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When to give second chances and when to cut someone loose

Second chances are endorsements. Second chances are investments of personal collateral. Second chances strengthen relationships. ...
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Die alltägliche Sabotage

Wer kennt das nicht? Der Büroalltag, eine Aneinanderreihung von nicht enden wollenden Besprechungen, Runden und Kreisen, die besser eine E-Mail geworden wären. ...
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Stop being a manager: start being a leader

One of the 8 main trends of progressive organizations is the move from directive to supportive leadership. In our travels to 100+ workplace pioneers, we have experienced cultures where supportive leadership is all around. ...
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hbr.org berichtet:

The Missing Ingredient in Kraft Heinz’s Restructuring

There has been a company restructuring recipe that has worked for decades. Buy a company, trim the fat, then reinvest to facilitate growth, and make lots of money. But sometimes this recipe doesn’t work — and the story of Kraft Heinz is a prime example. ...
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hackernoon.com berichtet:

Why Big IT Unification Projects Famously Fail

Many people can tell you about a big IT project that was meant to save a lot of money and instead wasted a vast budget. There are some very famous examples out there?—?in the UK there’s the National Health Service systems unification project, in Canada there’s the government payroll unification project (Phoenix) and in the US the LA Unified School District project. ...
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6 Recommended Practices for Lean Portfolio Management

In our last post, we shared the differences between traditional portfolio management and the Lean Portfolio Management approach and why they matter for organizations looking to embrace agility at the enterprise level. ...
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linkedin.com berichtet:

Three important ways emotions influence project outcomes

This article is part of a series of the impact of emotions on leadership abilities. In the last two weeks, we have explored the role of emotions in leadership settings as well as the implications of a condition known as alexithymia. ...
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projectbliss.net berichtet:

10 Surprising Ways Conflict Is Good for Your Team

Conflict is usually considered a bad thing, and many people work to avoid it. But productive conflict can be a valuable tool for teams to embrace to make them better. ...
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Project Financial Management – 5 Tips for Good Cost Control

Project Financial Management may not seem appealing. But it’s a vital discipline. How do you manage project finances and cost control? ...
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mpug.com berichtet:

Crisis Management 101: How to Lead during a Project Crisis

Missed deadlines. Project over budget. Irate, disappointed stakeholders. Team members home sick at “crunch time.” Sweating yet? ...
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sarahmhoban.com berichtet:

What to Do When You Get a New Project

I recently inherited three new projects—yes, three—from a colleague who was moving onto another opportunity. When you inherit something midstream and need to get up to speed quickly, it can be challenging to ascertain what you need to do first. ...
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scrum.org berichtet:

Kanban Guide for Scrum Teams - September 2019 Edition

The Kanban Guide for Scrum Teams aims to help Scrum Teams leverage the ideas and practices of Flow and Kanban in a way that is coherent with Scrum as defined by the Scrum Guide. ...
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lollydaskal.com berichtet:

This is What Makes the Introverted Leader So Successful

Leadership is a practice that often involves constant stimulation, socializing and communicating, all at a fast pace. It sounds like the last profession an introvert would want to pursue or would be successful in. ...
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hackernoon.com berichtet:

Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn: How to Harness the Professional Network

LinkedIn is more than just a place to dump your resume and log out, and if you’re still using it that way you’re missing out on a lot of value. There are features rolling out all the time that few know even exist, let alone how to use to their advantage, and it’s time to take another look at this platform that is bringing business people together from all around the world in real, meaningful ways. ...
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weforum.org berichtet:

Why unlearning is as vital as learning in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The benefits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) draw closer. They’re starting to feel real, almost within reach, promising greater value that extends across the business community and touches all levels of society. ...
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medium.com berichtet:

Product Management from First Principles

First principles are a philosophical / logical concept originally stemming from Aristotle. A first principle is “a basic, foundational, self-evident proposition or assumption that cannot be deduced from any other proposition or assumption”. ...
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Creating Time for Collaboration with Distributed Teams and Agile Approaches

Many of us have horrible experiences with distributed teams where we can find no possibility of collaboration, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Even if a team is distributed, those team members need collaborative opportunities and space. ...
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fs.blog berichtet:

Proximate vs Root Causes: Why You Should Keep Digging to Find the Answer

One of the first principles we learn as babies is that of cause and effect. Infants learn that pushing an object will cause it to move, crying will cause people to give them attention, and bumping into something will cause pain. ...
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amplitude.com berichtet:

12 Signs You’re Working in a Feature Factory — 3 Years Later

Ipressed Publish on 12 Signs You’re Working in a Feature Factory almost three years ago. Someone asked me recently about my “current thinking” on feature factories, so I took advantage of that prompt and gave it some thought. ...
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Evolutionäre Verbesserung mit Kanban: Grundprinzipien und Kernpraktiken

