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Energie-Impuls #48: New Work ABC - K wie KANBAN

Der Begriff Kanban kommt ursprünglich aus dem japanischen und bedeutet übersetzt „Signalkarte“. Die Kanban-Methode wurde erstmals im ...
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Hybrid Project Management

You see the term 'Hybrid Project Management' around a lot at the moment. It typically refers to a combination of 'Waterfall' and 'Agile' but in my view ...
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How to Follow Up More Effectively with Direct Reports

Communication in the workplace can be a minefield with the ability to either elevate or sink productivity, depending on how good it is. So, it’s quite understandable that it’s one of the most important project manager skills. ...
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Beispiele für Personal-Kanban-Boards: wie du das beste aus der Methode herausholst

Falls du schon einmal mit Personal Kanban zu tun hattest oder den letzten Artikel gelesen hast, sind dir sicher unterschiedliche Kanban-Boards aufgefallen. Hast du dich schon einmal gefragt, welche Form die richtige ist? ...
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Unternehmen erfolgreich verändern

Dr. Creutzburg ist Psychologe und begleitet seit mehreren Jahrzehnten Menschen und Unternehmen in Veränderungsprozessen. Seine umfangreiche Lebenserfahrung manifestiert sich in der grundlegenden Überzeugung, dass Unternehmen nur von Innen heraus und unter aktiver Mitarbeit der Menschen im Unternehmen verändert werden können. ...
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Das (-/+)-System von Patrick Rhone

Viele Mitmenschen ziehen es vor, ihre Arbeit mit Papier und (Blei-) Stift zu organisieren. Und ja, dafür gibt es auch gute Gründe. ...
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The Secret of Extreme Results

Extreme productivity comes from deep desire or deep pain. Find the problem you hate, or focus on the customer or the solution you love, and use that to fuel your fire, and burning desire. ...
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Meine Bedürfnisse definieren und finden

„Was machst du morgens nach dem Aufstehen als erstes?“ – ‚Ich habe das Bedürfnis nach einer Tasse Kaffee!“ Ist das wirklich ein Bedürfnis? Ist die Tasse Kaffee der Kern deines Bedürfnisses? Oder ist dein Bedürfnis eher einen Moment der Ruhe zu haben, um sich zu sammeln? Ist es der Wunsch aus der Schlafphase schnellst möglich in eine aktive Phase überzugehen? Oder ist das Bedürfnis eher mit deiner Familie einen gemeinsamen Start in den Tag zu zelebrieren und der besagte Kaffee nur Nebensache ist? ...
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I’m on a mission – Wie klare Ziele unsere Motivation fördern

Der eine oder andere unter Euch fragt sich vielleicht gelegentlich, warum manche Menschen so viel Zeit mit Computerspielen oder mit der Spielekonsole verbringen, während sie auf der Arbeit ziemlich unmotiviert sind. Der Unterschied besteht darin, dass diese Menschen auf der Arbeit lediglich Aufgaben abarbeiten (dürfen), während sie beim Spielen eine Mission verfolgen, die uns klare Ziele vorgibt. ...
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jessehouwing.net berichtet:

Many funny agile movies

Some people just happen to learn more from short movie clips. And they can be a great way to bring some humor in. ...
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Make OKRs and Forecasts come alive!

Rigid detailed long-term plans, where progress is tracked based on consumed budgets, are in agile organizations quickly becoming a fading nostalgic memory of the past. They are replaced by forecasts and non-static roadmaps. ...
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Move from Either-Or to Both-And Solutions with Integrated~Autonomy

Liberating Structures are a collection of interaction patterns that allow you to unleash and involve everyone in a group — from extroverted to introverted and from leaders to followers. ...
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Organizational Structures that Support Faster Innovation and Evolution

Organizational agility is the ability of an enterprise to change direction, realign and succeed in volatile, uncertain business environments. It requires sensing emerging trends and actively listening to customer requests, then acting on this information and making the changes required to position the organization for where it needs to be in the future. ...
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The Evolution of Lean Thinking - Transitioning from Lean Thinking to FLOW Thinking

Flow means the customer must always come first, Complex problems evolve lean thinking into flow thinking, Leadership must evolve and become distributed in Flow-based systems, Psychological safety is critical to detect weak signals, Teams need to learn how to be teams and apply teamwork training ...
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aleanjourney.com berichtet:

Toyota’s 4 Stages of Leader Development

Many organizations have trouble sustaining Lean. Toyota is one of the few exceptions. According to Jeffrey Liker and Gary Convis in their book “The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership”, their secret is their leadership system. ...
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Vorleben und infizieren statt abholen und mitnehmen

Immer wieder höre und lese ich, dass Menschen in Veränderungsprozessen abgeholt und mitgenommen werden müssen. Ich halte das für übergriffig und paternalistisch. ...
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seths.blog berichtet:

Attention vs. the chasm

I’ve heard from people who have theorized that Tesla’s window-breaking launch of the super-brutal pickup truck was either an intentional fail (look at all the publicity they got!) or a success (look at all the pre-orders they got!). ...
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mpug.com berichtet:

