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scrum.org berichtet:

How to Facilitate Multi-Team Product Backlog Refinements

Before and during the Sprint, effort needs to be put into coordination to ensure the Scrum Teams deliver a working integrated product. ...
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Scrum: 20 Sprint Planning Anti-Patterns

Sprint Planning is a core event, defining how your customers’ lives will improve with the next Product Increment. Learn more on how to improve its effectiveness by avoiding 20 common Sprint Planning anti-patterns. ...
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debooij.training berichtet:

Product Owner – why your Scrum doesn’t work (1/3)

Many teams and organizations struggle to get the most out of Scrum. In my previous post “Don’t blame “agile” for existing problems” I shared my analysis why agile or Scrum itself often gets the blame. ...
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18 Questions to Ask for Better Backlog Refinement

During sprints, Scrum teams work on the items in their sprint backlog. Since the purpose of the team should be to deliver value, their focus should be on completion of the items they’ve committed to. ...
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Assigning business value

The biggest question to ask yourself when you’re deciding on a model is “What are the consequences if we’re wrong?” ...
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kanbwana.de berichtet:

Podcast: Die Prinzipien für Veränderungsmanagement

Kanban hat zwei Sets von Prinzipien: Die einen für Veränderungsmanagement. Die anderen sind die Dienstleistungsprinzipien. In dieser Folge sehen wir uns die für Veränderungsmanagement an: Wie sie lauten und was sie eigentlich bedeuten! ...
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flowwork.rocks berichtet:

FrooC – Viable System Model Canvas

Leidenschaftlich, witzig, unkonventionell und undogmatisch. So haben wir unseren Experten Mark Lambertz letzten Mittwoch in unserem dritten FrooC, diesmal zum Thema Viable System Model Canvas (und Scrum) erlebt. ...
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Warum Change Prozesse keine motivierten Mitarbeiter brauchen

Wenn es um Change geht, werden die meisten unruhig. Das kann damit zusammenhängen, dass unser Hirn recht faul ist und mit allen Mitteln versucht, die aktuelle Situation beizubehalten. ...
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Disruptive Innovation – Die Toxizität des Erfolgs

Wie Unternehmen durch ihre erfolgreichen Produkte blind werden für Innovationen, die schleichend an der unattraktiven Peripherie ihres Marktes ihren Anfang nehmen und von dort aus den Markt aufrollen. ...
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mindiply.com berichtet:

The Hidden Benefits of Timeline Project Management

It’s true when they say that “time is a finite resource” and when it’s gone, well, it’s gone! For a project manager, the ability to manage time effectively could make the difference between a successful project or a monumental flop. ...
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Should we be flipping coins?

It's likely that every project manager somewhere along the way has been taught the facts about a flip of a fair coin as an introduction to "statistics for project management" ...
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How to Unite Enterprise and Project Risk Management

Many organizations have adopted enterprise risk management (ERM) as a way to make better decisions, get stronger operating results, and meet regulatory requirements. ...
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Risk Response Strategies: Full & Revised Roundup

Risk response strategies are the basic ways you can handle project risks. ...
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Transparency improves customer satisfaction

The link between transparency and trust is well known. You are more likely to trust the quality of the food you are served when eating at a restaurant with an open concept kitchen than if the food preparation is done entirely out of sight. ...
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Simple Checklist: Considerations Before Measuring Internal Customer Satisfaction

Understanding customer satisfaction is important. It might be more important for a product or services sold to someone outside the firm because of the link between satisfaction and sales — no customers = no revenue. ...
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qz.com berichtet:

Zappos has quietly backed away from holacracy

Six years ago, Amazon-owned Zappos began upending its traditional management structure. In lieu of a typical corporate structure, with power concentrated at the top, the online shoe retailer would adopt a decentralized system with “no job titles, no managers, no hierarchy.” ...
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Project Management Job Descriptions Explained!

The project management job descriptions you see in profiles on LinkedIn might not represent exactly what you would do in the role. ...
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fastcompany.com berichtet:

8 expressions never to use when answering a question

Fielding questions is a crucial communication skill. It’s important for job interviews, chats with your boss, dealing with clients, and virtually every workplace situation. ...
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facilethings.com berichtet:

Cognitive Switching Is Killing Your Productivity

In this blog we’ve talked on more than one occasion about how multitasking doesn’t work, since the brain is not neurologically prepared to work on several things at once. ...
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amplitude.com berichtet:

50 Questions I Ask PMs About Data and Their Teams

50 useful conversation starters for teams grappling with being more data-informed. ...
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infoq.com berichtet:

Lessons on the Competencies of Coaching from Spotify and ICAgile

InfoQ recently published the video of a talk given at AgileAus 2019, titled "The Evolution of the Agile Coach" by Spotify's Erin McManus, and Fiona Siseman. McManus, an engineering manager, and her colleague Siseman, a coaching manager, discussed how the role, needs and competencies of an Agile coach differ between established Agile cultures such as Spotify’s, and those organisations still undergoing a transformation. ...
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scrum.org berichtet:

What is the Best Sprint Length? Can a Scrum Sprint be Just One-Day Long?

