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Vollautomatische Bescheiderstellung: Visionen einer durchverwalteten Welt

Das Fraunhofer-Institut für offene Kommunikationssysteme (FOKUS) in Berlin hat ein Papier veröffentlicht, in dem es die vollautomatische Ausführung von Gesetzen durch Algorithmen fordert /Anmerkung 1/. Voraussetzung sei allerdings, dass künftig Gesetze „maschinenverständlich“ formuliert würden ...
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12 Project Risk Management Strategies Learned The Hard Way!

Sure, you can learn about formal risk management — but when you’re managing risk in real life, you deal with a whole slew of competing priorities, tight deadlines, and personalities that make it very difficult to turn theory into actionable risk management practices. ...
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Agilität und Gesellschaft

Vier Gesprächsteilnehmer*innen diskutieren über ihre Interpretation des Begriffes Agilität, ob und wie Unternehmen von agilen Prinzipien profitieren und wie eine von Agilität inspirierte Denkhaltung auf gesamtgesellschaftlicher Ebene wirken würde. ...
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Darüber, was wir vom Anarchismus die Organisation betreffend lernen können …

Schwieriges Thema. Wie anfangen? Für die Meisten von uns ist Anarchismus etwas sehr Negatives, Ablehnenswertes, kommen uns doch sofort die Medienbilder von Chaos und Gewalt vor das innere Auge, böse Anarchisten mitgetönt. ...
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Coaching – Customer-Centricity

In this article I want to continue with the series on coaching, this time to help develop the critical trait of customer-centricity in the product manager. If you ask a CEO or a product manager if they care about their customers, you’ll usually get some sort of indignant “Of course I do!” response, sometimes followed with a defensive “Are you suggesting I don’t?” ...
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Fostering better collaboration within product teams: An interview with John Cutler

John Cutler didn’t start off his career as the product management thinker that he is today. In fact, his transition into the field has been anything but linear. “I spent my 20s playing music in bands and touring around the country.” When not on the road, John was busy adding a laundry list of odd jobs to his resume. At one point, he even created a bartending video game. ...
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Minimise the Gap Between Maker and User by Henrik Kniberg

In this keynote from #mtpcon London, Henrik Kniberg, an organisational consultant and developer at Crisp in Stockholm, discusses how creating great products requires us to reduce the gap between makers and users. ...
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How To Avoid Groupthink When Creating Strategy Together

These days, a lot of the work inside and outside organisations is done in groups. Like task forces, Scrum Teams, management teams or your local church committee. ...
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10 Tips For Agile Teams

Download a high-resolution PDF or JPG of my infographic with 10 Agile Teams Tips below. ...
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Why Corporate Transformations Fail So Consistently (And How To Fix It)

We live in an age in which change has become the only constant. So it’s not surprising that change management models have become popular. Executives are urged to develop a plan to communicate the need for change, create a sense of urgency and then drive the process through to completion. ...
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Spin The Business Agility Flywheel To Transform Your Company

For most businesses, Agile transformations have been disappointing, if not disastrous, with 96% failing to generate the capability to adapt to changing market conditions, according to the 2018 State Of Agile survey. ...
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Persönlichkeitsentwicklung: 8 Prinzipien für ein selbstbestimmtes Leben

» Persönlichkeitsentwicklung ist der Schlüssel zu einem unabhängigen Dasein. Mit diesen Prinzipien führst du Regie in deinem Leben. « ...
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Soll man sich in Umbruchsituationen oder im laufenden Betrieb um sein Zeitmanagement kümmern?

Was ist besser? Das Zeitmanagement komplett neu aufzusetzen, wenn man ohnehin grad in einer Umbruchsituation steckt (wie z.B. neuer Job, Gründung eines neuen Unternehmens, neue Mitarbeiter usw.)? Oder ist es besser, laufend das Zeitmanagement zu optimieren und zu reparieren, was nicht funktioniert? ...
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Wir bringen Leistung! Aber: Sind wir auch erfolgreich?

Egal, in welchem Kontext wir arbeiten: die Leistung ist das Maß, nach dem wir häufig bewertet werden und auch selbst bewerten. Nun stellt sich immer wieder die Frage, wie leistungsfähig Menschen und Teams sind und was man tun kann, um Leistungsfähigkeit steigern zu können. ...
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The Liberating Structures Strategy Meetup

During this Liberating Structures strategy for Scrum meetup we addressed dealing with uncertainty — a particularly useful skill in highly competitive markets. Learn more about how to train and grow the resilience of your team when dealing with the unexpected. ...
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actineo.xyz berichtet:

How Well Does Your System Flow?

When working with a flow-based Kanban system there are a few statements that I would suggest most teams should bear in mind. ...
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Working Agreements Mingle

Facilitating a workshop or class? Need to come up with working agreements? Are people still shy and quiet and is the tempo still low? Here’s an easy method to get a medium sized group, about 20 people, to come up with and agree to a set of working agreements, while energizing the room and getting people talking to each other. ...
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What a Scrum Master Can Learn from the Law of Intentionality, Environment, and Consistency

As promised, here is part two of the three-part blog series, inspired by the writings of John C. Maxwell, “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth: Live Them and Reach Your Potential.” ...
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noRE: Was wir wirklich brauchen!

