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fastcompany.com berichtet:

The problem with autonomous cars that no one’s talking about

Autonomous cars need to learn how to drive like a local. On a recent research trip, I found myself in the back of a taxi in New Delhi, amid a dizzying mix of car horns and exhaust. What initially seemed like complete chaos—a flurry of cars, buses, auto-rickshaws, motorbikes, and the occasional cow—turned out to be a flow of traffic where everyone works together to keep everything moving. ...
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mpug.com berichtet:

Don’t Turn your Critical Path into a Slippery Path

In my last article, I covered four misconceptions about critical path. Now, I’ll be going through some of the mechanics of finding the critical path in a project, so that you have a better understanding how it evolves. ...
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Does closeout vary between projects following an adaptive rather than a predictive life cycle?

Completion of a project usually focuses on financial and administrative activities such as transitioning verified and accepted deliverables to customers, getting final sign off on the project, closing open contracts, recognizing team accomplishments, survey stakeholder satisfaction, archiving key project outputs and so on. ...
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Benefits Management Template [Free Download]

Over in our Facebook group I asked what templates people would like me to create and Denise said a simple benefits management plan. ...
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clarizen.com berichtet:

7 Characteristics of High-Performance Agile IT Teams

What separates elite, high-performance agile IT teams in some enterprises, from their hard-working — and in some cases even harder working — yet less successful counterparts in other enterprises? It is not that they borrow a page from the Folger’s Crystals playbook and secretly replace all team members with accomplished Scrum masters. ...
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projectbliss.net berichtet:

How to Create an Easy Pareto Chart to Highlight Your Biggest Opportunities

A Pareto chart is a bar especially designed to show information in descending order. Read on to learn when to use it and how to easily create one. ...
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leadingagile.com berichtet:

How do you track value in an agile transformation?

There are a lot of vanity metrics floating around in Agile. The fact of the matter is it doesn’t matter how many ScrumMasters you run through a CSM class, it doesn’t matter how many people you train, and how many daily standups you run. ...
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5 Machine Learning Lessons for Product Managers

We all use AI or machine learning (ML)-driven products almost every day, and the number of these products will be growing exponentially over the next couple of years. ...
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widerfunnel.com berichtet:

Going from 10 to 100 experiments per year: Building the frame

Applying a lesson from Henry Ford to your experimentation program. If someone gave you $5,000 and a pile of scrap material and asked you to build a car, how would you do it? ...
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It's Not Just Culture: When Teams Impede Agile Adoption

Cultural norms can hamper successful agile transformation, and organizational culture is the most reported challenge to agile adoption. Many of these habits and customs are started and perpetuated by senior leadership. But that’s often not the only source of resistance to becoming agile. ...
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The Story of 3 Change Agents

In product development it is common to come up with personas to reflect the customers that you have or hope to have in order to better identify assumptions and features that you might build. ...
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ronjeffries.com berichtet:

Some Thoughts on Estimation

Many people object to the tag #noEstimates on the grounds that it is too binary, too contentious, impossible to attain, and so on. My plan is to set that objection aside quickly. ...
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infoq.com berichtet:

Breaking Hierarchy - How Spotify Enables Engineer Decision Making

Kristian Lindwall shares how Spotify approaches the problem of fully leveraging the capacity of everyone in the organization. They have made efforts around how they position their engineers equal to managers, how they drive technical strategy and make decisions. ...
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jrothman.com berichtet:

Where I Think “Agile” is Headed, Part 4: What Does “Agile” Mean?

I understand that people want what they perceive as the value “Agile” will bring them. Let's return to the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, what I call the “Agile Manifesto.” (Dave Thomas would have a problem with that, but I'll use it as shorthand.) ...
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jrothman.com berichtet:

Where I Think “Agile” is Headed, Part 5: Summary

I suggested various alternatives in the earlier posts and offered plenty of pointers to other readings. This post is about what you can do to create an agile culture, regardless of where you are in the organization. ...
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projecttimes.com berichtet:

Budget Management With Agile Projects

This article aims to provide insights on the way budgets could be managed for Agile projects. As I have been in the banking industry for the last 10 years, I would support my proposition with the budgeting approach in banks. ...
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weforum.org berichtet:

We must treat cybersecurity as a public good. Here's why

Soon your fridge will be able to buy your food on Amazon, having noticed what you liked on Facebook and Instagram. Cybersecurity is crucial for this to happen; to make sure that, while our food preferences are being noted, our identity is not stolen, credit cards not cloned, and our devices are not tampered with by malicious actors out to steal data or modify a machine’s behaviour. ...
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t3n.de berichtet:

Digitalisierung: Die Jugend handelt erwachsener als ihre Eltern

Jahrelang haben wir uns Sorgen um die Jugend gemacht und geglaubt, dass die Digitalisierung sie überfordert. Dabei handelt sie längst ...
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Agile Transition bei Banken: Auf die Methode, das Mindset und die Voraussetzungen kommt es an

Digitale Transition? Im Zusammenhang mit der Digitalisierung wird Agilität oft als ein entscheidendes Kriterium genannt. Von Scrum bis Kanban ...
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Using the Scrum Framework In Your Email Marketing Teams

Perfected over the last decade or so by software development, a Scrum team brings together a cross-functional group of people to abandon their job ...
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Sprint Reviews with Kanban

I've always been intrigued by the different ways in which Scrum Teams go about their Sprint Reviews. It isn't as though I coach a range of techniques, ...
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entwickler.de berichtet:

Scrum, aber mit Projektleiter?