Neben Scrum gehört Kanban mit zu meinen persönlichen Favoriten aus der agilen Werkzeugkiste. Kanban, ursprünglich im Kontext rund um Toyota in der Produktion (Stichwort Lean Management) entstanden, zeichnet sich durch seine Vielseitigkeit und seinen Fokus auf evolutionäre Veränderungen aus. ...
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Process Mining reift zur Schlüsseltechnologie

Die bei der digitalen Abwicklung aller Abläufe in einem Unternehmen anfallende Datenfülle eröffnet die Chance, Kundenbeziehungen, ...
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infoq.com berichtet:

Scrum: The Art of Changing the Possible

The Scrum Fieldbook aims at introducing Scrum within organizations outside of the software industry, in areas such as legal, HR, compliance, etc.
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How Time Tracking can help with Client and Project Management

Every successful client manager knows the importance of creating and ... But the results are well worth it – successful project management gains ...
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apm.org.uk berichtet:

Five project management stories you shouldn't have missed in September

Five unmissable project management stories from Boris's bridge to Ireland to Antarctica redevelopment projects selected by APM's Project journal ...
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techbeacon.com berichtet:

DevOps 100: Top leaders, practitioners, experts to follow

Betz is the author of a textbook on IT management written from an agile and lean ... Accordingly, she believes in using metrics to make software better.
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it-daily.net berichtet:

OKR: Blick voraus auf das Wesentliche

Auf der Suche nach besseren Management-Strategien, hört man immer ... Dennoch - OKRs können das Projektmanagement schärfen und sogar zu ...
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t3n.de berichtet:

Die weltgrößte Konferenz zu Lean und Kanban wieder zu Gast in Hamburg

Du willst die neuesten Trends aus der Lean- und Kanban-Welt kennenlernen? Dann solltest du auf keinen Fall die Lean Kanban Central Europe ...
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computerwelt.at berichtet:

Was ist Kanban? Einfacheres Workflow-Management erklärt

Kanban ist ein vereinfachtes Workflow-Management-System, das darauf abzielt, Effizienz und Agilität im Produktionsprozess zu erreichen. Während ...
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How to Fit Artificial Intelligence into Manufacturing, Part 2

This interplanetary lander was carefully assembled by project team members at ... In many successful projects the group is given its own space.
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phys.org berichtet:

Two thirds of academics think that training on collaboration will benefit their career

... the skills needed for successful collaborative research projects. Only 20 percent of participants said that they had accessed training on collaboration ...
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techcentral.ie berichtet:

Kanban: workflow management simplified

Kanban is a simplified workflow management system aimed at achieving efficiency and agility in the production process. While it is commonly used in ...
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Agiles Arbeiten – Geplant reaktionsfähig sein und bleiben

Dazu zählen Extreme Programming (XP), Scrum, Feature Driven Development, Design Thinking, Lean Startup und Kanban. Einige Ansätze sind ...
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Erzeugen Sie mit dem agilen Baum ein gemeinsames Verständnis von Agilität

Kein Wunder, schließlich gibt es eine Vielzahl von agilen Frameworks wie Scrum, Kanban, Design Thinking oder Lean Startup und jedes dieser ...
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pressnetwork.de berichtet:

Bedarfsorientierte Softwareentwicklung

Inzwischen nutzen Wannemacher und sein Team die SCRUM Methode, um die Entwicklungszyklen zu verkürzen und dynamischer auf ...
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jaxenter.com berichtet:

Best software development & testing practices

Choosing an agile software development lifecycle model is a must for every company. ... Agile methodologies should not be confused with a particular SDLC. ... a scrum master or project consultant for high-level project management.
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forbes.com berichtet:

Using Curiosity To Improve Project Management

Within project management, there are specific issues that are unique to you. Of course, you want to get the job done and get it done on time. That can ...
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DevOps Stories: Verweile doch, es ist so schön: Warum es wichtig ist, sich mit Developer ...

Das ist die Product Vision des Produkts, an dem das Team arbeitet. Sie haben sie zusammen mit ihrem Product Owner erarbeitet und sie gut sichtbar ...
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computerwoche.de berichtet:

Warum Qualifizierung Mitarbeiter bindet

Insbesondere im Bereich Projektmanagement braucht es mehr denn je qualifizierte Mitarbeiter, um als Unternehmen zukunftsfähig zu sein. Doch wie ...
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it-markt.ch berichtet:

Wygroup verkauft für Can Do in der Schweiz

Can Do, der deutsche Anbieter von Projektmanagement-Software, hat sein Vertriebsnetz in der Schweiz ausgebaut. Das Münchner Unternehmen ...
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crn.de berichtet:

Unternehmen bemängeln »fehlende qualifizierte Mitarbeiter mit Digital-Know-how«

Doch einer Studie zufolge schwindet die Bedeutung, die der Digitalisierung in den Chefetagen zugemessen wird. Auch scheint das Vertrauen in die ...
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