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Cora Systems Puts Spotlight on Project Management Trends

His academic research has addressed Project Management methodologies, in particular, agile practices, process design patterns and corporate ...
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Agiles Projektmanagement: Schneller ans Ziel

Eine von mehreren Methoden des agilen Projektmanagements. Weg von steilen Hierarchien, festen Zuständigkeiten, Lasten- und Pflichtenheften.
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8 Common habits of successful entrepreneurs

To ensure successful completion of projects, it is important that all your team members are moving in the same direction to achieve the common goal.
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Does your team suffer from PMT — project management tension?

Too many teams suffer from project management tension. Some project managers (PMs) are absolute experts in creating workplace hell and the awful ...
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Why SMBs need to get project management right from the start

Project management products aren't just for big business. With increasing competition and the always-changing digital landscape, it's important for ...
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3 Robust Alternatives to Microsoft Project Management Software

While project management is being sought after by organizations to better carry out their projects and meet goals in a timely manner, recent statistics ...
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Project Management Tools & Techniques

Struggling with managing your e-learning projects? Thankfully there are loads of free tools and techniques you can use to get, and keep, your projects ...
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Projektmanagement mit Excel

Erfahrene Projektmanager rümpfen die Nase und sprechen Excel jede Kompetenz ab, verfügt das elektronische Rechenblatt doch weder über ...
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Yes We Kanban: 5 Goals of This Scrum Alternative for Agile Marketing

There's no right or wrong answer, but chances are yours included some reference to Scrum or Sprints. While it's true that Scrum is the most widely ...
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Predictable Agile Delivery: The Executive Challenge

Sponsors and senior managers want the benefits of agile as they have been ... By the time I had allocated 50% of a person's time to the project for six ...
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Try and try again: It's not impossible to overcome failed projects at work

"They realize that they can take what learn from a failed project and apply it to a new product or service. That's how successful projects are born.".
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Mit dem Kundenprojekt im Verzug? So schaltet Ihr den Turbo ein!

Projektmanager René Sieberg verrät, wie ostec es in den letzten Monaten kontinuierlich geschafft hat, Projektlaufzeiten deutlich zu reduzieren.
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Taking Steps towards Scrum

The following is an extract from our book, Scrum: Novice to Ninja, written by M. David Green. Copies are sold in stores worldwide, or you can buy it in ...
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Insider-Tipps in Zeiten agiler Projektarbeit

Frau Jackson-Ward, die Zeiten in denen Unternehmen bei Stichwort Projektmanagement nur an ein Programm gedacht haben sind vorbei.
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Technical project managers need to be more than agile

Joy Ducey is the owner of Ducey & Co., a consulting practice focused on strategic leadership in the areas of project management, IT operations and ...
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The 4 Traits Every Good Project Manager Needs

I did not set out to be a product manager. That seems strange for me to write, considering I have led product and strategy at six companies now.
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Microsoft gründet IoT-Lab in München

In diesen modernen Ideenwerkstätten mit Start-up-Flair lassen sich Projekte agil und in kurzer Zeit entwickeln. Microsoft will nun auch in Deutschland ...
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Agile Scrum: Best methodology for Product Engineering

Methodologies are the derivatives that drive project development. With waterfall, scrum, Lean, Agile and others, businesses have number of options to ...
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Neue ISO 21505 – Guidance on governance setzt Benchmark für Projektwirtschaft

Die internationale Norm ISO 21505 "Project, programme and portfolio management — Guidance on governance" wurde verabschiedet und wird in ...
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So bekämpfen Sie die 4 wichtigsten Fehlerquellen bei Projekten

Vielleicht dient Ihnen mein Beitrag auch als Munition für eine Diskussion mit ihren Chefs, darüber, was Sie als Projektmanager benötigen, um Ihre ...
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Der Arbeitsplatz von Morgen

Projekt- und Abteilungsleiter wollen einfacher und schneller Ressourcen ... Tools zur Netzwerkoptimierung, automatisiertes IT-Service-Management ...
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Atlassian integriert Trello in Bitbucket, Confluence, HipChat und JIRA

Atlassian verzahnt den im Januar übernommenen Projektmanagement-Service Trello mit seinen Produkten Bitbucket, Confluence, HipChat und JIRA.
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Modulare Prozessarbeit: Maximal flexibel dank agiler Prozesse

Hierauf ausgerichtet ist der agile Entwicklungsprozess von SIE. ... Im Development-Prozess entwickelt SIE Hard- und Software, konstruiert und ...
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Wie sich Skills im ITSM und Projektmanagement ändern

Automatisierung und Künstliche Intelligenz verändern auch die Berufsbilder der ITSM- und Projektmanager. Wie genau, verraten zwei Studien aus ...
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Diversity Makes Projects More Successful

Borchert urged projects to publish their efforts and their findings and shine light on their mistakes as well as their successes, so that the community ...
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"Bechtle fair Project" – Vorgehensmodell für einfache und komplexe Projekte

Für die Entwicklung und Weiterentwicklung des Projektmanagement-Standards der Bechtle-Gruppe ist das Strategische Projekt Management (SPM) ...
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Was ein Scrum Master oder Agile Coach verdient

Doch was verdient ein Agile Coach oder Scrum Master in der Regel? ... aus dem Bereich „Software Development“ oder Projektmanagement liege.
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Gutes Teamklima fängt bei Ihnen an!

Das gilt auch am Arbeitsplatz: Haben alle in meinem Team gute Laune – was zu meinem Glück im Projekt Magazin meist der Fall ist – hebt das auch ...
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ISO-konformes Risiko & Chancen Management mit MindManager

Interessenten erfahren in der kostenlosen Online-Konferenz, warum ein ISO-konformes Risiko & Chancen Management so wichtig ist und wie ...
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Interim Management lohnt für kleinere und mittlere Unternehmen

Interim Management eignet sich auch für kleinere und mittlere Unternehmen ... Interim Manager sind oft Unternehmensberater, Projekt-Manager und ...
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Lean and Agile Culture at the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle

Scaling lean and agile is not a question of frameworks- it's about values, ... The traditional model for project management didn't work anymore. And the ...
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Agile for Developing Education Programs

This blog explores different perspectives and usage scenarios for agile project management. Please share your thoughts, best practices and concerns ...
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Debunking the workshop myth

A recent study of 500 managers and executives revealed that only 2% regularly applied best practices when making decisions. Yet the importance of ...
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8 steps toward optimizing your EHR project

Hayes Management Consultants suggests healthcare organizations can learn from their experiences during implementations to fill in gaps in ...
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Crossword for PMs - 64

Crossword for PMs on Project Management Related Terms - 64 Across 4. The set of activities the enterprise performs, the knowledge it has, the ...
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Product Owner or Product Manager?

I don't have a satisfactory answer, but over the past several months as a ScrumMaster/Agile Coach, I've come to realize that the Product Owner is the ...
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Agile Scaling in Action

At the same time, each individual team continued to have their own daily standups and their own scrum master and technical leadership. The goal of ...
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Maximize Scrum with the Scrum Values: Focus (Part 1 of 5)

The Scrum Values are easy to remember, but it can be difficult to understand what they mean, how to apply them, and how to recognize them in teams ...
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Is it Agile?

Several of my peers are working with a consulting firm on a large scale Scrum project. They each have their own agile board with similar columns for ...
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On time, on budget and on spec!

This simple phrase typifies the not so simple profession of project management, an engineering services discipline that is misunderstood by many and ...
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