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Value Stream Mapping Issues and Special Cases: Don’t Lose The Big Picture

Value streams are an important tool for process change. Value streams present the big picture, they are a system thinking tool. ...
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Sleep Deprivation: What Impact is It Having on Productivity?

In the modern world where everything is digital and fast-paced, and people are moving towards a better life by working long hours and extra hours to get a few extra bucks at the end of each month. ...
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10 Activities To Generate Better Ideas

What’s for dinner? That’s a question we ask almost every day. Yet, most people only come up with two or three ideas before making a decision. ...
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(Fr)agile objects: Thinking Scrum through Post-It Notes

Agile methodologies have taken hold as a model to be followed in software industry. Among them, Scrum is one of the most used frameworks and has a high level of acceptance among a large range of organizations. ...
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Create Faster and More Accurate Forecasts using Probabilities

The most important question to stakeholders is often “When can it be done?” There is a lot that goes into answering that seemingly simple question. What is involved in the work? What else are we doing? What risks are there? ...
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On Pair Programming

Many people who work in software development today have heard of the practice of pair programming, yet it still only has patchy adoption in the industry. ...
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Herausforderungen einer Transformation

Die drei Interviewpartner dieser Folge arbeiten als Agility Master, Product Owner und Agile Coach bei der DB Systel GmbH. Die DB Systel befindet sich seit 2016 in einer umfassenden Transformation hin zu einer selbstorganisierenden Netzwerkorganisation. ...
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Why you should never tell a client a project will be hard

Salesforce AppExchange partner BookingNinjas.com's CEO has offered seven tips for successful client on-boarding, especially in the context of digital ...
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Why Agile is So Beneficial for Tech Development Companies

In general, the Agile method implies an incremental, iterative method of management. Its main focus lies in helping teams be productive in an evolving ...
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Why project management and communication are the secret weapons of successful agencies

Project managers are responsible for handling change. It's their job to deal with changing deadlines, expectations, and project scopes, and they're ...
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Reif für die Agilität?

Deshalb sind agile Arbeits- und Organisationsformen der neue Hype – beispielsweise Kanban, Scrum, Design Thinking oder Holacracy. Mit ihnen ...
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DevOps Stories: Sage mir, was du entscheidest, und ich sage dir … Über unterschiedliche Arten ...

Robert: „Du hast erzählt, dass Erik, euer Product Owner, dafür zuständig ist, Hypothesen über das Produkt und die Kunden zu erstellen und daraus ...
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Agile teams wish their leaders knew these 5 truths

What tools help support scrum, kanban, and other agile methods? Read also: Top 7 open source project management tools for agile teams.
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Scrum Mastery in 300 Words

Achieving Scrum Mastery is no rocket-science: Make sure that the Scrum Team delivers a valuable, potentially shippable Product Increment every ...
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Stop using bad Scrum and start tapping the true potential of your team

Scrum itself doesn't go bad—it's the ways that organizations implement it that can be ...
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The Scrum Master Role and the 4 Agreements

The Scrum Master role is complex, and you will make mistakes along the way. Consider how your thoughts, actions, and words demonstrate the power ...
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Fixing Your Scrum: Practical Solutions to Common Scrum Problems Book Released

Miller is the co-author along with Ryan Ripley of this new book delivering best practices and practical solutions to common scrum problems.
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Change organizational systems with the Liberating Structure

This is the quintessential question facing Scrum Masters, Product Owners and other drivers of change. In this post, we explore how the Liberating ...
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Bringen wir Agilität wieder ins Gleichgewicht!