Five Ethical Tips for Project Managers

Let’s consider the role ethics plays in the world of project management. Everything from day-to-day interactions and activities to overall project goals are touched by ethical guidelines in some manner. With a great role comes great responsibility, and project managers are held to high standards as they are the people who make decisions for and act on behalf of stakeholders, organizations, and employees. ...
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2020 Project Management (Part 1)

Have you ever thought about how some people make doing project management look easy, and it seems like they know it all? People listen to them, people take them seriously, people recognise what they do, and they’ve got support from somewhere – their boss, their mentor, someone. ...
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batimes.com berichtet:

A New Twist On The Stakeholder Matrix

It is mentioned this many times because building and maintaining a good relationship with stakeholders is one of the most important parts of any Project Manager, Scrum Master, Product Owner, or Business Analyst’s job. ...
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Prioritization: Simple Qualitative Approaches

Prioritization is key to getting the right work done in the right order. Prioritization would be simple if there was only one point of view involved. One person with all of their built-in biases could line work up in the order they wanted it done from the highest priority to the lowest in the blink of an eye. ...
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Risk Management – 5 Tips to do it right | Video

Shift Happens! Things go wrong. So, as a project manager, you need to be able to manage risks. Here, I offer you 5 Tips for great risk management. ...
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A Quick Guide to Program Management

Managing a project requires juggling many different tasks at once—it’s no easy feat. But what if you had to manage multiple projects at once? That’s program management in a nutshell. ...
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Council for the product owner

Our backlog is managed by our Product Owners Council (POC), made up of 7 voting members representing the users in the global markets. The voting members are responsible for translating their constituent user requirements into user stories for review by the council. ...
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Early experimentation is key to reducing project risk

Inspection and adaptation are two of the pillars of the Scrum framework but all agile methods recognize the wisdom of Deming’s Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle. ...
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Component Teams Create Coupling in Products and Organizations

Many of my clients feel stuck with their component teams. They feel they must implement across the architecture, not through it. That's because the people are organized in component teams. ...
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Tickets for Specialised Teams

Agile projects typically use a unit of work known as a ticket, user story, or increasingly a job story. These tickets are written to specify some new feature that provides value to a user of the system. ...
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romanpichler.com berichtet:

Tips for effective product strategy reviews

The product strategy describes how you plan to achieve product success. It typically covers the product’s value proposition, market, stand-out features, and business goals. While a strategy is key to creating a winning product, it would be a mistake to blindly execute it and assume it will always stay valid. As your product develops and grows, and as the market and the technologies evolve, the product strategy has to change, too. You should therefore regularly review and adjust it. The following tips will help you with this. ...
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On Uncertainty, Prediction, and Planning

This quote is often attributed to physicist Neils Bohr. It is also variously attributed to one or all of the following: Mark Twain, Yogi Berra, Samuel Goldwyn, politician Karl Kristian Steincke, or simply an old Danish proverb. That’s a healthy warning that things are rarely as simple as they seem and they usually get more complicated the deeper we go into them. ...
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Scrum Master Anti-Patterns — 20 Signs Your Scrum Master Needs Help

Scrum Master anti-patterns: The reasons why Scrum Masters violate the spirit of the Scrum Guide are multi-faceted. They run from ill-suited personal traits and the pursuit of individual agendas to frustration with the team itself. ...
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Zenkit – Projektmanagement-Tool für große Teams

In der Grundansicht ist die Kanban-Variante eingestellt, hier kann man schnell nachschauen, auf welchem Stadium sich die jeweilige Aufgabe ...
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td.org berichtet:

Aligning Teams for Successful Organizational Change

Me to project team member: “Can you send this information out to the project group? I'll provide a small distribution list along with the email.” Project ...
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Die 7 Verhaltensweisen erfolgreicher agiler Teams

Diese liefern konkrete Vorschläge, mit welchen Rollen (z.B. Scrum Master und Product Owner), Meetings (wie Planning Meetings und Retrospektiven) ...
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The Agile Museum

I've been teaching the class Professional Scrum with Kanban (PSK) for the last year now and I strongly believe parts of its content will send some of ...
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Project Engagement Lead is Integral to Agile Project's Success

What was needed most was solid project management — and not from the tech team. Robert Jerome, vice president of innovation and technology for ...
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Has Validation In An Agile Software Development Environment Come Of Age?

Although Agile software development originated in the 70s ... Requirements are captured in a requirements management tool.
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Making Sense of Product Owner Effectiveness

Can anyone be a product owner (PO)? What's the best position in the company to fill that role? With Scrum you have one and only one product owner ...
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Agile Elementarteilchen – Inspect & Adapt

Kontinuierliche Verbesserung ist einer der Kerngedanken agiler Ansätze wie Scrum. Diese Verbesserung ist kein Zufallsprodukt, sondern wird durch ...
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scrum.org berichtet:

[VLOG] What Are the Scrum Product Owner Accountabilities

When organisation is transitioning to use Scrum, it is not rare to see people perceive Product Owner as the business analyst or requirements engineer ...
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Warum brauchen wir mehr Diversität im Projektmanagement?

Warum ist das so? Der Grund ist, dass jedes Projekt unterschiedlich ist und somit nicht jede/r Projektmanager*in automatisch zu jedem Projekt passt.
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