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5 Aufgabenmanagement-Tools für kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen

Trello ist ein Kanban-Board und ermöglicht, auf sogenannten Boards gemeinsam mit anderen Mitgliedern Listen zu erstellen und Aufgabenkarten zu ...
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So geht agiles Projektmanagement im Maschinenbau

Befüllt wird dieser Backlog vom „Product Owner“. Er ist der Vermittler zwischen dem Team und diversen Stakeholdern wie den Kunden und der ...
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neonewstoday.com berichtet:

Interview: Neo3 product owner Ricardo Prado speaks about Neo3's distributed development

Neo News Today's Colin Closser reached out to Ricardo Prado, Neo3's product owner and a Neo core developer, from his office in Brasil. The pair ...
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Ask a Consultant: QAs in Scrum

The product owner has a strategic accountability to maximise the value of the product in these areas and any others that they identify. This is done by ...
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builtin.com berichtet:

12 Examples of Product Marketing in Action

How can a dog owner (or a dog) get the most out of it? Product marketers craft answers to those questions and others, which can provide fodder for ...
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6 Ways to Boost Project Visibility Within Your Company

In turn, that can affect your reputation and effectiveness as a project ... The success of any project often hinges on the advocacy of an influential project ...
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Entwicklungszentrum Industrie 4.0 verheddert sich im Kompetenzgestrüpp

Industrie 4.0 ist das Zauberwort für die Digitalisierung der Industrieproduktion. Schon seit vielen Jahren ist eine „Fabrik der Zukunft“ als Schaufenster ...
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What is an IT project post-mortem?

Counterpoint: If you're following the agile methodology, you're learning and iterating daily. Read also: Agile project management, explained and ...
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Projektmanagement im besten Licht

Der Beleuchtungsprofi Trilux reagiert darauf mit dem Aufbau einer modernen Projektmanagement-Plattform – und erlebt, wie eine neue Lösung nach ...
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Why project managers are key to a project's success

If one has to identify the Most Valuable Professional in any business, the Project Manager would probably win every time. Why? It's simply because ...
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guidingtech.com berichtet:

Trello vs Asana: Which Project Management App Is Better for You

Trello and Asana are two of the most popular project management tools. The newcomers such as Notion and Coda are trying to disrupt the space.
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consultancy.uk berichtet:

12 key challenges on an Agile transformation journey

Underestimating the value that a good Product Owner can bring to Agile is a classic mis-step that invariably causes big problems as the process tries ...
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Daily Scrum Anti-Patterns: 20 Ways to Improve

Assignments: The Product Owner – or even the “Scrum Master” – assign tasks directly to team members. Cluelessness: Team members are not ...
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infoq.com berichtet:

Are Teams Main Problem when Adopting LeSS?

Wolfgang Steffens discusses what it takes to adopt LeSS and what is the role of the Scrum Master and of the management in this process.
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lucidchart.com berichtet:

How to Build a Scrum Team Structure for Agile Development

As the pace of business continues to accelerate, more and more organizations are turning to agile methodologies, like the Scrum team structure, ...
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CEOs: the Ultimate Project Managers

In the beginning, companies sold products. Then they sold services. In recent years, the fashionable suggestion has been that companies sell ...
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t2conline.com berichtet:

Communication Challenges In Project Management (And How To Resolve Them)

It is especially important in project management where you need to empower teams to advance projects and reach goals. Effective communication is a ...
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How to make an IT post-mortem useful

IT project post-mortems may not make anyone's top ten list of favorite things to ... Read also: Agile project management, explained and Traditional IT ...
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User Stories Are Requirements Described From the Business Perspective

Expressing what a user needs is the Product Owner's job. Let me show you the difference with a few examples with ways to show a report. Here's the ...
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jaxenter.com berichtet:

Why documentation is not enough to reach transparency in Scrum

The three pillars of Scrum are transparency, inspection, and adaption. However, using documentation as the main way of achieving transparency is ...
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techrepublic.com berichtet:

PMI: These 6 AI technologies will dramatically reshape enterprise project management

Artificial intelligence (AI) tech such as deep learning and process automation is changing how projects are managed today and will have an even ...
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Project Management: Asking the Right Questions of your Data

Today, for employees of all backgrounds, data has become an essential part of their jobs in ways that we have never seen before. This includes ...
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When is “No Idea is a Bad Idea” a Bad Idea?

Brainstorming is an often-used method to generate ideas from a group of people for solving problems. One of the cardinal rules is not to criticize ideas as people raise them. ...
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ivanblatter.com berichtet:

Lohnt sich Home-Office auch aus Unternehmenssicht?