Scrum uses the concept of a Sprint to mitigate the risks of complex product development and help deliver value faster to stakeholders. ...
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medium.com berichtet:

Thinking Agile: Core Beliefs

If you are going to do TPS you must do it all the way. You also need to change the way you think. You need to change how you look at things. ...
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medium.com berichtet:

Design’s Unsexy Middle Bits

In How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Design Thinking, I wrote about how I learned to value design thinking and in Five Habits of Design Thinking I explain how you can build the skill of design thinking. ...
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Tuckman-Phasenmodell - Reifegradmodelle, Teil 3

In unserem (vorerst) letzten Teil der Reifegradmodelle schauen wir uns das Tuckman-Phasenmodell an. Wir schlagen die Brücke zum (vermutlichen) Ursprung in der Evolutionstheorie und beschreiben wie die Phasen Forming, Storming, Norming und Performing Gruppencoaches dabei unterstützen können, den Zustand des Teams zu ermitteln und die richtigen Entscheidungen zu treffen. ...
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Ist agile Schule zeitgemäße Schule?

Ich war einmal Geografie-, Mathematik- und Physiklehrer und heute als Unruheständler und Vierfach-Opa fände ich es ganz wunderbar, wenn man die Möglichkeiten von agilem Lernen und Lehren schon ganz normal in die ganz normalen Schulen geholt hätte. ...
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Wie agil ist Tradition? Die Schweiz und ihre Beteiligungskultur

In letzter Zeit fanden sich an dieser Stelle vielfach Artikel zu Bürgerräten, Partizipation, Beteiligungsverfahren und lebendiger Demokratie. Wie macht das … die Schweiz? ...
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proagile.de berichtet:

Rücktritt als Führungskraft

Andreas hat in seinem Berufsleben umfangreiche Erfahrung in ganz unterschiedlichen Rollen und Positionen gesammelt. Nach einem Jobwechsel lässt er sich noch einmal auf eine hierarchische Führungsposition ein. ...
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itjungle.com berichtet:

How To Not Fail With Your ERP Implementation

“But the general patterns that we see separate the successful projects from the failures. The beauty is, it's not random. There's not a huge plethora of ...
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hrdive.com berichtet:

Study: Project management is top gig worker skill in 2020

Project management is trending as the most in-demand skill businesses seek in independent workers, according to Business Talent Group's (BTG) ...
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automotiveit.eu berichtet:

Die neue Agilität

Mit unserem Ansatz, Methoden wie Scrum, Design Thinking oder Kanban einzusetzen, können wir in kurzer Zeit einen respektablen Projektstand ...
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Was ist Complex Event Processing?

Typische Einsatzbereiche des CEP sind das Marketing, der Finanzbereich, die Netzwerküberwachung, vernetzte Prozesse der Industrie 4.0, das ...
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designmodo.com berichtet:

How to Draft a Design Brief for Successful Projects

A design brief is a document that helps a designer and client align on project expectations; this makes the project much easier to manage as it's being ...
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techwireasia.com berichtet:

Why being data-centric is the first step to success with artificial intelligence

Often, this is because AI projects are not approached in the right manner. ... For a successful AI project to materialize, organizations ought to ...
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managers.org.uk berichtet:

A new way of thinking: The Scrum Approach

“In recent years, Scrum, often under the banner of Agile, has become ubiquitous,” writes JJ Sutherland in his newest book, The Scrum Approach.
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uxplanet.org berichtet:

How to manage design projects efficiently

It will communicate the current progress at a glance, and this is what makes this board so great for project managers and stakeholders. It's relatively ...
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pressebox.de berichtet:

Scrum-Master: Hilfe - ich muss coachen

In der Ausbildung zum Scrum-Master lernt man innerhalb von zwei Tagen, wie das Framework Scrum funktioniert. Man lernt alle dafür wichtigen ...
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it-daily.net berichtet:

Agilität: Trend oder Arbeitsweise der Zukunft?

„Agil ist doch das mit Scrum?“ lautete die Frage eines Workshop-Teilnehmers. Die Antwort lautet: Ja, Scrum ist eine agile Methode. Agilität umfasst ...
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5 Probleme bei agilen Aufwandsschätzungen

Eine User Story der Größe M ist z.B. größer als eine Story der Größe S, jedoch kleiner als eine der Größe L. In der Regel formuliert der Product Owner ...
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forbes.com berichtet:

How Will Smart Consumer Product Companies Manage Sustainability Risk, And Opportunity ...

Brand licensing – where a brand owner permits or licenses another company to create, market or sell a product featuring its brand name and logo – is ...
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