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elisestevens.co berichtet:

Podcast Episode #161: Julia Steel – Getting buy-in from stakeholders

You’ve got project approval, you’ve got a sponsor, your stakeholders have turned up to the first meeting – but do you have real buy-in? ...
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mpug.com berichtet:

The 7 Best Practices for Change Management

“Change is the only constant in life” is a popular saying first uttered by Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus. ...
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projectbliss.net berichtet:

Simple Guide to Business Process Mapping – a Valuable Skill All Project Managers Need Leigh Espy January 22, 2019 General No Comments

If you’ve been asked to complete a business process map it may feel overwhelming. You may have an idea of what that is, but you want to be sure you do it right. ...
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Measure the measurable

Without Metrics you're just another guy with an opinion - Stephan Leschka ...
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Projects Fail - Blame the PM?

Of course, if we had good project managers, we’d never have failed projects, right? ...
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Do you need a Definition of Ready for your agile ceremonies?

A Definition of Ready (DoR) is an agreement established by some agile teams to help them assess if a given product backlog item can safely be accepted by the team to be worked on. ...
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womentesters.com berichtet:

How to use design thinking to enhance software quality

Design thinking for software testing can be used for the purpose of generating creative ideas and thereby discovering its own creativity. It offers the possibility to find new solutions by other means. ...
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How to Be a Mentor

It’s a great honour to be asked to mentor someone, and whether that arrangement comes about as a result of an informal discussion or a formal corporate scheme, you should take the commitment to be a mentor seriously. ...
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Giving algorithms a sense of uncertainty could make them more ethical

Algorithms are best at pursuing a single mathematical objective—but humans often want multiple incompatible things. ...
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dev.to berichtet:

How I'm dealing with Imposter Syndrome and Stress

Stress that has been fuelled by imposter syndrome. It’s not something I’ve dealt with before, because I have worked on teams where I’m the only analyst. ...
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facilethings.com berichtet:

Easy Time Management Techniques for Remote Workers

Working from home has excellent opportunities for both productivity and distraction. When you’re at your best, you can zip through work and wonder where the hours went. ...
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Product Value: Hands, Shovel, or Tractor?

The obvious and non-obvious ways to think about product value. ...
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fitzii.com berichtet:

What it’s Really Like to Transition into Self-Management

Some people think that self-managing workplaces are only a good fit for a certain type of person. Or that you need to be operating above a certain “level of consciousness” in order to be ready for it. ...
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dasscrumteam.com berichtet:

Scrum ist Agile Leadership - Teil 1

Die Scrum Rollen sind die Prototypen für agile Führung und agilem Management. Das Agile Manifest wurde 2001 von den beiden Autoren der ersten Scrum Publikation mitformuliert. ...
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Zen and the Art of Weiterbildung

Agiles Arbeiten ist immer Arbeiten im Team. Ich möchte gerne Bücher vorstellen, die uns dabei helfen können, bessere Teams zu werden. Dabei stelle ich Fragen und schlage jeweils ein passendes Buch für den entsprechenden Aspekt vor. ...
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„Hilfe, mein Team ist nicht agil!“ Mit dem Delegation Board schonend Selbstorganisation fördern

Wenn Führungskräfte aus Kommunalverwaltungen in unseren Seminaren und Workshops agile Methoden wie Kanban, Scrum & Co. kennenlernen, sind sie meist sehr „angefixt“: „Das würde unserer Verwaltung gut tun!“ ...
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techrepublic.com berichtet:

5 signs you hired the wrong project manager

Well before a project gets fully underway, signs may appear that the project manager (PM) you hired is the wrong person for the job. Before your ...
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it.toolbox.com berichtet:

Are your Customers Inspiring your Scrum Team?

In a recent study sponsored by McKinsey & Co in partnership Scrum.orgthe McKinsey researchers identified the Customer as the source of inspiration ...
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scrum.org berichtet:

2019 Scrum Master Trends Report

The 2019 Scrum Master Trends Report is an update to the 2017 Scrum Master Salary Report that Age of the Product conducted in 2017. By partnering ...
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erp-news.info berichtet:

Warum zögern kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen in Deutschland beim Kauf von PM ...

