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Das Beste aus zwei Welten

Um das Thema "agiles versus klassisches Projektmanagement" entbrennen regelrechte Grabenkämpfe in der Projektmanagement-Community.
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Scrum-Methode: Agiles Projektmanagement im Sprint

Die Scrum-Methode ist ein Vorgehensmodell aus dem Projektmanagement. Es dient der schnellen und kostengünstigen Entwicklung hochwertiger ...
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The Scrum Contract (Part 1)

The following is an extract from our book, Scrum: Novice to Ninja, written by M. David Green. Copies are sold in stores worldwide, or you can buy it in ...
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A Simple Framework for Complex Product Delivery

On the 3rd anniversary, and the 5th reprint, of my book “Scrum - A Pocket Guide,” I created a short introduction to Scrum, which was recorded by my ...
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Improve Your Level of Production with Kanban

Ideal for product owners, business analysts, developers, testers, and any users of Agile/Scrum, this presentation explains the basics of Kanban.
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How to Choose the Right Technology for Your Project

In every software project — at least at the beginning — there is the big ... The Agile Zone is brought to you in partnership with Sauce Labs. .... Anyway, here's the low-down on what a "Project Management Office" actually does.
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A Leader's Guide to Project Management Success

"Sometimes it's necessary to go a long distance out of the way in order to come back a short distance correctly." — Edward Albee, American playwright.
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Earned Value – einheitliches Controlling für klassische und agile Projekte

Zu diesem Zweck definiert das Project Management Office (PMO) ein ... für ein der Aufgabenstellung adäquates Management des jeweiligen Projekts.
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Becoming a great product owner - book review

The product owner role in agile delivery teams has been one of the least understood and even most criticized. How can one person represent all the ...
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Effektives Projektmanagement: Zeiterfassung und Controlling als Basis der Projektsteuerung

Erfolgreiches Projektmanagement basiert neben Erfahrung und Struktur auf gutem Projektcontrolling. Das Controlling kann allerdings nur so gut sein, ...
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5 Projektmanagement-Tipps für Testing wie am Fließband

Wie du als Projektmanager Conversion Optimierung als Wachstumshebel nutzt und Testing-Stillstand durch Projektmanagement vermeidest, zeigen ...
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In the Code: DevOps - Clash of Cultures oder alles in Minne?

Agile oder Lean Software-Development wird als Antwort auf fast alle Herausforderungen der digitalen Transformation gesehen, bei der das Business, ...
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Scrum Myth: The Sprint Backlog is a Commitment

While Project Management Offices came about before Agile, and thus don't always implement it's strategies, there is nonetheless a place for an Agile ...
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10 best practices for R&D project management beginners

Most managers first begin their management careers by being placed in charge of small groups doing small projects because they have demonstrated ...
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Are Your Useless Tools to Blame for Bad Project Management?

Is bad project management causing you to abandon important projects? Should you blame the tools you use, or does the issue go deeper?
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Passgenaue Weiterbildung für Event-Projektmanager

Die ebam Akademie bietet ein zweitägiges Seminar „Projektmanagement für Events“ an. Dort lernen die Teilnehmer von Experten aus der Praxis, wie ...
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Anordnungsbeziehungen, Randbedingungen und Annahmen (Teil 2)

Der Projektmanager und das Projektteam können Randbedingungen nicht beeinflussen, können sie aber antizipieren und mit in die Planung ...
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The Triangle of Self Organization

Managing self-organizing teams is done indirectly, mostly by managing the elements of .... Scrum by the book in practice for two sprints working on a side-project. ... This experience is not unique - most agile practitioners recommend ...
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(14 or more) Agile teams?

My team is currently 14 members, the largest suggested/allowed for a Scrum Team. We have 5 more people starting in the next couple of months.
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Prioritizing IT projects has never mattered more

The project managers who are best at prioritizing their projects are usually, in my experience, major contributors to the organisation's strategic ...
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Configuration Management and Version Control

This article will focus on configuration management; version control is only ... The goal in this phase is to provide a standard way of storing all project ...
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Triangulation as a Function of Project Structure

Since all project structures have strengths & weaknesses it is up to the project management team, and executive sponsors, to identify and reinforce the ...
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Sortd for Slack launches with an organizational overlay for the popular messaging tool

“We think of it as the ultimate ToDo list and and Project Management tool for Slack users,” writes Silberman. The tool involves launching a new Slack ...
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Contract work on the rise here

"But increasingly, and particularly in areas such as project management of technology, it's becoming far more popular as a route," said Mr Walters, ...
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What are tips and suggestions for Project Management in a consensus based team?

Japan is a consensus based society and the entire work culture here works on the basis of consensus, so the decision making is often very slow and ...
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Beginner's Guide to Kanban for Agile Marketing

At the core of Kanban lies a paradox: by limiting the amount of work we do, we become more productive. When you consider how much time we lose ...
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The Link Between Project Management and Organizational Governance

Very interesting... I agree with PMI states that since project success may be judged on the basis of how well the resultant product or service supports ...
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Innovation: Raus aus der Komfortzone

Beim Thema „Agile Kre-Aktionen“ geht es beispielsweise darum, dass klassisches Projektmanagement für viele Vorhaben heutzutage zu starr ...
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High Paying Jobs You've Never Heard of: PART 1 "SCRUM MASTER"

Scrum Masters are some of the highest paying employees in the United States. I've never heard of one, so I had NO chance in becoming one, and ...
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Mehr Erfolg mit situativem Projektmanagement

Wie Dr. Tremel bin nun auch ich der Meinung, dass es dieses Konzept im Projektmanagement aufgrund der Natur von Projekten als einmalige ...
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Open source project management can be risky business

Every project has risk and every PM (project manager) perceives and articulates that risk differently with various levels of accuracy. The understanding ...
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How should a failed project be handled?

If a project is irreparably going to fail, what should the PM do in closing the project? One obvious "todo" item that comes to mind is to carry out a ...
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8 Must-Have Project Management Excel Templates

Are you interested in free project management Excel spreadsheets? Here are eight essential PM templates you can download and use right now, ...
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Project or Program Success: What Matters

I have been a practitioner of project management for a while. I was attracted to it because of the opportunity to work with smart and intelligent people ...
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Projects, SubPortfolios and SubPrograms, Portfolios, Programs

What's the order: Projects, SubPortfolios and SubPrograms, Portfolios, Programs.
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Template for project management

I need a template for project management for land development projects wherein I use multiple people/employees with various tasks in order to obtain ...
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Spreading Scrum through the enterprise

Scrum may seem like it was built for the software development world, but its benefits go way beyond developers. Businesses are starting to realize ...
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From Kickoff to Completion: How to Rock Your Next Project

Project management requires both forethought and dedication. Forethought, as in the ability to think clearly about what the entire project will entail and ...
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New Project Management Tools Made To Simplify Everyday Tasks

Software For Project Mgt Professionals is raising funds for New Project Management Tools Made To Simplify Everyday Tasks on Kickstarter! Unique ...
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3 Project Management Tool Tips for Marketing Teams

Marketing teams can profit from using project management software tools, says Jennifer Bridges, PMP, and she provides these tips.
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