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Wider die Überregelung des Miteinander

Weniger, aber besser. Diese Leitlinie des berühmten deutschen Designers Dieter Rams sollte uns nicht nur in der Gestaltung von Produkten leiten, sondern auch in der Gestaltung unserer Zusammenarbeit. ...
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Companies Are Shifting Investment Away from Physical Capital, with Far-Reaching Consequences

In the early 2010s, economists began noticing a puzzle: the economy was recovering from the recession, yet businesses didn’t seem to be investing as much as they should be in capital assets like real estate, buildings, and equipment. ...
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How to Monetize a Business Ecosystem

More companies are starting to recognize that developing a vibrant ecosystem of partners across industries is essential for accelerating innovation and withstanding disruption. Partners can share new technologies and knowledge, open up new routes to market, and help create new business models. ...
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Project Planning Process – How to Build Effective Project Plans

The project planning process can be as complex as you need it to be or as simple as you want it to be. Each step can be detailed or summary. And you need only use the steps that are right for your project. ...
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Stories Vs. Status: Large, Complex Projects Call For Roles That Are Defined And Aligned From The Start

We know it when we see it. But there's almost universal confusion about the critical difference between strategic communication, project management communication, and change management. When this confusion is brought into large, complex projects, it can create waste, ineffective resourcing and dissatisfied stakeholders. ...
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5 Types Of Meetings

Meetings are the most important event in any organization — well that is what it seems like. It can also be said that meetings are the bane of every human that isn’t buying or selling something (and that caveat might be an overstatement). ...
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Is Technical Debt Actually Bad Debt?

As software engineers, our main objective is to deliver. Once our code works as expected, we commit it and then run it in the CI/CD pipeline. ...
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The Cost of Waiting for Feedback in Software Development

The company you work for has a policy that all public emails from an executive should be written by someone with a clear head and proper training. That someone is you. ...
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Productive Conflict at Work: Simple Guidelines to Keep it Positive

You know conflict at work can be productive for many reasons. But do you know how to engage in and manage conflict in a way that stays positive, productive, and valuable to your team? ...
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How to Lead When Your Team Resists Change

You’ve noticed a problem, spent the last four days meeting with finance, strategizing, and building an action plan. You’re energized about what your team will achieve, your boss and peers are on board, and it’s time to meet with your team to roll out the new process. ...
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Heatmaps 101: What are Heatmaps and How to Use Them in your Business

Data has changed our lives drastically. So much so, that there are many debates and discussions on how data has surpassed oil as a commodity. Although you can’t really compare the two, data is a valuable resource, and data is to the digital economy what oil is to the industrial economy. ...
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Faking Agile Metrics or Cooking the Agile Books

Imagine you're a Scrum Master and the line manager of your team believes that the best sign for a successful agile transformation is a steady increase ...
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Projektmanagement optimieren: Goodbye Excel-Listen und E-Mails

Die Ursache hierfür ist schnell gefunden: unzureichendes Projektmanagement. Klar, strukturiertes Arbeiten und gutes Projektmanagement können ...
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On the EDGE of Chaos: ThoughtWorkers Publish Book on Value-Driven Digital Transformation

ThoughtWorks, a global software consultancy, ... books Adaptive Leadership and Agile Project Management.
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Scrum richtig einsetzen

... und Ziele, die das Team gemeinsam umsetzen soll, sammelt der Product Owner im Product Backlog, eine Art Projektblaupause. Ändern sich ...
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Agilität erlernen? Agilität erleben!

Wer hat noch nicht von Scrum oder Agile gehört? Viele Leute wissen nicht, dass hinter Agilität mehr als eine fest definierte Methode wie Scrum steht, ...
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Agile Project Management for Distributed Teams

Agile project management is an iterative approach to delivering requirements throughout the project life cycle. Likewise, we live in a world where the ...
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Predictive and adaptive thinking in IT

Agile projects typically have delivery timeframes of two weeks, where a ... Both methods have their place, and research by the Project Management ...
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From Automated Cloud Deployment to Progressive Delivery

It was a collection of all the features and fixes the loudest stakeholders had persuaded the product owner to put at the top of the story list. A date was ...
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Agil über Nacht, Folge 11