Obwohl der Geschäftserfolg eines Unternehmens stark vom erfolgreichen Projektmanagement im Unternehmen und dem Einsatz geeigneter ...
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computerwelt.at berichtet:

Agile Challenge 2019: Das sind die agilsten Teams Österrechs

Jedem Team wurde ein erfahrener agiler Experte von Nagarro als Product Owner zur Seite gestellt. Der Contest wurde nach Scrum durchgeführt, die ...
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techspot.com berichtet:

Opinion: Successful IT projects more dependent on culture than technology

In context: Given the enormous range of new IT-focused technologies that companies are trying to integrate into their organizations, or are at least ...
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Digitalisierung: Noch kein einheitliches Problemverständnis

Konkret würde ein übergreifendes Projektmanagement helfen. Ein Blick über den eigenen Zuständigkeitsbereich hinaus, sei selten. „Dies gilt für das ...
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itproportal.com berichtet:

How to select the best project management methodology for your IT business

In other words, there are no iterations and increments like in Agile, and once you plan your project and start it, you can't make any changes.
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techrepublic.com berichtet:

10 ways project management will change in the next year

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are now staples in the workforce, and predicted to increase in adoption in 2019, meaning project managers must ...
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openpr.de berichtet:

Wien: Agile Coach und Transformation Consultant Ausbildung

November 2019) werden die Teilnehmer auf die Scrum Master- oder alternativ auf die Product Owner-Prüfung vorbereitet. Außerdem reflektieren sie ...
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itbrief.com.au berichtet:

How to apply machine learning to assist digital transformation projects

It is very important to have a mechanism to collect information and data that provides a view of project success based on characteristics. With a small ...
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computerwoche.de berichtet:

Wie Agilität Projektarbeit erleichtert

Agile Methoden und Arbeitsweisen haben längst auch im Versicherungswesen Einzug gehalten. Unternehmen wie die LV 1871 transformieren sich ...
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blog.hubspot.com berichtet:

The Role of a Scrum Product Owner, Explained

Scrum product owners play an important role in Agile product development. Learn about how this role can help with your product development in this ...
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t3n.de berichtet:

Scrum: Was versteht man unter dem Velocity-Faktor?

Bei der Aufwandsschätzung in Scrum kommen Story-Points zum Einsatz. Dabei spielt der Zeitaufwand erstmal keine Rolle. Der Velocity-Faktor ...
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How Project Managers Can Harness the Power of Disruptive Technologies

A project manager inherits the complete responsibility of successfully initiating, planning, design, executing, monitoring, controlling and concluding a ...
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futurelearn.com berichtet:

Project Management Principles, Practices and Systems

Develop project management skills and understand project management methodologies with an online project management course from Anglia ...
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scrum.org berichtet:

The Math Behind Software Release Planning

Quantifying the difficulty of projects and how long it will take your team to complete them can help with release planning and minimizing problems with ...
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forbes.com berichtet:

How Project Management Can Make Or Break Your Business

It's the kind of story we hear far too often, even from some of the biggest and most successful ventures around. Which projects do we choose?
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Die Dos and Don'ts auf dem Weg zu Industrie 4.0

Industrie 4.0 Die folgende Empfehlung skizziert die „Dos“ und „Don´ts“ einer Industrie-4.0-Implementierung in einem Unternehmen. Mit diesen ...
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3 DevOps, agile, and scrum myths, debunked

Agile and scrum point us to more than just a process or framework. And DevOps is not just about technology. With these enabling tools, we are ...
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techrepublic.com berichtet:

3 ways project management will change this year

Project managers play an increasingly important role at many companies, with demand for these professionals far outstripping supply.
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it-daily.net berichtet:

Mobil und flexibel arbeiten nur die Wenigsten

In Zeiten von Industrie 4.0 und Arbeit 4.0 sind sie zudem Erfolgsfaktoren, damit Unternehmen wettbewerbsfähig und als Arbeitgeber attraktiv bleiben“, ...
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lynda.com berichtet:

Agile Software Development

Learn how to improve the efficiency and flow of your agile software development process with kanban.
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infoq.com berichtet:

Adding Agile to Lean at Toyota Connected

Every team member has had formal training, followed by continuous coaching in the workplace through a dedicated team of Scrum Masters and ...
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