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businesswire.com berichtet:

The Creators of Scrum, Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland, Update the Scrum Guide

Scrum.org, the mission-based organization dedicated to improving the profession of software delivery through training, ...
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techwell.com berichtet:

Breaking the Cycle of Bad Scrum

When practiced well, Scrum can empower people, teams, and organizations to solve complex problems and deliver value to their customers. But bad ...
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pressebox.de berichtet:

In Time, In Budget, In Scope - Scrum gewinnt

Der Preis wird von der deutschen Vertretung (GPM) der International Project Management Association (IPMA), einem der bedeutendsten ...
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Report: New technologies will propel software development in the future

According to Forrester, enterprise agile adoption grew to 59 percent in 2017, ... New software jobs will emerge: Project managers, manual testers, ...
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Johanna Rothman rethinks what it means to be an Agile enterprise

Consultant Johanna Rothman makes the case for why Agile needs a fresh start and ... un-Agile ways of working, said the well-known Agile management ... author of the upcoming book Create Your Successful Agile Project, what it ...
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Die häufigsten Fehler im Change Management

Im Change Management beziehungsweise wenn ein Unternehmen Change-Projekte aufsetzt, passieren häufig die gleichen Fehler. Erkennen Sie ...
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entwickler.de berichtet:

3 Schritte für mehr psychologische Sicherheit im Team

Im Rahmen des Project Aristotle ist Google über Jahre hinweg der Frage ... Scheitern ist nämlich gar nicht so schlimm – solange der agile Gedanke ... die der Einzelne, das Management und das Team insgesamt umsetzen wollen, ...
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jaxenter.de berichtet:

W-JAX 2017 Keynote: How thinking small is changing Software Development Big Time

He is seasoned in agile, Scrum, Kanban, continuous delivery, (no) software estimation, agile requirements, design patterns, domain driven design, ...
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Stay Grounded when Dealing with AI Projects

Understanding how to properly store and curate data for analysis is at the heart of any successful AI project. Beyond data complexities, AI projects that ...
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forbes.com berichtet:

3 Keys To Building A Successful Marketing Plan For An ICO

Effectively, they translate to low barrier-to-entry tools that small teams can use to rapidly raise funding for blockchain projects, provided they can prove ...
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hrmasia.com berichtet:

Seven habits of highly successful remote teams

People are never left in the dark about projects, roles, deadlines, etc. 5. Always Available. Successful managers are available quickly and at all times ...
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pressebox.de berichtet:

Think Project! benennt Peter Prestele zum Aufsichtsratsmitglied

Mit diesem Schritt setzt think project! seine erfolgreiche Wachstumsstrategie im SaaS-Markt für die Bau- und Ingenieurbranche konsequent fort.
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startupworld.com berichtet:

Orcaso: Your Project Management Tool to Get Things Done Faster

Orcaso.io is a team collaboration and task management tool. Firstly, let's face it: It is indeed difficult to contend, if you are running a news website, ...
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cbtnuggets.com berichtet:

How Being a Facilitator Makes You an Elite Scrum Master

To keep everything on track and everyone involved and happy, Scrum Masters need to be excellent facilitators. Here's how you can become a better ...
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sitepoint.com berichtet:

How to Supercharge Your Product Design Workflow with CloudApp

Define what the project is going to deliver and start using CloudApp to share ... CloudApp really comes into its own in the Agile project management ...
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themerkle.com berichtet:

Most Open-Source Blockchain Projects Are Abandoned Within Six Months

Bright ideas and some money don't necessarily make for successful business ventures in the long run; that much is certain. That doesn't mean interest ...
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The project management startup dapulse is changing its name because people kept making fun of it

dapulse, a project management startup, is changing its name to monday.com because no one could figure out what its name meant. Even a TV anchor ...
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consultancy.uk berichtet:

Art of mega-project management could create trillions in benefits

Art, not science, may be key to the management of mega and ultra-projects. These projects often require a range of skills that extend beyond ...
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The Agile Periodic Table, Scrum Guide 2017, AMA W/ Steve Portigal

Food for Agile Thought #117 covers the agile periodic table, the Scrum Guide 2017, and an AMA W/ Steve Portigal on user testing.
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it-daily.net berichtet:

