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Die agilen Falschmünzer auf dem Weg in die Cargo-Kult-Hölle

Wer Spotify nachmacht oder SAFe einführt oder nachgemachte oder verfälschte agile Frameworks sich verschafft und als best practice in den Verkehr bringt, wird mit sinnlosen kultischen Handlungen nicht unter 20 Stunden pro Woche und Mitarbeiter bestraft. ...
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Clear as Mud – Attaining Real Transparency in Agile

How transparent are you? How transparent is your team, your organization? We all know that transparency is an essential aspect of Agile development, but do you really understand just how critical it is? ...
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dzone.com berichtet:

How to Make Scrum Fail

A lot of people have heard about Scrum; some of them know what it is, some of them have tried it already. And for some of them, it failed. In this blog post, I’ll enumerate things you should do if you want your Scrum project to fail. ...
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Gute Arbeit durch “Lust am Mitmachen”

FutureBusiness und damit auch eine zukunftsfähige, gute Arbeitswelt braucht Akteure. Menschen, die engagiert unsere Wirtschaft mitgestalten, die Lust haben, „mit zu machen“. Doch wie gelingt es, Menschen zum „lustvollen“ Mitmachen zu bewegen? ...
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aleanjourney.com berichtet:

10 Ways to Be a Successful Change Leader

This month's ASQ's Influential Voices topic is about change leadership. In today’s current climate transformation is a common term and transformative efforts are a regular occurrence. ...
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What remarkable leaders do that average leaders don’t

Rosa Parks wasn’t the first black woman to stand up for herself in Montgomery, Alabama. On March 2, 1955, nine months before Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus, a skinny 15-year-old schoolgirl was yanked by both wrists and dragged off a very similar bus. (Newsweek) ...
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Leadership statt Leadershit - mach mich nicht zum Schaf!

Braucht die moderne Organisation Hierarchie und Management oder kann man das abschaffen? Eine neue Art der Führung brauchen wir in jedem Fall, um allen Herausforderungen der Postmoderne gerecht zu werden. ...
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The workplace revolution: work-life balance & social norms

As explorers of radically engaging workplaces, we try to read all notable articles published on the topic. We read them, we rank them and we share them. ...
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5 best practices to distribute decision-making

An important feature of traditional organizations is centralized authority. This suggests decision-making competence rises with level in the hierarchy. This is obviously nonsense. ...
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clarizen.com berichtet:

What is a RACI Chart in Project Management?

When it comes to any project team, the assigning of roles and configuring of the approval process can often cause considerable and damaging delays. When this happens, it is up to the project manager to formulate an effective RAM (Responsibility Assignment Matrix), like using a RACI chart, to clarify who’s supposed to be doing what and what kind of input different people will have to various topics. ...
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The Pros for Big Bang Change Implementation

A big bang adoption of a process or system is an instant changeover, a “one-and-done” type of approach in which everyone associated with a new system or process switches over in mass at a specific point in time. ...
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projecttimes.com berichtet:

5 Ways To Improve Benefits Realisation By The PMO

Establishing the benefits that can be derived from a project remains one of the most elusive things for the PMO to achieve. ...
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The Value of Testing is ...

I was at Cambridge Agile Exchange's first Unconference the other night and I pitched a 15-minute discussion with the title The value of testing is ...: ...
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scrum.org berichtet:

Why Every Team Wall Should Have Personas on Them

As CEO and Product Owner for Scrum.org I get the amazing opportunity to visit lots of different companies. Recently I spent a week in Brazil visiting some amazing companies and talking about agility. ...
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jrothman.com berichtet:

Clean Your Backlogs

I've been working at the intersection of the project portfolio and the product roadmaps. (You can tell because of the various posts about information persistence.) Here's what I find when I work with my clients: ...
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velociteach.com berichtet:

Episode 83 – crisis decision-making: climb a tree, run, or stand still

What do you do when you are at a crisis decision point? What do you choose, and how do you make that decision? ...
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hackernoon.com berichtet:

Best Ways to Lead your Project Management Team Remotely

Have you ever managed to have that long-distance relationship with your employees being a project manager? Well, we all are aware of long distance relationships being a little difficult to maintain. ...
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hbr.org berichtet:

When Your Job Is Your Identity, Professional Failure Hurts More

Jake is three and he is tired. He wants to be picked up and held. “It’s okay sweetie,” his mom, Kate, sings as she reaches down to pick him up. Midway through the lift Jake writhes, throws his head back, and knees her in the stomach. ...
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10 Office Etiquette Tips to Swear By

Office etiquette might sound like an old-fashioned concept, and perhaps it is, but that doesn’t mean it’s antiquated. Good manners have a purpose. They provide a social roadmap and foster a culture of respect where people on the job can get along better. ...
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How 51 leading tech teams define the Product Manager role

What are companies actually hiring Product Managers to do? What responsibilities should a PM expect to own? And what product skills are in demand? ...
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productcraft.com berichtet:

Flowchart: Should We Build This Feature?

