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Management of Change in IT-Projekten

Zudem können die Projekte durch die Betroffenen verhindert oder zumindest verzögert werden. Ein gutes Change-Management kann hier ...
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Want to make your company agile? Start from HR

According to the Project Management Institute, more than 70 per cent of organisations have incorporated some agile approaches. Recent studies ...
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PTC CIO: 4 lessons from our DevOps journey

... a team that was primarily focused on release management, software deployment, ... You can't do agile before DevOps, and you can't do DevOps before agile; ... Here's why: Agile practices around development, like having product ...
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5 Reasons to Get Certified in Project Management

Project Management Professional (PMP) is a professional certification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). It is a globally recognized ...
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Three Questions Towards a Successful Data Science Project

When is a data science project successful? Most articles you will find about data science projects cover how to do machine learning. Don't get me ...
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Be the Project Manager Your Team Needs With Good Gantt Chart Tools

When you begin working on a complex project, the sheer number of tasks can be overwhelming. Especially if different tasks are assigned to different ...
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So spart der Maschinenbauer Eaton zehn Stellen jährlich ein

Dessen zehn Mitglieder stammen aus Programm- und Projekt-Management, Business ... und Rechnungsbearbeitung im Lieferketten-Management.
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Was ist ASUM-DM?

BigData-Insider ASUM-DM besteht aus fünf Phasen und einem Projekt-Management-Stream. Die Abkürzung ASUM-DM steht für „Analytics Solutions Unified Method ...
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Change Management meets New Work

Am wichtigsten ist das Commitment der Geschäftsführung – ohne dieses scheitert jedes Change Projekt. Mit dem Happy Change Framework, das die ...
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Safety und Security kommen zu kurz

Industrie 4.0 verknüpft Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik mit industrieller Produktion und Fertigung. Dabei kommunizieren und kooperieren ...
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Wie der Datenschutz die Digitalisierung der Medizin behindert

Die Digitalisierung und maschinelles Lernen spielen im Gesundheitswesen zwar eine immer größere Rolle. Vor allem im Bereich Diagnostik ist heute ...
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Beyond DevOps: Ganzheitliche Transformation durch Business Agility

Stephan Lange works for many years in the area of Agile and DevOps development. He leads the “Enterprise Transformation” group as a managing ...
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How to write the Product Backlog item as Hypothesis

Hello awesome people. It's me again with a new learning from within a Scrum team. The development team I was working with around 3 months ago ...
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Klassische Hierarchien sind bei uns ein Auslaufmodell

Zu unserem Konzept gehört, dass Führung nun auf drei Rollen verteilt ist: Der „Product Owner“ (Produktverantwortlicher) kümmert sich primär um ...
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5 Invaluable Laws of Growth for Scrum Masters

This blog is by a Scrum Master for Scrum Masters to improve themselves and their teams. In this first part, we will explore the 5 laws of growth that ...
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Lieber Führungsgrundsätze vom Alten Fritz statt Scrum

Stefan Knoll hat drei Firmen gegründet, darunter das erste Insurtech hierzulande, die online auftretende Familienversicherung. Als Oberstleutnant der ...
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Scrum – an Art of Decision Making

How do we make sure the success of the product if the Product Owner is new or hasn't had enough domain knowledge yet? How does the Product ...
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Einführung von agilen Projektmanagement-Methoden bei der Produktentwicklung

Netzwerkforum Projektmanagement am 10. Oktober 2019 an der Hochschule Landshut befasste sich mit Agilität im Projektmanagement von ...
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5 reasons analytics projects fail

Despite a sound solution and successful pilot, months of our painstaking effort ... A Gartner report says that 80 percent of data science projects will fail.
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For your next project, make sure the price is right

Unfortunately, there is no truly reliable average cost per project type, and ... will help you and the company you hire embark on a successful project.
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Why Every Business Should Apply Agile Methodology

So, what is Agile methodology and why should we use it? Agile methodology is ... Agile methodology is a project management framework. It is used to ...
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How to Write the Product Backlog Item as Hypothesis

The development team I was working with around 3 months ago challenged the Product Owner about the User Story she brought into the Sprint ...
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How to Develop a Software Project as a Non-Product

Why settle for just a project or deliverable, when you can do product ... We've seen clients spread the task of product owner around to more people for ...
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An Easy To Understand Guide on Agile Methodology

The product owner oversees all the business conditions of the project to ensure the products are built on the right track. While good product owner ...
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Das Projektmanagement-Office

Dieses Buch über das Projektmanagement-Office veranschaulicht aus theoretischer und praktischer Sicht, weshalb ein PMO ein Erfolgsfaktor für ...
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Ganz schön agil

Um die Digitalisierung voranzutreiben, legen immer mehr Banken ihre Organisationseinheiten zusammen. Das klingt gut – birgt aber auch Risiken.
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Agile Entwicklung erfordert agile Sicherheitsprozesse

Agile Softwareentwicklung und DevOps stehen für einen regelmäßigen Austausch zwischen IT-Teams und Fachbereichen sowie deren gemeinsame ...
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Product Owner Success - The Investment Cycle

Teams often run through the motions of Scrum and get very hung up on story points, velocity, committed percentages and as a result struggle to deliver ...
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Chang Shucha: PM Is the Most Effective Way to Manage VUCA

Yu Yanjuan. Introduction If you are interested in project management in China, there's one name you can't miss: Chang Shucha (English ...
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Introducing Zoho Show for Jira: A presentation tool for all your project management needs

Presentations are an important way for teams to communicate key project information effectively. Be it a team huddle or a project update for c...
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Sprint Retrospectives with Kanban

A few weeks ago we considered the Agile Manifesto from a lean perspective. We saw that it is possible to map the 12 agile principles to the 7 ...
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Agil über Nacht, Folge 11

Neun Folgen lang haben wir Ihnen Scrum, Kanban, Lean, das agile Mindset, SLAM, LeSS, SAFE, DAD und die Spotify Engineering Culture vorgestellt ...
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From Automated Cloud Deployment to Progressive Delivery

It was a collection of all the features and fixes the loudest stakeholders had persuaded the product owner to put at the top of the story list. A date was ...
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Praxisbericht einer Scrum Masterin

In dieser Folge erfährst Du mehr über die vielseitigen Aufgaben einer Scrum Masterin und welchen Mehrwert diese Rolle für Teams und Unternehmen hat. ...
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Why you shouldn’t ignore your competitors

I’ve been told countless times to ignore my competitors. Don’t waste time thinking about what they are doing. Don’t look at their latest features. Don’t worry about them. ...
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A Framework for Making Better Product Decisions

Recently, there has a been a big shift in the focus of Product teams from outputs to outcomes. In other words, some companies are starting to care a little bit less about the fact that a feature got shipped and a little bit more about whether that feature had a positive impact on user behavior and metrics. ...
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How to Stay on Course During Product Discovery

Product discovery is a messy, hard, and often thankless job. Quite frankly, there’s no way — or need — to sugarcoat this. Product discovery is also rarely linear, let alone foreseeable. ...
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Creating Value with the First Two Laws of Consulting

Software is a way to solve problems, it’s not the only way, and building it in increments often doesn’t tell us whether there might be bigger fish to fry. ...
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How to assess an organizational change coach

One of the things I am often asked about is how should we assess the performance of a coach. Some days I wonder this about myself…“Am I living into my full potential? What kind of impact am I really having?” ...
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Temporal Dynamics – Coaching Teams Stuck In Discussion Gridlock

Those of you who’ve listened to Episode 11 of my podcast, The Law of Raspberry Jam, have heard me talk about temporal dynamics (check out the episode here if you haven’t already). ...
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