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computerwoche.de berichtet:

Die Erfolgsquote von Projekten steigt wieder

Damit könnte nun Schluss sein: Das Project Management Institute (PMI) stellt ins seiner bereits zum neunten Mal umgesetzten weltweiten Umfrage ...
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kommune21.de berichtet:

Tipps fürs Prozess-Management

Darüber hinaus befasse sich der Leitfaden mit Herangehensweisen an das Projekt-Management inklusive der Berücksichtigung von finanziellen und ...
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gocertify.com berichtet:

Career Advice: How to Succeed in Project Management

Kimpel PM female project manager at whiteboard Project Managers (PMs) are some of my favorite people. Why? Because they are so diverse.
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9 out of 10 digital transformation projects will fail

9 out of 10 digital transformation projects will fail ... are struggling to implement transformation strategies, with just one in ten projects successful.
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internetworld.de berichtet:

Projektmanagement: Agil - ganz oder gar nicht

Neue Formen der Projekt- und Softwareentwicklung erobern die Unternehmen - allen voran agile Verfahren wie Scrum. Viele große Konzerne, die ...
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techmalak.com berichtet:

5 Essential Project Management Tips For New Entrepreneurs

This being said, you need to use any opportunity to get ahead of the curve and here are five tips that people without previous project management ...
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gineersnow.com berichtet:

'Mistakes in Engineering Project Management' for Dummies

If you are a manager who handles an engineering project with no prior management experience, you should read this.
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15 Tips to Build and Manage a Team Successfully

Here I've compiled my list of 15 tips that have helped me build and manage my previous ... Stay organized with effective time and project management.
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it-daily.net berichtet:

In 5 Schritten zum erfolgreichen IoT-Projekt

Fünf Schritte sind notwendig, damit ein IoT-Projekt zum Erfolg wird. ... Angefangen bei den Sensoren über die Data-Management-Plattform und ...
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Spot on Kundenprojekte: Gewinn & Verlust liegen nah beieinander

Projektmanagement als kommerzielles Geschäft, von dessen Einnahmen Unternehmen leben und ihre Mitarbeiter bezahlen müssen, ist also alles ...
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infoq.com berichtet:

New Global VP of Marketing for Scrum Alliance

"As Scrum Alliance continues to grow and develop its global presence, Renata brings valuable experience in both global marketing and ...
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Sprint Events Are Not a Waste (Unless Done Wrong!)

As you can read in the Scrum Guide and in many posts the Scrum.org blog, Scrum is based on the empirical process control theory, or empiricism.
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dev.to berichtet:

Understanding the Agile Scrum Framework

Part of what has made Scrum so successful is its ability to trim down the long development cycles that most software development projects are known ...
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4 Project Management Steps to Ensure Success

No matter what kinds of goals you set – big or small – you won't be able to reach them if your project management skills are lacking. Even if you're ...
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thedrum.com berichtet:

Shiny object syndrome: why marketers can't forget people when making big data decisions

Tech or dot-com companies preaches agile project management processes such as SCRUM, or give individuals freedom to choose which projects ...
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afr.com berichtet:

Post-it notes get reinvented by UTS Hatchery start-up Wallsync

Those photographs have the handwriting in them recognised and converted into a text note in the project management program being used by the ...
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bdaily.co.uk berichtet:

How Dedicated Team of Developers Plays Their Role in Successful Project Management

The choice of the company could be the game changer for the successful management of your project. And, as a project owner, you will not want your ...
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produktion.de berichtet:

Das ist bei Führung 4.0 wichtig

In Zeiten von Industrie 4.0 wird von Führungskräften mehr erwartet als früher: Digitalisierung, Projektarbeit, Matrixorganisation, Führen über Distanz ...
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Has Agile Management's Moment Arrived?