Product managers get a lot of feature requests. Some come from customers, others from execs, and still others from the product team itself. Unfortunately, you can’t build them all. And choosing which feature to work on next isn’t all that easy, with limited resources and competing priorities acting as major constraints. ...
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medium.com berichtet:

Customer Centricity — The Management Fad We Can Hop On

If your executive team isn’t talking already about Customer Centricity, they will be soon. It’s the latest in management fads to make the rounds. ...
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hbr.org berichtet:

Evolution and Revolution as Organizations Grow

Key executives of a retail store chain hold on to an Organizational structure long after it has served its purpose because the structure is the source of their power. The company eventually goes into bankruptcy. ...
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gilb.com berichtet:

The Happy Project Saboteur

Principles of Project Failure: How to sabotage a project, without anyone noticing you. ...
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doist.com berichtet:

No Kings: How Do You Make Good Decisions Efficiently in a Flat Organization?

At Doist we believe that open and sincere communication improves our decision-making process. ...
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Product is Hard by Marty Cagan

We are all learning how to manage product in the internet age. There have been many successes and failures, and there are still lots more to come. Marty Cagan has worked at plenty of internet successes and failures, including eBay, Netscape and HP. ...
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Public Money, Public Code

Ich unterstütze schon, denn ich finde diesen Ansatz mehr als förderungswürdig. Dieses Mal habe ich zwar kein Thema mit direktem Bezug zu agiler Organisation, aber ich finde, es passt zu Menschen mit agiler Haltung, um die es hier in ähnlicher Weise geht. ...
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28 Product Backlog Anti-Patterns

The following article points at 28 Product Backlog anti-patterns — including the Product Backlog refinement process — that limit your Scrum Team's ...
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sdtimes.com berichtet:

3 ways Agile practices help developers work with marketers

Marketers simply need a way to approach the management of software, and are taking a page out of the developer handbook. This presents a ...
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techwireasia.com berichtet:

How can your business benefit from a digital Kanban board?

... management and scheduling tool which is part of the Kanban method. The method itself is part of the Agile framework that manages iterative and ...
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Wege zur Projektmanagement-Zertifizierung

Sie interessieren sich für eine Projektmanagement-Zertifizierung, aber sehen den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht? Dieser Zweiteiler bringt Licht in den ...
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computerwoche.de berichtet:

So verkürzen Sie das Time-to-Market Ihrer IoT-Projekte

Der Mehrwert von IoT-Projekten stellt sich oft erst spät ein. ... Einer der wichtigsten Faktoren für erfolgreiche IoT-Projekte ist es, ein tragfähiges ...
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Agile IT-Entwicklung für DevOps: In 6 Schritten zu sicherer Banking-Software

Agiles Development mit kurzen Software-Release-Zyklen ein guter Weg ist, um sich von langsameren Wettbewerbern abzugrenzen. Nun gilt es für ...
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cloudwards.net berichtet:

Best Scrum Software in 2019: Agile Project Management

Scrum methods can help your project run more smoothly and enable you to get things done quickly and effectively. Project management software ...
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7 benefits of hiring a project manager

New project on the horizon? Here's why hiring a project manager could be the difference between its success and failure. Find out more now.
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windowsarea.de berichtet:

Zenkit 3.0: Trello Alternative aus Deutschland wird umfangreicher

Es handelt sich dabei um eine umfangreiche Projekt-Management-Lösung, welche Trello-Boards, Tabellen, Aufgabenlisten, Kalender und sogar ...
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Projektinformations-Management mit Autodesk BIM 360-Integration

Newforma, Anbieter von Projektinformations-Management-Lösungen für ... Die Integration von Autodesk BIM 360 Design und Newforma Project ...
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How to Use the Kanban Board to Become Incredibly Productive

The Kanban system originated in Japanese manufacturing. It was used to create products on continuous delivery, but it can be deployed to not just ...
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Wie der Wechsel zur Projektorganisation gelingt

Arbeitspakete werden zwischen Projekt- und Tagesgeschäft vermischt, ... Nach Abschluss erhält der Projektmanager eine Leistungsbeurteilung und ...
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pctechmag.com berichtet:

The 3 Pillars of Scrum

Scrum is something that we hear a lot of today. In simple terms, Scrum is an effective way to build products. An Agile and Scrum course empowers you ...
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