So schreiben sie: "The Agile movement is not anti-methodology, in fact, ... Adaptive Software Development, Crystal, Feature-Driven Development, ...
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computerwoche.de berichtet:

Agile Transformationen werden in 2/3 der Fälle falsch angegangen

Agile Transformationen werden in 2/3 der Fälle falsch angegangen ... Immer mehr Unternehmen starten agile Transformationen mit dem Ziel, die ... wie Automotive und Manufacturing nennen auch Research & Development in ...
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Erst Klebeumbruch, dann "Product Owner"

Dass die Technik-Chefin hier, wie in der Software-Welt üblich, als "Product Owner" firmiert, sorgt in Buchbranche und Fachpresse schon mal für ...
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Help Them With the Why

Rather than, “we don't want to tell our product owner that he can't release the product because it's not done,” focus on what conversations you would ...
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Can Kanban and Scrum Work Together?

Kanban offers a range of powerful complementary practices to Scrum that can ... Further to these practices, Kanban and Scrum can work together with ...
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The Definition of Agile Project Management

Agile means fast, nimble, and able to move quickly and easily. It is a modern project management methodology that tries to be flexible and adapt ...
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How Important Change Management is and Why It Matters

Discover why change management is important in the process of any project management and identify why it matters in current reality.
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Effective Stakeholder Management

So what does the Scrum Guide have to say about stakeholder management? You'd be surprised: Not too much. At least not on first sight. Although the ...
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Projektmanagementsoftware factro jetzt mit Newsfeedfunktion

Der aktuelle Major Release der Projektmanagement-Software factro kommt mit einer neuen Newsfeedfunktion. Nutzer sollen so mit dem dynamischen ...
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Skills vor Rollen - Skillmanagement in agilen Organisationen

Bringen sie Methodenwissen mit, welches ein Arbeiten nach beispielsweise Scrum oder Kanban erfordert? Und liegen die notwendigen sozialen ...
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How to prevent dysfunction in project teams before it begins

The success of your projects is reliant on the strength of your team and how well members support each other. Successful project managers ...
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How Softwares Helps in Managing the Project Execution

Management software can help you to plan and manage projects in one ... Well defined project execution is what forms the basis for the successful ...
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How to Successfully Balance the Project Management Triangle?

The concept of the project management triangle finds its reference in Agile methodology, and agile allows us to welcome changes. We can't really ...
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10 Great Leadership Skills For Project Management

As per the Project Management Summit survey, the failed projects cost Euro 580,000 on an average in Ireland alone. This research, involving 407 ...
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Is Project Online ready to replace Microsoft Project?

The desktop application is still there, but the heart of Microsoft's new approach to project management is the online Project service built on Dynamics ...
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How to grow your workplace with a lean and agile mindset

It was at this time we established our first Scrum team – a group of developers who were keen on cross-functionality. Every Friday, they shared ...
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Warum Automatisierungsprojekte häufig scheitern

„Mit intelligenter Software können Sie Prozesse in kürzester Zeit und mit geringem Aufwand optimieren.“ Keine Frage, Versprechen wie diese aus den ...
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So nutzen Banken das Spotify-Modell für ihre agile Transformation

Das Spotify-Modell besteht aus Squads mit einem Product Owner, Chapters und Tribes. Guilds bilden eine Klammer für den bereichsübergreifenden ...
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Wie Sie unter MS Outlook ein Taskboard anlegen

Den gewieften Leserinnen und Lesern ist das Taskboard sicher ein Begriff. In Scrum und/oder bei Personal Kanban, dient es dazu, die anstehenden Arbeiten zu organisieren. ...
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How I Create Better To-Do Lists the Agile Way

I like a fresh start each day, no matter how much baggage might want to hop on my back and weight me down. ...
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The Strengths of Agile Teams

Effective agile teams consist of people working intensively together to deliver value. The journey for agile teams to flourish and become effective can be challenging. This article explores what strengths agile teams can have and how to leverage these strengths. ...
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Create A More Engaging Sprint Review With This String Of Liberating Structures

Do you frequently find yourself in Sprint Reviews that only consist of a PowerPoint presentation? Or entirely without users, customers and other stakeholders present? Or bored out of your wits because it keeps turning into a huge group conversation where people talk over others or keep revisiting topics that have already been addressed? ...
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