Wie kann also im agilen Vorgehensmodell das Management zufrieden ... Das geforderte Managementreporting in Form von MS-Project-Grafiken oder ...
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jaxenter.de berichtet:

DevOps Stories: Planung ersetzt Zufall durch Irrtum – Scrum und mittelfristige Planungen

Lukas' Cousine hat geheiratet und die Familie zu einer großen Feier eingeladen. Lukas sitzt mit seinem Cousin Robert zusammen. Robert hat nach ...
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Agiles Projektmanagement im Architekturbüro: Methoden und Tools für Planer

Ein zentrales Instrument ist die tägliche Kontrolle der Arbeitsorganisation im „Daily Scrum“. Alle Teil-Ergebnisse werden frühzeitig und fortlaufend mit ...
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forbes.com berichtet:

The End of Agile: A Rebuttal

This works whatever the nature of the project (no, agile is not just for ... business development, software development, and project management at ...
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DevOps terms: 10 essential concepts, explained

Terms like DevOps and agile are sometimes used interchangeably. Some concepts ... Alan Zucker, founding principal, Project Management Essentials ...
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appinventiv.com berichtet:

Top 10 Mobile Product Managers Skills to Master in 2020

The role of a mobile project manager goes beyond the role of a manager. .... This can be achieved by adhering to the agile product management ...
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rtinsights.com berichtet:

DataOps: The Antidote for Congested Data Pipelines

DataOps is an emerging set of agile practices, processes, and technologies for ... DataOps, at its core, is a methodology that aims to streamline all the ... real-time data analytics and collaborative data management approaches.
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heug.org berichtet:

Which Projects Should be Agile?

This is an interesting question raised during and after the PCM webinar entitled "Agile Project Management Methodologies". This same question has ...
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Wann Sie Ihr Projekt killen sollten

... negative Informationen zu ignorieren und nach Bestätigung für ihre eigenen Annahmen zu suchen", erklärt der Experte für Projektmanagement.
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rehm-verlag.de berichtet:

Digitalisierung und agiles Arbeiten in der Verwaltung

Die Begriffe Digitalisierung und Agilisierung sind in aller Munde. Sie stehen u. a. für den permanenten Wandel in der Arbeitswelt. Die Digitalisierung ...
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agitano.com berichtet:

Projektmanagement: Welche Funktionen hat eine gute PM-Software?

Die PM-Software kann für jedes Unternehmen hilfreich sein. Entscheidend ist, wie sie verwendet wird. Denn die Einsatzgebiete sind sehr vielfältig.
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it-daily.net berichtet:

Scrum zur Miete

Agil bei Arbeit, Sport und Spiel. Eine neue Variante bietet nun die Jenaer Web-Agentur Flyacts Mit einem externem Scrum-Team können Anwender ...
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Projektmanagement 4.0: Die Symbiose aus klassisch und agil

Das Projektmanagement habe sich übrigens immer schon dazu verpflichtet, Komplexität beherrschbar zu machen, egal ob die einzelnen Prozesse ...
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computerwoche.de berichtet:

Agile Projektarbeit richtig orchestrieren

Immer mehr Unternehmen übernehmen diese Art von Arbeit in Ihre Projekte. ... Ein Projekt stellt sozusagen die kleinste Einheit für die ... agile Transformation ist eine wesentliche Voraussetzung für eine erfolgreiche Digitalisierung.
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What is Murphy's Curve?

The reality is that even with successful projects, there is almost always a period of decreased performance which begins before the go-live. It can last ...
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pressebox.de berichtet:

Die agile Art des Outsourcing

Bei FLYACTS können Unternehmen ein SCRUM Team mieten und erhalten damit ... Lean Development für schnelle und leistungsfähige Ergebnisse
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chemietechnik.de berichtet:

Mit Contract- und Claim-Management zu besseren Projekten

Industriefokus Contract & Claim Management. ... Sichtweise der Claim-Manager, soll schließlich dazu dienen, dass ein Projekt am Ende profitabel ist.
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Solving Impediments as a Scrum Team

Probably, none of the Scrum Masters or agile coaches of the organization felt competent enough to teach the concept of flow. (This might also be partly ...
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gigaom.com berichtet:

Voices in DevOps – Episode 11: A Conversation with Dave West of Scrum.org

I'm delighted to welcome Dave West, who is running Scrum.org. I have to say for the record, I used to work with Dave in 1997 on agile software ...
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