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dzone.com berichtet:

What Is Scaled Agile Framework: 9 Principles

Well, according to Version One’s 12th Annual State of Agile Report, “The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is reported as the most widely-used approach to scaling agile, with nearly 1/3 (29%) saying that SAFe is the method they “follow most closely”. ...
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dzone.com berichtet:

Agile Transformation — Challenges and Path to Success

Agile transformation today is considered as a necessity as the traditional waterfall model has failed conclusively. Agile has led to phenomenal efficiency and has become de facto standard in the IT landscape today. ...
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Drei Prinzipien erfolgreicher Transformation

Aus drei Jahren intensiver Transformationsarbeit in der BMW Group IT nehme ich drei wesentliche Erfolgsfaktoren mit. Die Transformation beginnt erstens immer mit dem Wozu und der Weg dorthin, also das Wie und Was, ist anfangs notwendigerweise unklar. ...
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Regelbuch statt Regelbruch

Die ungewollten Nebenfolgen der verstärkten Durchsetzung von Regeltreue in Organisationen sind in den letzten Jahrzehnten umfassend herausgearbeitet worden. ...
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ideequadrat.org berichtet:

Drölfzig Ideen für New Work

New Work fokussiere ich dabei auf die Gestaltung der Organisation hin zu zeitgemäßen, bedarfsgerechten Organisationen. Andere Lesarten dazu findest Du bspw. in meinem Beitrag “Was ist New Work”. ...
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Obeya – die visuelle Kommandozentrale

Transparenz und die Integration aller Projektbeteiligten sind ein zentrales Thema für erfolgreiche Projekte. Mithilfe des visuellen Management-Tools Obeya kann dies erleichtert bzw. gefördert werden. ...
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4 reasons leaders don’t notice good performance

What goes unnoticed gradually loses value. What gets noticed improves. ...
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Füreinander für Spitzenleistung

Längst kommt kaum eine Stellenausschreibungen und auch kein Lebenslauf mehr aus, ohne als Anforderung oder Stärke „teamfähig“ zu erwähnen. Es gibt Teams, die funktionieren großartig, andere gut und wieder andere, die funktionieren nicht gut bis hin zu „überhaupt nicht“. ...
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techrepublic.com berichtet:

The 50 most overused business cliches

Clean up your business conversations. Don't tell people that you're pushing the envelope or grabbing the low-hanging fruit if you want to sound smart. ...
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digitaltonto.com berichtet:

Why You Should Learn To Love Your Haters

Don’t worry about people stealing your ideas,” said the computing pioneer Howard Aiken. “If your ideas are any good, you’ll have to ram them down people’s throats.” ...
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How to create a project budget

I have left items out of several project budgets and I can tell you it’s pretty embarrassing having to ask your project sponsor to approve spending from the reserves because you messed up the budget. ...
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Are You Making Proper Use of Dependencies and Constraints?

Project constraints and dependencies are two important, but much-misunderstood concepts in project management. Not only do they get confused with one another, but the term dependency has two distinct uses. ...
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seths.blog berichtet:

Two kinds of system risk

When you set up a system, it helps to keep in mind what will happen if it doesn’t work. Depending on the costs of ‘not working’, you can build more resilience into the system. ...
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If Risk Is Your Business, Do It Better Than Captain Kirk

As a great philosopher and chewer of scenery, Star Trek’s James T. Kirk once said, “Risk is our business”—nothing great can be accomplished if you’re not willing to take some risks. ...
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codingsans.com berichtet:

How to order it projects like a boss

If you want to build a product by hiring a software development agency, then read this post first before doing anything. ...
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"Little Data"

"Big Data" is the meme du jour, but most projects run on "little data", the sort of data that fits into the constraints of spreadsheets like Excel. ...
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jrothman.com berichtet:

Projects, Products, and the Project Portfolio: Part 1, Organize the Work

I've been working with some clients who are trying to find the magic way to slice and dice their project portfolios. ...
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scrum.org berichtet:

Addressing The Elephant: And Why Most Conflicts In Teams Are Invisible

Conflicts are fascinating. Now, this may be the organisational psychologist in me talking, or the facilitator who senses them in the groups I work with. ...
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elisestevens.co berichtet:

Crystal Richards – Politics and Projects

Some people seem to have no issue getting others to bend over backwards, put in a good word or sign that cheque. According to Crystal Richards these people all have one thing in common – a knack for politics. ...
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Liberating Structures for Scrum (3): The Product Backlog

The fourth Liberating Structures for Scrum meetup addressed the Product Backlog, more precisely the issues with Product Backlogs that subsequently cause Sprint Plannings to fail and Scrum Teams to deliver below their capabilities; as the saying goes: garbage in, garbage out. ...
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What Metrics Should Innovation Programs Measure?

