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Simple Checklist: Considerations Before Measuring Internal Customer Satisfaction

Understanding customer satisfaction is important. It might be more important for a product or services sold to someone outside the firm because of the link between satisfaction and sales — no customers = no revenue. ...
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Zappos has quietly backed away from holacracy

Six years ago, Amazon-owned Zappos began upending its traditional management structure. In lieu of a typical corporate structure, with power concentrated at the top, the online shoe retailer would adopt a decentralized system with “no job titles, no managers, no hierarchy.” ...
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Project Management Job Descriptions Explained!

The project management job descriptions you see in profiles on LinkedIn might not represent exactly what you would do in the role. ...
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8 expressions never to use when answering a question

Fielding questions is a crucial communication skill. It’s important for job interviews, chats with your boss, dealing with clients, and virtually every workplace situation. ...
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Cognitive Switching Is Killing Your Productivity

In this blog we’ve talked on more than one occasion about how multitasking doesn’t work, since the brain is not neurologically prepared to work on several things at once. ...
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50 Questions I Ask PMs About Data and Their Teams

50 useful conversation starters for teams grappling with being more data-informed. ...
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Lessons on the Competencies of Coaching from Spotify and ICAgile

InfoQ recently published the video of a talk given at AgileAus 2019, titled "The Evolution of the Agile Coach" by Spotify's Erin McManus, and Fiona Siseman. McManus, an engineering manager, and her colleague Siseman, a coaching manager, discussed how the role, needs and competencies of an Agile coach differ between established Agile cultures such as Spotify’s, and those organisations still undergoing a transformation. ...
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What is the Best Sprint Length? Can a Scrum Sprint be Just One-Day Long?

Scrum uses the concept of a Sprint to mitigate the risks of complex product development and help deliver value faster to stakeholders. ...
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Thinking Agile: Core Beliefs

If you are going to do TPS you must do it all the way. You also need to change the way you think. You need to change how you look at things. ...
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Design’s Unsexy Middle Bits

In How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Design Thinking, I wrote about how I learned to value design thinking and in Five Habits of Design Thinking I explain how you can build the skill of design thinking. ...
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Tuckman-Phasenmodell - Reifegradmodelle, Teil 3

In unserem (vorerst) letzten Teil der Reifegradmodelle schauen wir uns das Tuckman-Phasenmodell an. Wir schlagen die Brücke zum (vermutlichen) Ursprung in der Evolutionstheorie und beschreiben wie die Phasen Forming, Storming, Norming und Performing Gruppencoaches dabei unterstützen können, den Zustand des Teams zu ermitteln und die richtigen Entscheidungen zu treffen. ...
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Ist agile Schule zeitgemäße Schule?

Ich war einmal Geografie-, Mathematik- und Physiklehrer und heute als Unruheständler und Vierfach-Opa fände ich es ganz wunderbar, wenn man die Möglichkeiten von agilem Lernen und Lehren schon ganz normal in die ganz normalen Schulen geholt hätte. ...
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Wie agil ist Tradition? Die Schweiz und ihre Beteiligungskultur

In letzter Zeit fanden sich an dieser Stelle vielfach Artikel zu Bürgerräten, Partizipation, Beteiligungsverfahren und lebendiger Demokratie. Wie macht das … die Schweiz? ...
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Rücktritt als Führungskraft

Andreas hat in seinem Berufsleben umfangreiche Erfahrung in ganz unterschiedlichen Rollen und Positionen gesammelt. Nach einem Jobwechsel lässt er sich noch einmal auf eine hierarchische Führungsposition ein. ...
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How To Not Fail With Your ERP Implementation

“But the general patterns that we see separate the successful projects from the failures. The beauty is, it's not random. There's not a huge plethora of ...
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Study: Project management is top gig worker skill in 2020

Project management is trending as the most in-demand skill businesses seek in independent workers, according to Business Talent Group's (BTG) ...
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Die neue Agilität

Mit unserem Ansatz, Methoden wie Scrum, Design Thinking oder Kanban einzusetzen, können wir in kurzer Zeit einen respektablen Projektstand ...
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Was ist Complex Event Processing?