Neun Folgen lang haben wir Ihnen Scrum, Kanban, Lean, das agile Mindset, SLAM, LeSS, SAFE, DAD und die Spotify Engineering Culture vorgestellt ...
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Sprint Retrospectives with Kanban

A few weeks ago we considered the Agile Manifesto from a lean perspective. We saw that it is possible to map the 12 agile principles to the 7 ...
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Introducing Zoho Show for Jira: A presentation tool for all your project management needs

Presentations are an important way for teams to communicate key project information effectively. Be it a team huddle or a project update for c...
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Chang Shucha: PM Is the Most Effective Way to Manage VUCA

Yu Yanjuan. Introduction If you are interested in project management in China, there's one name you can't miss: Chang Shucha (English ...
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Product Owner Success - The Investment Cycle

Teams often run through the motions of Scrum and get very hung up on story points, velocity, committed percentages and as a result struggle to deliver ...
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Agile Entwicklung erfordert agile Sicherheitsprozesse

Agile Softwareentwicklung und DevOps stehen für einen regelmäßigen Austausch zwischen IT-Teams und Fachbereichen sowie deren gemeinsame ...
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Ganz schön agil

Um die Digitalisierung voranzutreiben, legen immer mehr Banken ihre Organisationseinheiten zusammen. Das klingt gut – birgt aber auch Risiken.
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Das Projektmanagement-Office

Dieses Buch über das Projektmanagement-Office veranschaulicht aus theoretischer und praktischer Sicht, weshalb ein PMO ein Erfolgsfaktor für ...
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An Easy To Understand Guide on Agile Methodology

The product owner oversees all the business conditions of the project to ensure the products are built on the right track. While good product owner ...
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Agile project management: 10 mistakes to avoid

“Second, the scrum master and product owner are critical roles and should be filled with experienced resources. A two-day class does not provide ...
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How to tame ever-changing requirements in software development

In Agile development paradigms, new project requirements and goals can .... If constant software requirements changes have project managers and ...
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14 Ways to Clarify Project Scope With Your Programming Team

Scrum is a framework for agile project management. The main concept is a daily review for the whole team. Each team member answers three ...
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Key elements to consider when looking for a project management software

Project management software is a tool that makes task monitoring, file sharing, data retrieval, and reporting of all project-related information effortless.
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KI und das Projektmanagement

Karsten Lüth fragt sich, wieso KI bisher kaum Einzug in das Projektmanagement gehalten hat und zeigt anhand von Beispielen, wo Projekte von der ...
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Was ist ein Product Backlog?

Das Product Backlog ist essenziell für die Planung von Scrum Sprints. Der Product Owner hält darin alle Anforderungen an das Produkt fest, die der ...
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Strukturiertere Kanban-Boards mit Zenkit

In agilen Teams sorgt das Kanban Board für eine klare Aufgabenverteilung. Doch in Großprojekten kann die Tafel schnell ausufern. Zenkit will mit ...
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Project Management Institute präsentiert die 50 einflussreichsten Projekte der letzten 50 Jahre

„Die von uns ermittelten Projekte bieten unglaubliche Einblicke in die Art und Weise, wie das Projektmanagement die Welt zum Guten verändert hat, ...
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Liberating Structures - an Antidote to Zombie Scrum

Supporting the product owner in testing the viability of its product strategy. This helps expose assumptions and uncertainties and define next steps.
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4. Internationale Studie „Status Quo (Scaled) Agile“ – Hochschule Koblenz sucht ...

Agile Methoden wie Scrum, IT-Kanban oder Design Thinking haben in den letzten Jahren sehr stark an Bedeutung gewonnen. Verfolgt man die ...
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Kanban ist mehr als nur ein Board

Das Board ist das bekannteste Element des Kanban. Doch es steckt viel mehr hinter dieser Methode. Mit Kanban gestalten Sie die Prozesse in Ihrem ...
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Unternehmen arbeiten agil, sind es aber nicht

... Viele Unternehmen in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz arbeiten zwar bereits mit agilen Methoden wie Scrum und Kanban (doing agile).
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