Früher war alles besser. Naja, nicht besser, aber einfacher. Früher war alles einfacher. Da gab es Projekte einfacher und komplizierter Natur, die Wünsche des Anforderers waren klar und die Herausforderung lag lediglich darin, in Form von Dokumenten für ein gemeinsames Verständnis durch klare Spezifikationen von Anforderungen zu sorgen. ...
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User Stories are Requirements Described from the Business Perspective

User stories are requirements, but not in the traditional sense. They are oriented toward the user and a business need. The big difference between a user story and other types of requirements is that a story describes a business need, not the system’s functionality. ...
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User Story or Stakeholder Story?

A User Story is the most widely used Agile Practice for capturing needs and requirements and describing Product Backlog Items. For some time I wonder if the name of the technique might be somewhat limiting. The focus sometimes is too much on using the proper technique and we lose the whole purpose of using User Story. ...
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empowering.team berichtet:

Value-oriented Work Breakdown

What are possibilities to slice down your product requirements and structure your backlog in order to increase impact for your customer? ...
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Führung jenseits der Mauern

Welche Verantwortung tragen Organisationen für die Gesellschaft? Reicht es, wenn sie ihren jeweiligen Zweck möglichst gut erfüllen oder tragen sie auch darüberhinaus Verantwortung? Wer kümmert sich um das Ganze, wenn sich jeder nur um seins kümmert? ...
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Is the term Human Resource really so bad?

Quite often I hear people complain when somebody uses the term Human Resource(s). Many people around me spontaneously add: „It’s not about resources but people!“. It seems to be a reflex. In this context I was just baffled, because I have not understood why this information is important. Why I was puzzled? ...
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When It’s OK to Trust Your Gut on a Big Decision

Some executives pride themselves on having a strong intuition, honed through years of experience, that guides their decisions. Others are ambivalent about relying on their intuition to make important choices, concerned that their gut reaction is inherently biased or emotional. ...
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How True Revolutions Are Made

“Revolution” is a term that gets thrown around a lot. There was an Industrial Revolution powered by steam and then another one powered by oil and electricity. ...
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Agile vs Waterfall: Which one is Right for Your Project?

Agile vs Waterfall. It’s one of those classic line-ups, like Caesar vs Napoleon. We can’t resist pitting two seemingly opposite contenders against one another. ...
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Lessons Learned from Pilots … for Safe and Successful Projects

Even though I’ve logged many more hours in Microsoft’s flight simulator than on anything that flies, I have come to appreciate a pilot’s habits and routines in my own day-to-day project work. ...
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Improve Stakeholder Relations by Adding a Social Component

Social media is a pervasive part of life now, even in business. Companies use it to give updates about their products and services. They use it to get immediate feedback from customers. They respond to news about the company—good and bad. ...
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projecttimes.com berichtet:

Transformation From Project Management To Work Management

Whether you are an individual performer, PMO leader or an executive interested in getting the most out of project management technology, it is time now to plan and see how to make the change an opportunity to improve the way you work. ...
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5 principles that expand and sustain your leadership

Success includes good fortune. But HBR author Amy Jen Su believes long-term success goes beyond luck and includes five practical principles. ...
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How to Ask for Part-Time Hours

I have negotiated going part-time twice in my career: once successfully and once not successfully. ...
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guidingtech.com berichtet:

Trello vs Asana: Which Project Management App Is Better for You

Trello and Asana are two of the most popular project management tools. The newcomers such as Notion and Coda are trying to disrupt the space.
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Are Teams Main Problem when Adopting LeSS?

Wolfgang Steffens discusses what it takes to adopt LeSS and what is the role of the Scrum Master and of the management in this process.
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Daily Scrum Anti-Patterns: 20 Ways to Improve

Assignments: The Product Owner – or even the “Scrum Master” – assign tasks directly to team members. Cluelessness: Team members are not ...
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12 key challenges on an Agile transformation journey

Underestimating the value that a good Product Owner can bring to Agile is a classic mis-step that invariably causes big problems as the process tries ...
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Projektmanagement im besten Licht

Der Beleuchtungsprofi Trilux reagiert darauf mit dem Aufbau einer modernen Projektmanagement-Plattform – und erlebt, wie eine neue Lösung nach ...
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What is an IT project post-mortem?

Counterpoint: If you're following the agile methodology, you're learning and iterating daily. Read also: Agile project management, explained and ...
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How to Build a Scrum Team Structure for Agile Development

As the pace of business continues to accelerate, more and more organizations are turning to agile methodologies, like the Scrum team structure, ...
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Why project managers are key to a project's success

If one has to identify the Most Valuable Professional in any business, the Project Manager would probably win every time. Why? It's simply because ...
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