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Das Große Ganze – Komplexität

Organisationen sind komplexe Systeme. Man kann sie nicht aufschrauben und einfach umbauen, wie Maschinen. Wenn man es doch versucht, scheitert man in der Regel. Deswegen sollte man verstehen was die Unterschiede zwischen komplizierten, komplexen und anderen Systemen sind und welche Herangehensweise jeweils angemessen ist. ...
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IT Governance: Definitions, Frameworks and Planning

Information technology is prevalent in nearly every industry and organization across the globe. It’s a diverse and challenging discipline with a lot of moving parts and critical scenarios. ...
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Agile Project Manager, Scrum Master, or Product Owner?

I spoke with a project manager recently. She told me her story. ...
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Organizational Friction Kills Strategy Execution

The role of top leaders in guiding strategy creation is well documented. Less understood is that once the strategy is formed and shared, the leader’s actions must focus on minimizing organizational friction—the processes, cultural nuances, and political and personal impediments that threaten the organization’s speed-of-execution. ...
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35 Conversation-Starter Questions for Social and Networking Events

Meeting people and socializing during the holidays at work parties and social events can be stressful. These great conversation-starter questions can make meeting new people much easier. ...
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Tracking Research Questions, Assumptions, and Facts in Agile

User-related questions and assumptions are not tracked throughout a product’s lifecycle, causing misalignment and overconfidence. Documenting these questions and assumptions in a knowledge board differentiates them from real facts. ...
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5 Things Product Managers Secretly Wish They Could Tell Their CEOs

Regardless of the industry you work in or the size of your company, becoming a CEO is a pinnacle of success in the business world. You’ve proven your leadership, you’ve done things right, and you’ve been successful. ...
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6 diagrams I use to explain Product Management concepts

Some visualisations to help you understand and communicate key ideas in Product Management ...
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A guide to distributed teams

How thoughtful systems (and lots of emoji) make for happy, efficient teams—whether your desks are distributed across floors, cities, or continents. ...
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Better Standups

What makes a standup effective? We know, from the Study of Product Team Performance, that the highest performing teams hold effective standups daily. Not every other day, not every third day, not occasionally. Daily. ...
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Actively Doing Nothing (is actually hard work)

What do Scrum Masters actually do, all day long? This is a hard question as the behavior of a Scrum Master is very contextual. It depends greatly on the maturity of the team, the experience of the Product Owner, and the amount of dysfunction in the organization. ...
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Agil arbeiten – oder – sich trauen, die Lambda-Schwelle zu messen.

Weihnachten 2019. Wir vom Forum agile Verwaltung wünschen Ihnen natürlich nur das Allerbeste. Und möglichst geringe Lambda-Schwellen 2020. ...
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Working-out-loud: eine Mentalität der Zusammenarbeit und gleichzeitig eine effektive Selbstlernmethode

Letzte Woche hatten wir unser Abschlusstreffen mit den WOLies, was eigentlich das Ende unseres WOL-Zirkels sein sollte. Aber so viel kann ich schon mal verraten: ein Ende ist es nicht, vielmehr ein neuer Anfang. ...
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Klare Ziele mit OKR

Sonja Mewes hat einen Hintergrund in BWL und früh erkannt, dass in dieser Disziplin die zwischenmenschliche Zusammenarbeit zu kurz kommt. ...
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Simple product development tips for startups

If you are a startup owner, you will inevitably be making mistakes in the ... A successful product is vital for the growth and relevance of your business in ...
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Project prospects: vendor best practice

I concede that the best practices described in this series reference, Commercial Project Management, do not require methodology, but I do believe that ...
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5 Strategies to Manage Clients in Asia Remotely

Project management tools allow you to break down and organize deliverables, create roadmaps, and include daily updates to various tasks. Clients ...
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Scrum Patterns – Putting Scrum Into Practice

In 2017 I was talking to the head of the Agile Coach Group of a large bank. She asked me to come over to work with her and help to roll out their ...
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Die Einführung agiler Softwareentwicklung und von Scrum bei Heise, Teil 3

Meiner Meinung nach MUSS aber mit der Einführung von Scrum oder ähnlichem auch eine Änderung in der Meetingkultur einhergehen. Klare Ziele ...
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A Transformation Journey for a Distributed Development Organization

They are not part of the development team, but agile is about bringing .... We streamlined our organization by removing many management roles.
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How to Scale Pilots into a Global IT Organization

In this stage and the following, the product owner plays a super important role, Utschig said. The product owner moves with his idea to BI X for ~4-6 ...
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4 DevOps communication principles to get teams talking