Typische Einsatzbereiche des CEP sind das Marketing, der Finanzbereich, die Netzwerküberwachung, vernetzte Prozesse der Industrie 4.0, das ...
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How to Draft a Design Brief for Successful Projects

A design brief is a document that helps a designer and client align on project expectations; this makes the project much easier to manage as it's being ...
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Why being data-centric is the first step to success with artificial intelligence

Often, this is because AI projects are not approached in the right manner. ... For a successful AI project to materialize, organizations ought to ...
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A new way of thinking: The Scrum Approach

“In recent years, Scrum, often under the banner of Agile, has become ubiquitous,” writes JJ Sutherland in his newest book, The Scrum Approach.
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How to manage design projects efficiently

It will communicate the current progress at a glance, and this is what makes this board so great for project managers and stakeholders. It's relatively ...
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Scrum-Master: Hilfe - ich muss coachen

In der Ausbildung zum Scrum-Master lernt man innerhalb von zwei Tagen, wie das Framework Scrum funktioniert. Man lernt alle dafür wichtigen ...
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Agilität: Trend oder Arbeitsweise der Zukunft?

„Agil ist doch das mit Scrum?“ lautete die Frage eines Workshop-Teilnehmers. Die Antwort lautet: Ja, Scrum ist eine agile Methode. Agilität umfasst ...
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5 Probleme bei agilen Aufwandsschätzungen

Eine User Story der Größe M ist z.B. größer als eine Story der Größe S, jedoch kleiner als eine der Größe L. In der Regel formuliert der Product Owner ...
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How Will Smart Consumer Product Companies Manage Sustainability Risk, And Opportunity ...

Brand licensing – where a brand owner permits or licenses another company to create, market or sell a product featuring its brand name and logo – is ...
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The Ultimate Marketing Stack to Build Agile Remote Teams

You can even make use of Hubstaff Tasks for easy project management that's built especially for the agile workplace. Make the most of one-click ...
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When Should a Scrum Master Step in and Take an Action?

As a servant leader, a Scrum Master focuses on the needs of others, before her/his needs. “Reveal, not resolve” mentality plays an important role in ...
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Was Scrum von Kanban unterscheidet

Dieser Wandel hat zur Folge, dass den unterschiedlichen Ansätzen im Projektmanagement eine größere Bedeutung zukommt. Heute sind nicht nur ...
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Weil digitale Projekte anders ticken

Die neue berufsbegleitende Weiterbildung «Digitale Beratung und Projektmanagement» von Interactive Dock startet am 6. März 2020 in Zürich.
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Weshalb IT-Projekte scheitern

Außerdem führten auch ungenügend ausgeprägte Fähigkeiten in der Anwendung von Projektmanagement-Methoden laut iTSM häufig zu erheblichen ...
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3 problems DevOps won't fix

Get the free Ebook: Managing IT with Automation. ] ... It's not only about agile; it includes everything from product backlog management to how teams should ... DevOps won't solve design issues or fix a bad development process.
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Thinking By Sprinting: What Cognitive Science Tells Us About Why Scrum Works

Although GTD is focussed on individual time management, the authors ... Software development is (generally speaking) very complex. ... Approaches based on a more empirical (inspect-adapt) approach (e.g. Scrum/Agile) are more ...
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5 agile project management software solutions

Businesses and agencies of all sizes, as well as individuals, that use the agile method can use agile project management software. In other words, it's ...
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6 global trends in project management

In the newly released 2020 Signposts report from the Project Management Institute (PMI), the world's most significant challenges and opportunities are ...
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The Importance of the Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective

The Scrum Master is responsible for promoting and supporting Scrum as defined in the Scrum Guide. The rules of Scrum are that it has 5 events, 2 of ...
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Scrum and Micro-Retrospectives

The Sprint Retrospective is the mechanism that Scrum teams usually use to fulfill this principle of inspection and adaption. Unfortunately, the ...
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Q&A on the Book Managing the Unmanageable

Agile provides many advantages over other development methods, but can ... InfoQ interviewed Mickey W. Mantle and Ron Lichty about managing ...
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4 Parts of a Successful Digital Workplace (That Don't Include Messaging)

A successful digital workplace strategy is able to align the right people and the ... Project management is defined as the discipline of using established ...
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How Does “Definition of Done” Protect Your Customer, Money and Reputation?

The product increment has been integrated, functional tests pass, no defect ... Would the Product Owner prefer to wait completion of the above items, ...
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