The agile approach is one that uses teams to work through a process ... Agile might represent the “jazz” of project management: improvisatory, tolerant ...
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itworld.com berichtet:

Why IT projects still fail

In the age of agile development, devops and related management techniques, is IT project failure even a thing anymore? The answer, sadly, is yes.
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Clarizen Brings Project Management to Slack

To one degree or another, everyone is a project manager. If there's something that needs to be accomplished by a certain date, it's by definition a ...
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cio.com berichtet:

Project management is critical for marketing success in a digital era

Experienced project managers are well paid due to the value they bring to any organization. These talented professionals create and maintain ...
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designnews.com berichtet:

5 Tips for Setting Realistic Project Expectations

This may make the customer, or even your project manager, happy in the short term but it will only end in disaster. Don't sugar coat estimates. Instead ...
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cio.de berichtet:

Betriebswirtschaftliches und IT-Know-how gefragt

Diese Kombination schafft das für erfolgreiche Projekte notwendige Vertrauen. Vor allem, wenn der externe Partner seinen Kunden nicht direkt nach ...
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PMMB050: Wie geht eigentlich gutes Projektreporting?

In dieser Episode werden ich mich ein wenig mit etwas auseinander setzen, was uns als Projektmanager manchmal etwas nervt, aus dem wir aber mit ...
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sdtimes.com berichtet:

Agile can't succeed as an island

“They think Scrum teams are going to solve all their problems and then they discover they're worse off than when they were doing waterfall.”.
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cio.com.au berichtet:

Foreign exchange firm OFX does Agile right

But now, 18 months later, Scrum-style Agile has been adopted across the technology team and is fast spreading to other business units. Internal ...
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firstpost.com berichtet:

Automation, Artificial Intelligence to make many IT jobs obsolete over next 5 years, says survey

Big Data & Analytics, Project Management, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Agile & Scrum, and Digital Marketing are among the top domains in ...
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jaxenter.de berichtet:

GitHub Marketplace: Diese neuen Apps verbessern den Workflow

In den Kategorien Monitoring, Code Quality, Project Management und Continuous Integrations wurden zum Start des Marketplaces vierzehn Apps ...
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Project Management and Creativity

In order to let creativity flourish, a project manager needs to provide a setting that allows reflection and intellectual engagement. Creativity is an ...
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wiesentbote.de berichtet:

Mehr als „nur“ Fachwissen: Ingenieure lernen in Bayreuth Projektmanagement und Teamgeist

Wer hier studiert, profitiert nicht nur von ausgezeichneter Lehre und Spitzenforschung. Auch Themen wie Teamgeist und Projektmanagement nehmen ...
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techtag.de berichtet:

Büro unter Palmen: Startups setzen auf Remote Working

Die Absprachen im Team und das Projektmanagement können über Cloud-Lösungen wie Jira, Google Hangouts und Slack organisiert werden.
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Beyond the Hype: Five Key Imperatives for Successful Analytics Projects

In this special guest feature, Soumendra Mohanty, Executive Vice President and Head of Analytics at LTI, provides five imperatives to establish a ...
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pressebox.de berichtet:

Prozessmanagement ist Treiber auf dem Weg zur "Digitalen Verwaltung 2020"

... Qualitätsmanagement oder auch IT-Management als auch Herangehensweisen an das Projektmanagement inklusive der Berücksichtigung von ...
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cio.com berichtet:

8 project management tips for setting and managing expectations

Project managers and IT executives share their top strategies for creating realistic schedules and keeping projects on track.
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techrepublic.com berichtet:

How to manage remote workers: 5 tips

Here are five tips to more effectively manage remote workers. ... Slack, Skype, and Google Chat), project management (such as Trello, Pivotal Tracker, ...
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Kanban & devops culture at 2ndQuadrant – Part 3

During the morning stand-up meeting (an informal meeting that takes place in front of our Kanban board with all the team standing. This is done ...
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Lachen gegen Stress: Ein Plädoyer für mehr Humor im Projekt!

Komplexität sehen Österreichs Projektmanager und Projektmanagerinnen als ihre größte berufliche Herausforderung in der Zukunft. Rund 78% der ...
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praguepost.com berichtet:

How Agile Management Can Improve Your B2B Business

Agile project management can seem to be complicated and daunting to undertake, but it doesn't need to be. The fundamental principles are the same ...
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4 Ways Agile Marketing is Delivering a Better User Experience

While they are carryovers from the original Agile project management methodologies used in the software world, these pillars have been reinvented to ...
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