Scrum Master does all day? If you're new to the role of a Scrum Master, you might think you have to facilitate all the events, take ...
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Trello vs Slack: 2019 Project Management Comparison

Although professional project managers might look askance at either Slack or Trello as tools for managing complex projects, the fact remains end ...
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business.com berichtet:

How to Bring an Integrated Approach to the Way You Manage Projects

Over the last few decades, project management has gone from something limited to the construction and manufacturing industries to a mainstay of ...
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The Kanban Perspective on Teams

The comparison between Kanban and Scrum obviously comes up often when we're talking to teams, especially in the context of Professional Scrum ...
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pressetext.com berichtet:

10 Tipps und Tricks für eine agile Transformation

SEQIS ist der führende österreichische Anbieter in den Spezialbereichen Software Test, IT Analyse und Projektmanagement: Beratung, Verstärkung, ...
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it-zoom.de berichtet:

Wie Datenmarktplätze die Datenökonomie treiben

Maschinen verfügbar halten, Ausfälle schon Tage im Voraus erkennen und Produktionsanlagen verbessern – Services wie diese werden datenbasiert ...
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gcn.com berichtet:

Bringing agile to the front line of project and portfolio management

A reorientation toward agile methodologies -- particularly when it comes to project and portfolio management -- recognizes the importance of ...
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e27.co berichtet:

How to get the most out of agile development

The good news — everyone is onto agile development these days. ... This happens when the delivery team or agile project leader is inexperienced.
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alleywatch.com berichtet:

5 Proven Paths to Sustained Success

Set benchmarks for success by completing projects, being accountable, and ... With so many projects in the pipeline at the office, finishing a project to ...
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infoq.com berichtet:

Dave West on the State of Scrum

In this Shane Hastie, Lead Editor for Culture & Methods, spoke to Dave West, CEO and Product Owner at scrum.org about the current state of scrum ...
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Thinking about Better Project Management Templates? Check out Excel

Even though some people look down on using spreadsheets, they are still popular. Here's a list of where to find the best Excel project management ...
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forbes.com berichtet:

The Power of Purpose in Projects

Consider the following statistic: 9.9% of every dollar is wasted due to poor project performance, according to the Project Management Institute's (PMI) ...
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cloudwards.net berichtet:

Wrike vs Jira: Which Features Shine Brightest in 2019?

There's a world of choices when picking a project management tool. We're taking a look at two excellent options in this Wrike vs. Jira comparison.
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How Do I Work With a Project Manager and What Can I Expect?

If you're facing ambitious projects with many moving parts and tight turnarounds, a freelance project manager can keep things on track. They're pros at ...
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scrum.org berichtet:

Contextless Scrum: a principles or rules driven framework?

I have been doing Scrum trainings for a long time. During the last years, I have stressed even more the importance of understanding the nature and ...
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Expand your Knowledge and Understanding of Project Management and Its Tools

Project management is a powerful business tool that can deliver many ... .fmi.com.ph/events/the-7th-project-management-seminar-workshop-2019/.
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Online Project Management Software Market Is Booming Worldwide | Microsoft, Oracle ...

HTF MI released a new market study on Global Online Project Management Software Market with 100+ market data Tables, Pie Chat, Graphs ...
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inar.de berichtet:

Alle Projekte im Griff: Neues Multiprojektmanagement-Tool Collinor 7 punktet mit klarem Design ...

Die neue funktions- und leistungsstarke Projektmanagement-Software Collinor7 will Anwender bei dieser Aufgabe unterstützen. Die Lösung hilft ...
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itproportal.com berichtet:

Six change management essentials for digital transformation success

Six change management essentials for digital transformation success ... in their digital transformation projects, neglecting what actually makes it work.
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Agilität braucht kulturellen Wandel

Es werden daher agile Methoden beziehungsweise Frameworks wie Scrum, Kanban oder Design Thinking eingeführt und nach kurzer Zeit frustriert ...
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