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computerwelt.at berichtet:

Interdisziplinäre Teams: Konflikte in Innovationskraft wandeln

Zum Beispiel ruft das Team einen unabhängigen Experten oder der Projektleiter oder der Product Owner entscheiden.
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techround.co.uk berichtet:

The Top 5 Alternatives To Trello

It offers you multiple workload management options; You can organise your workload into a Kanban board, a list, a map, or a spreadsheet.
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Freelancing 101: How to Juggle Multiple Clients at Once

Some even have a calendar view and a Kanban board, making it great for both visual and writing learners. These apps are great for organizing your ...
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it-daily.net berichtet:

Damit „Working from home” nicht zum „Living at work” wird

IT-Management ... Digitalisierung · ERP, SAP & CRM Lösungen · Projekt & Personal ... Enterprise Portfolio- und Projektmanagement mit SAP
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The 4 biggest mistakes engineers make when forecasting revenue

The commercial success of engineering organisations depends on ... “Any good project management process within a business will include a 'lessons ...
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presseportal.de berichtet:

Berufliche Weiterentwicklung als Hauptfaktor für die Zufriedenheit und Motivation von Mitarbeiter:Innen

Die aktuelle Umfrage des Project Management Institutes, Inc. (PMI), dem weltweit führenden Verband für Projektprofis und Changemaker, ...
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forbes.com berichtet:

How To Make A Simple, Effective Gantt Chart In Excel

Here's how to make a Gantt chart in Excel to accommodate complex agile project management within the familiar tool.
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yourvalley.net berichtet:

The most influential projects of 2021 couldn't happen without project managers

To honor their perseverance, Project Management Institute (PMI), with input from ... and now, thanks to agile companies and forward thinking, ...
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forbes.com berichtet:

16 Top Tech Leaders Share Their Best Project Management Tips

If a project manager doesn't lay the proper groundwork, the best talent ... In the era of agile, analytics is as important as project management.
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Wrike introduces Models for organisational flexibility

... that often uses a mix of agile and traditional project methodologies and processes that do not fit well within a pure task management system.
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geldinstitute.de berichtet:

Wer agil nicht kann, muss gehen?

Über Kompromisse beim Einsatz von agilen Management-Methoden. ... agile Arbeitsweisen oder Strukturen zu verstehen und anzuwenden.
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Projektmanagement: Back to the Roots?

pma focus 2021. Österreichs größter Kongress für Projektmanagement fand heuer als hybrider Event ...
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appinventiv.com berichtet:

Use Of Predictive Project Analytics For The Business Success

Simply utilize predictive analytics project management to determine the optimal channels for each piece of content, the most effective language for ...
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5 Steps Every Project Manager Should Follow to Provide their Clients with the Best Customer Service

In a nutshell, Project Managers have many responsibilities within the development of a project. They are the touch point between the company and the ...
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Diese vier Kernkompetenzen sollte jeder Projektmanager besitzen

Komplexe IT-Projekte können Projektmanager nicht immer von A bis Z durchplanen. ...
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ivanblatter.com berichtet:

Mein Umgang mit Unterbrechungen und Ablenkungen

Die technischen Gerätschaften der heutigen Zeit, Internet, Apps und Dienste bieten jede Menge toller Möglichkeiten – aber sie schaffen es leider auch immer wieder mit Bravour, uns zu unterbrechen und abzulenken. ...
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zenhabits.net berichtet:

Stillness & Curiosity

Much of our lives are lived on autopilot. We jump from one task to another, one message to another, one meeting to another, one browser tab to another. ...
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Continuous Improvement Storyboards

Lean management has a positive bias for making things visible. This ranges from large and abstract things like performance, progress toward strategic goals, and problem-solving projects down to smaller concrete things like the correct amount of stock on a shelf or placement of tools. ...
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allaboutlean.com berichtet:

Work Improvement before Equipment Improvement

Maintenance Work in IndustryWhen improving a system, Western engineers love to take the technical approach and to optimize the machines and tools. ...
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agilesocks.com berichtet:

3 Ways Organizations Use Measures Poorly

I am often asked what Scrum Teams and organizations should measure. And while measurement is important, it’s not just about what we measure. ...
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infoq.com berichtet:

Speed, Efficiency, and Value: Using Empiricism to Achieve Business Agility

We all know what “agility” is about, right? It’s about delivering faster, eliminating waste, and becoming more efficient. ...
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produktwerker.de berichtet:

User Story Splitting: Wie geht das „richtig“?