Home-Office ist bei den Arbeitnehmern häufig beliebt. Wie sieht das aber aus Arbeitgebersicht aus? Gibt es für Unternehmen Vorteile, wenn sie den Mitarbeitern das Modell “Home-Office” anbieten? Dieser Frage gehe ich hier nach. ...
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zenhabits.net berichtet:

Hundred Little Decisions: Training Ourselves at the Decision Point

Over and over, throughout the day, we make the Hundred Little Decisions: to work on this, to check email, to go to this website, to respond to messages, to grab a bite to eat, to meditate or exercise or do yoga or have tea or watch a video or push into deep purpose. ...
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wissendenken.com berichtet:

Leidenschaft für Wissen

Lesen und sich austauschen sind seit der Kindheit für mich Wege zu Entdeckungen und zu Wachstum. Mich fasziniert wie Wissen auf vielfältige Weise „auf den Tisch kommt“. Warum wollen wir die eine geistige Mahlzeit essen, um die andere machen wir aber einen großen Bogen? ...
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toolblog.de berichtet:

Alles ist wichtig? Priorisieren Sie trotzdem!

Immer wieder beklagen sich die TeilnehmerInnen in meinen Workshops über das Priorisieren. Es funktioniere schlecht bis gar nicht, weil im beruflichen Alltag alles „wichtig“ sei. ...
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scrum.org berichtet:

Scrum - an Art of Decision Making

People always have questions and concerns about Risk management and Autonomy in the Scrum Team, like: ...
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Six Things Your Team Wants from You as Their Product Owner

I work with a lot of teams and talk to even more. Most understand and appreciate the challenges of being a great product owner. Here are six things teams have told me they want from you as their product owner. ...
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dzone.com berichtet:

Five Invaluable Laws of Growth for Scrum Masters

It's been a while since I wrote a blog, here is some good news, this is part1 of a 3 part blog series, inspired by the writings of John C. Maxwell, “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth: Live Them and Reach Your Potential.” ...
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iterogroup.com berichtet:

Scrum Master Fatigue

While teaching and consulting, I’ve had many existing Scrum Masters pull me aside looking tired, frustrated, and worn out. ...
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kanbwana.de berichtet:

Podcast: Visualisiere!

Die heutige Folge dreht sich um die Visualisierung – die erste Praktik der Kanban-Methode. ...
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blog.crisp.se berichtet:

Output vs Outcome vs Impact

Here is an attempt to establish a definition of Output, Outcome and Impacts! It is based on my interpretation of the work of Jeff Patton, Marty Cagan and Clayton Christensen, with some good input from Gojko Adzic, John Seddon and John Cutler. ...
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komfortzonen.de berichtet:

Lebendiges Miteinander mit Liberating Structures

Zusammenkünfte von Menschen sind zu häufig zäh, anstrengend und ohne konkrete Resultate. Wer dagegen erlebt, wie mühelos und ergebnisreich ein Treffen mit Liberating Structures verläuft, ist schnell von ihnen überzeugt. ...
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lean-agility.de berichtet:

Toyota Flow System

Manchmal kommen grosse Neuigkeiten überraschend an. In einem zunächst eher unspektakulären Artikel erwähnt der Forbes-Journalist Steve Denning etwas Bemerkenswertes: nach 70 Jahren hat die Firma Toyota ihr legendäres Toyota Production System (den Ursprung des Lean Management) weiterentwickelt zu etwas Neuem, dem Toyota Flow System. ...
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Die lebendige Unordnung agiler Organisationen

Die größte Hürde für Unternehmen in der agilen Transformation ist der gefühlte Verlust an Kontrolle. Agilität bedeutet im Kern Selbstorganisation. Je dezentraler Entscheidungen getroffen werden, desto flexibler kann auf Neues reagiert werden und desto anpassungsfähiger ist die Organisation folglich. ...
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How To Help Your Team Manage Project Risk

A project manager’s job isn’t just about managing the work. You are also responsible for your team, and making sure they have the skills required to do their jobs. ...
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Need help with Monte Carlo analysis?

For many years, I've preached the benefits of the Monte Carlo simulation (MCS). For many reasons, it's superior to other analysis paradigms. In network analysis, for instance, it handles the parallel join or 'gate' as no other method will. ...
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hull.io berichtet:

The 5 Major Reasons My Data Integration Projects Failed

It’s 3 AM. My alarm goes off and I groggily climb out of bed and crack open my laptop. One of our biggest customers needs their data delivered by 9 AM, and I’m getting up before sunrise to triple-check every data point before their delivery. ...
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Horror movie lessons for managing project issues

My formative years were the 1980’s which were the heyday for slasher film series such as Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street. ...
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