Line managers -- a group that includes product owners, Scrum masters, various types of leads and the occasional development manager or producer ...
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13 Challenges When Applying Scrum to Hardware Design

Scrum has become a popular method for developing and designing software. And why not? There's clear evidence it improves the resulting software's ...
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Quip: A Project Management Mobile App

The project management app offers every tool to the user that can streamline the whole process of documentation. Right from creating the doc to sail ...
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The Practice of Using December for Retreat, Reflection & Letting Go

Retreat: Take a little time out of my busy year for a little quiet solitude and turning inward, creating space for silence, contemplation and mindfulness. ...
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Agile Agenda – oder: Workshop-Agenda à la Kanban

Schon mal erlebt, dass deine Agenda im Verlaufe eines Workshops spätestens ab der Mitte nicht mehr genauso aussah, wie geplant? Dann ist dieser Artikel etwas für dich: Denn darin geht es darum, wie du deine Agenda als Kanban-Board gestalten und damit Struktur in komplexe, sich dynamisch entwickelnde Workshops bringen kannst. ...
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Ten Questions You Might Want to Ask Yourself About Your Scrum

Things to consider when utilizing Scrum. Some examples include revisiting the ways that Sprints are organized and making sure to update the product backlog. ...
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Pragmatisch oder nur “Quick and Dirty”?

“Wir müssen aber pragmatisch vorgehen”, drängt der Kollege. Hm… Im Wörterbuch finde ich für “pragmatisch” in etwa: sachbezogenes, praktisches Handeln. Klingt gut. ...
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Definition of Done vs. User Stories vs. Acceptance Criteria

One of the more frequently asked questions in my Scrum workshops is around the difference between Definition of “Done” and Acceptance Criteria, and how they relate to User Stories. ...
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Setting Organizational Goals: Less Is More

There are two common mistakes made when setting goals. #1 Not setting any goals #2 Setting too many goals ...
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Why “Move Fast and Break Things” Doesn’t Work Anymore

For the past few decades, agility in the technology sector has largely meant moving faster and faster down a predetermined path; innovation has largely been driven by our ability to cram more transistors onto a silicon wafer. With every new generation of chips came new possibilities and new applications. The firms that developed those applications the fastest won. ...
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Are Businesses Ready for Deglobalization?

As we enter a new decade, characterized by rising economic complexity and geopolitical divisions — U.S.-China tensions, populism and nationalism in Europe, and the looming risk of a global recession — forward-thinking business leaders are developing strategies to mitigate the longer-term risk of deglobalization. They are concerned about trade protectionism, and the revenue a company could lose in any tariff wars. ...
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Project Management Conferences and Events 2020

Project management conferences are a fantastic way to meet new people and improve your skills. I always come away feeling energised about where I am in my career and relieved having met people with similar problems to me. ...
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How to Run an Effective Stage Gate Review | Video

Stage Gate Reviews make a valuable contribution to project governance. So, if you can introduce a gateway process into your project, you will gain more control and greater accountability. But that does rely on you running an effective gateway review process. ...
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Timeline Charts in Project Management

Timeline charts are one of the smartest and most mind-friendly tools for displaying the progress of a project over time. In this article, we’ll see why timelines are so useful and when to use different kinds of timelines, according to your project needs. ...
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Project Integration Management

The concept Project integration management is a key skill that is the tightly woven into the PM industry standard processes laid out by the Project Management Institute (PMI). As defined by PMI, project integration management are the processes and activities needed to integrate the various elements of project management, which are identified, defined, combined, unified, and coordinated within the Project Management Process Groups. ...
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Advanced Qualitative Prioritization: Kano Model

The Kano Model is a tool to help categorize product requirements. The model created by Professor Kano groups all requirements into five categories: ...
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Backlog vs. specification: why backlog beats specification?

Specifications are well-loved by managers, because they detail every tiny step up-front. A specification builds a nice hierarchy, and it makes you think that once you hand it over to the developers, they follow it to the letter. Magic happens, and you get a perfect product ready to go. ...
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Measuring Quality

The concept of measuring quality can be a hot-button topic for many software testers. This is because metrics can be used poorly; we've all heard stories about testers who were evaluated based on how many bugs they found or how many automated tests they wrote. ...
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Wardley Mapping Mondays – Unique Attributes

Today’s #mappingmondays video shows the next part of the series of how we can use Wardley Mapping to map out unique attributes as part of April Dunford’s Product Positioning Framework from the book Obviously Awesome. ...
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