Das Aufteilen (sog. Splitting) von User Stories erscheint oft als eine der schwierigsten agilen Praktiken für Product Owner. ...
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lean-agility.de berichtet:

Stacey Matrix (II)

Noch einmal ein paar Worte zur Stacey Matrix, jenem Analyse-Werkzeug des Organisationsforschers Ralph D. Stacey, mit dessen Hilfe meistens versucht wird Sachverhalte als einfach, kompliziert, komplex oder chaotisch einzuordnen. ...
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teamworkblog.de berichtet:

Autorität in Scrum Teams

Unter agilem Arbeiten verstehen manche hierarchiefreies Arbeiten. Doch das ist nur zum Teil richtig. ...
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romanpichler.com berichtet:

Seven product backlog mistakes to avoid

The product backlog is a simple yet powerful tool to capture and revise detailed product decisions and direct the work of the development team. Unfortunately, effectively using the backlog can be challenging. This episode discusses seven common product backlog mistakes to help you recognise and fix them. ...
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A Scrum Flight Checklist

Are you concerned that your team might have strayed from the foundational principles of Scrum or deviated from its core practices? ...
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Die drei Säulen der Agilität: Empirie, Empowerment und Ownership

Agile Methoden und Frameworks gibt es viele, aber was ist die Essenz von Agilität? Und wie lässt sie sich beschreiben ohne auf die Terminologie von Scrum & Co. zurückzugreifen? ...
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Das Richtige machen

Als agiler Coach sage ich den Leuten immer wieder, dass sie eine Sache nach der anderen tun sollten. „Stop Starting, start finishing“, lautet das Mantra. ...
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kanbwana.de berichtet:

Kanban in sieben Minuten

Der Podcast zur Kanban-Methode mit jeder Folge unter sieben Minuten. Geballtes Wissen – häppchenweise geliefert! ...
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enablechange.de berichtet:

Hilfe, warum sind unsere Mitarbeiter so passiv?

Es ist Usus, in Stellenbeschreibungen Softskills, wie unsere Mitarbeiter sollen teamfähig, kommunikativ, flexibel, belastbar, selbstständig und zuverlässig sein, zu nennen. ...
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Mindset oder Methode? Was ist wichtiger?

In dieser Folge gehe ich der Frage nach, ob es erst ein agiles Mindset braucht, um erfolgreich agil arbeiten zu können. ...
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medium.com berichtet:

Ignite Continuous Improvement In Your Scrum Team

5 Do-it-yourself workshops to amplify deep learning in your team, and to reflect & improve, continuously ...
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zenexmachina.com berichtet:

5 agile metrics you won’t hate

When it comes to agile project management metrics, many product managers turn to understanding whether delivery is on-time and on-budget. Others turn to velocity. ...
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medium.com berichtet:

Separation of Power in the Scrum Framework

As delicate a balance in Scrum as it is in our democratic institutions Among the many smart ideas used in the Scrum Framework, my favourite is the way the three roles (since 2020 known as accountabilities) separate the responsibilities of the Scrum Team: ...
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The (Def)inition Lab: Our recipe for reducing the risk of product failure

Agile product development is a learning mindset. ...
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prodpad.com berichtet:

Bugs and Debt in the Product Flow

Bugs are a fact of every product’s life. You have to allot a certain amount of time to paying down tech debt, or else it becomes way too hairy and eventually you end up having to just refactor your codebase. And no one likes a refactor. ...
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xp123.com berichtet:

What Is a User Story?

A user story is a scenario, a description of a (potential) real use of a system. ...
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Zappos's Evolution: From Holacracy To Market-Based Dynamics

Roughly five years ago, we loaded into a campervan and drove throughout California to visit companies like Google, Morning Star and Patagonia. ...
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Why You Should Always Switch: The Monty Hall Problem (Finally) Explained

One of the most famous television game shows from the heyday of the genre from the 1950s to the 1980s was Let’s Make a Deal. ...
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Five reasons for having a Definition of Done

"Do we really need to waste our time to come up with a Definition of Done?" - well: of course, you're free to do that or not. Just give me your attention for a few minutes to consider the multiple benefits you gain from having one. ...
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