Mit agilen Methoden einen Rechenzentrums-Umzug meistern

Methoden wie Scrum oder Kanban, die in der Softwareentwicklung schon länger zum Standard gehören, setzen sich auch in anderen Bereichen mehr ...
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infoq.com berichtet:

Q&A on the Book Practical Kanban

The book Practical Kanban provides solutions for typical problems that continually occur within Kanban implementations. It explains how you can ...
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scrum.org berichtet:

Open Space and Scrum

Using Open Space with Scrum I have been actively using the Open Space technology for several years and I want to tell you how it can be effectively ...
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rigzone.com berichtet:

4 Ways Agile Sourcing Can Lead Enterprises to Success

The results are compelling; not only does agile sourcing yield an agile ... at Anadarko explained in a recent Institute of Supply Management webinar. ... stakeholders have an overarching view of what the sourcing project allows, they ...
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Scrum and Gamification

This article is about using the power of association to link Scrum with gamification. So, as we are building a more complex structure that involves these ...
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Messages on Is Scrum bigger than Agile?

I know Scrum is an Agile framework, adopted by more than half the organizations that have professed to have moved to Agile. But if Scrum ends up as ...
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it-techblog.de berichtet:

Darum kommen CAST Software-Analysetools verstärkt in DevOps-Projekten zum Einsatz

... „Development“ (Entwicklung) und „Operations“ (IT-Betrieb) zusammensetzt. ... Agile und DevOps-basierte Software-Projekte sind sich recht ähnlich, ...
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infoq.com berichtet:

Customize Your Agile Approach: Start With Results You Want

In the first article Customize Your Agile Approach: Select Your Agile Approach .... Jim is an agile project manager in an organization that wanted more ...
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adage.com berichtet:

New Creative Agency Aims to Emulate Tech Companies' 'Agile Prototyping'

"Our process resembles the agile prototyping of tech companies versus the top-down approval of traditional ... of Production Letitia Jacobs, previously an executive producer and director of project management at The Martin Agency.
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zdnet.com berichtet:

Under Armour cites change management woes with SAP implementation as digital transformation ...

An executive guide to agile development and IT operations ... How project teams can improve QA testing | Scrum agile project management: The smart ...
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itweb.co.za berichtet:

Kanban adoption drives agile businesses | ITWeb

This is where kanban, an inventory-control system to control the supply chain, comes in. "Kanban is one of the most flexible agile frameworks that can ...
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gamasutra.com berichtet:

Project Management Part 1: Avoid Brain Damage From Working With Games

I'll share our project management philosophy here, how we try to minimize the chances for stress-induced illness AND hopefully get the game shipped ...
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cio.com berichtet:

Four Ways Work Management Apps Will Transform Your Work

These days, nearly everyone is a project manager in one way or another. Yet few information workers are project managers by trade or have had any ...
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IBM sponsors Scrum conference in Dublin

IBM sponsors Scrum conference in Dublin Scrum Alliance announced that its European Global Scrum Gathering has kicked off in Dublin with IBM as ...
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adtmag.com berichtet:

Top 10 Agile Changes Over the Past 10 Years

10 years ago, the agile world was split between Scrum and Extreme Programming. In the intervening years, we've seen plenty of other methodologies ...
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inside-it.ch berichtet:

Finanzdepartement schafft "Plattform Digitalisierung"

Das Finanzdepartement baut Kompetenzen im Projektmanagement, in der Architektur, im Betrieb und der Beschaffung von IT auf. In kleinen Projekten ...
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Project Management, a Curse and a Blessing

I've seen the best and most agile project management plans blown to pieces by VIPs who will emerge in the final draft to voice their opinions and exert ...
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Seven Ways To Earn PMP PDUs

earn PMP pdus So you've earned your Project Management Professional certification and all the stress of the exam has melted away. Now you can sit ...
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Storytelling – mit Geschichten wichtige Stakeholder überzeugen

Sie als Projektmanager kennen das Problem: Sie haben zwar die Verantwortung für den Projekterfolg, klare Befugnisse über Ihre Teammitglieder und ...
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lifehacker.com berichtet:

How to Be Disciplined About Your Creative Projects

... like the person standing at the podium, a successful, productive writer. ... whether they're just dipping their toes into a creative project for the first time ...
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DevOps issues multiply in IoT environments

Scrum is another important agile project management tool. Unlike traditional waterfall-style project management, scrum deals with real-time, ...
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