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statescoop.com berichtet:

Agile development helps state government avoid waste, improve project quality, NASCIO report says

Agile — which NASCIO defines as “an iterative project management methodology that delivers differentiated, high-value solutions in rapid ...
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nibletz.com berichtet:

Wrike's Collaborative Project Management Software Has 4 Integrations You Need

The popularity of Wrike as one of the more powerful tools for agile project management is continuously increasing thanks to the ever-expanding list of ...
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thenextweb.com berichtet:

5 productivity boosting tools to get more done in less time

Workzone, a comprehensive project management software, can help you break large jobs into smaller, more manageable projects with easy task ...
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wirtschaft.com berichtet:

Projektmanagement im Wandel der Zeit: Was die Digitalisierung bringt

Vertieftes Fachwissen über das Projektmanagement und wie sich Projekte effektiv sowie zielführend leiten und organisieren lassen, lernt man zum ...
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Small business can manage projects just like big guys

Project management is a tool that has been used for many years in large businesses to help them manage large complex undertakings, such as ...
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business.com berichtet:

How to Efficiently and Effectively Manage Online Projects

Planning is a crucial component of successful project management. This is especially true for online projects where conditions change rapidly.
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jaxenter.de berichtet:

Richtig priorisieren in Softwareprojekten

Angesichts beschränkter Ressourcen ergibt sich in jedem Projekt die ... Beim agilen Vorgehen müssen für jeden Sprint die anstehenden Backlog Items ... Managemententscheidungen messbar und damit vergleichbar zu machen.
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slideshare.net berichtet:

So Long Scrum... Hello Kanban!

So Long Scrum... Hello Kanban! 1. So Long Scrum... Hello Kanban! Les Hazlewood Senior Architect, Okta Former Founder & CTO, Stormpath @ ...
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prnewsonline.com berichtet:

Why You Should Apply Project Management Principles to PR

Project Management can help. From delegating tasks to keeping a project on a strict timeline, a project manager (PM) acts like a ship's captain, ...
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enr.com berichtet:

What Makes A Project Leader Great?

We've interviewed the most competent project managers in some of the most demanding roles in business to figure out some practice-based ...
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pressebox.de berichtet:

XPDays in Stuttgart: HEC ist mit zwei agilen Beraterinnen vor Ort und richtet einen Workshop aus

Kreativität und Teamarbeit sowie die Abstimmung mit dem Product Owner stehen als Lernergebnisse bei diesem Workshop mit hohem Erlebnisgrad ...
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basicthinking.de berichtet:

Mit Wrike Projekte schneller und besser managen

Wrike positioniert sich selbst als qualitativ hochwertige Alternative zu vielen Tools im Projektmanagement-Bereich. Was Wrike alles kann und warum ...
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onetoone.de berichtet:

Das Greenhouse-Prinzip: testen, testen, testen

Die Zwischenbilanz nach gut zwei Jahren fällt positiv aus: Fünf Projekte aus dem Greenhouse wurden erfolgreich realisiert und erzielen teils hohe ...
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gcn.com berichtet:

How program managers can guide custom software development

The guidance offers two implementation strategies to help managers new to project ownership: agile development and user-centered design.
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Is Sales Management Ready to Go Agile?

In The Ultimate Guide to Agile Sales Management, Houghton and the .... Just as agile suggests that focusing on a development project as a whole is ...
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cio.de berichtet:

Droht Ihr CRM-Projekt zu scheitern?

Das ist ein Schlüsselfaktor für erfolgreiches, agiles ProjektmanagementProjektmanagement. Waren die, die sich jetzt lauthals beschweren, dabei im ...
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techshout.com berichtet:

Nuvro – The Ultimate Project Management Platform

Because of this I've had the opportunity to work with a lot of project management tools, everything from the big and expensive to the free and simple.
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The Best Project Management Tool

The primary purpose of project management tools is to help managers plan, execute and control all aspects of the project management process.
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esi-africa.com berichtet:

The importance of political will to successful regional infrastructure projects

Infrastructure development is the cornerstone for sustainable economic development of each country in Africa, writes Kimberly J. Heimert.
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jaxenter.de berichtet:

Starr trifft auf agil: Agile Entwicklung als Dienstleistung

Aber auch klassische Softwaredienstleister haben längst Scrum als .... von Tata Consultancy im Jahr 2013 der Scrum Alliance Community vorgestellt.
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itmplatform.com berichtet:

Kanban: why it's agile and in what sense it overtakes SCRUM

illustration of scrum agile board with flat hand and stickers. Even though we all have seen Kanban boards, many of the principles that stand out this ...
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Roadmap für die Digitalisierung

Zentrales Projekt ist dabei die intelligente Energiestadt. ... Das Projekt-Management von Emden Digital will diese verwerten, um neue digitale ...
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Agile Marketing: Here's How to Get Started

Kanban is a process for visualizing workflows originally developed by Toyota. It then extended into software development. Now it's becoming the ...
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Perforce Adds Enterprise Agile Planning Tool With Latest Acquisition of Hansoft

Using Hansoft, team members are free to use their preferred combinations of Agile and Waterfall project management methodologies, including ...
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openpr.com berichtet:

Staying Agile: MeisterLabs Launches Agile Project Management White Paper

To show how an Agile approach to project management can be successfully implemented in the present day, MeisterLabs have put together 5 best ...
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techgenix.com berichtet:

IT project management and design: Do it like a boss

Enterprise IT has become complex — really complex. There are far too many forces at play for the conventional wisdom of IT project management to ...
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Blog: Project management – like never before! The technical team behind the Social Bite Village

In February of this year, Gill Henry, head of business development at The Cruden Group, agreed to take on the role of project director for the Social ...
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sdtimes.com berichtet:

Six tenets of successful project management

For every network upgrade, hardware installation, cloud rollout or software update, there are countless tales of IT projects gone awry. As a result of ...
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ptonline.com berichtet:

Success Through Process Diversity

After a few successful projects, Brentwood gained a reputation as a trusted industry partner, and today it manufactures parts for everything from ...
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PMMB059: Warum Du eine Kommunikationsstruktur haben solltest

Kommunikation im Projekt kann man auf dem Reisbrett entwerfen! Wie das geht? Ganz einfach: mit der Kommunikationsstruktur.
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erp-news.info berichtet:

ERP-Interview mit ConSol: softwaregestütztes Projektmanagement

Christine Schaupp hat der ERP-News-Redaktion unter Leitung von Matthias Weber ein Interview zum Thema softwaregestütztes Projektmanagement ...
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Stop the emails: How this small bank streamlined project management

Project management at Exchange Bank in Santa Rosa, Calif., was a pain in the ... spreadsheet. Its employees, like their peers at a lot of banks, were ...
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tgdaily.com berichtet:

Breaking Down Popular Project Management Tools: Slack vs. Trello vs. Basecamp vs. Asana

Today, thanks to project management programs, we have numerous ways to organize both our work and the work of other team members. The Internet ...
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techbeacon.com berichtet:

Project management: A surefire way to kill your software product

Software development is fundamentally an exercise in learning, while the traditional command-and-control style of project management seeks to ...
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mopinion.com berichtet:

Top 20 Best Project Management Software

Which Project Management Software is best for your business? Here is an overview of the most popular software out there to help you decide.
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Beyond Scrum: Getting to Continuous Deployment

Scrum is great. Personally, I love it. I loved it as a developer and as a team leader. It brings order to the developer's life and brings a lot of visibility to ...
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tech.co berichtet:

5 Ways to Minimize Procrastination on Your Project Team

Meeting deadlines is the highest priority for every project manager, particularly given the fact that business revenues and reputation are at stake.
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suedtirolnews.it berichtet:

Neuer Leitfaden und IT-Tool

Bozen – Für die Führungskräfte soll das Projektmanagement zum Standard werden. Ein neuer Leitfaden hierzu wurde kürzlich bei einer Tagung ...
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live-pr.com berichtet:

parsQube vereint Technik und Projektmanagement

Es ist mühsam und auch nicht korrekt, wenn das klassische Projektmanagement (oft ist damit das Wasserfall-Modell gemeint) als Sündenbock ...
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Projektleitung: Bin ich im falschen Film?

Neulich hat er ihn bei einem Meeting außerdem kritisiert, weil er einen Konflikt im Projekt nicht sofort vom Tisch bekam. "Da müssen Sie noch was ...
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