What are the one or two metrics that you need to keep a corporate innovation program alive? Knowing that most all corps are made up of execution experts, quarter to quarter financial analytics, and incremental thinkers ...
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less.works berichtet:

Attempted LeSS Huge adoption at a German insurance company

This case study describes the change in a department from their initial Scrum adoption towards a LeSS Huge adoption. Those steps towards LeSS Huge included, but were not limited to: ...
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infoq.com berichtet:

Agile around the World

David Spinks and Glaudia Califano share case studies and observations of Agile adoption in various countries, discussing how different cultures could learn from each other. ...
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atlassian.com berichtet:

5 cognitive bias examples and how to avoid them in decision-making

We all have biases. They’re our brain’s way of reducing the energy it takes to deal with the terabytes of information thrown at us every day. ...
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5 things to look for in a good project manager

The project manager should be present from the very beginning of the refit process to ensure that the job is successful in both time and outcome.
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Lack of IT leadership fuels IoT trial failures

“Successful IoT projects start with a clear understanding of the business problems to be addressed, the investment needed and the return on ...
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Hybrides Projektmanagement

Klassisches oder agiles Projektmanagement? Diese Frage hat sich in vielen Unternehmen zur Glaubensfrage entwickelt. Dabei haben beide Ansätze ...
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dev-insider.de berichtet:

DevOps – alles agil, oder was?

Ein Vergleich zweier Software-Produktionsstraßen im Kontext klassisch ... Es existiert eine organisatorische Trennung zwischen Dev (Development, ...
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Scrum for Marketing

Scrum was developed out of necessity. Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber needed a better way to develop software and built Scrum out of three very ...
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Daily Scrums with Kanban

Scrum provides numerous opportunities for teams to inspect and adapt their progress, including on a daily basis. A time-box of 15 minutes is taken ...
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cmswire.com berichtet:

A Look at the Most Common Project Management Methodologies

Scrum is an extension of the agile methodology that revolves around a self-organizing small team led by a scrum master. "Scrum is great because it's ...
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heise.de berichtet:

Die Einführung agiler Softwareentwicklung und von Scrum bei Heise, Teil 1

In diesem ersten Teil des "Themenblocks Agile" stelle ich den Werdegang vom "heise-Scrum" vor – sozusagen unsere agile Transition.
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forbes.com berichtet:

AI In Project Management

The field and industry of project management emerged as a way to manage a collection of people towards an end goal. For project managers, it is ...
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siliconangle.com berichtet:

Project management startup Monday.com now a unicorn after raising $150M

The number of organizations using Monday.com Ltd.'s project management service has ballooned from 35,000 last year to 80,000 today, and it didn't ...
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utilitydive.com berichtet:

How advanced project management enables utility compliance

Much has been written about the shifting landscape of the modern-day utility industry. Once considered one of the more conservative and steadfast ...
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Developing an Agile Supply Chain Management Framework

They require agile supply chain strategies to manage a supply base that ... It is an alternative project management technique that designs a process ...
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itweb.co.za berichtet:

Eight proven steps to successful Agile leadership

What we are looking for in a leader, especially in an Agile environment, is the ... Budgeting an Agile project is vastly different from traditional projects.
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pressebox.de berichtet:

ERP-Entwicklung: Agile meets Anwender

Agile Methoden wie Scrum kennen typischerweise vier Rollen im Projekt: den Scrum Master, den Product Owner, den Entwickler und den Stakeholder ...
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jaxenter.de berichtet:

Req4Arcs: BDD und/oder Domain Storytelling

... Werkzeug-Material-Ansatz der Hamburger Software-Engineering Schule entwickelt ... An Test-driven Development (TDD) haben Sie sich als Architekt*in ... Technische Optionen wie Behavior-driven Development und/oder Domain ...
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cio.de berichtet:

So sehen IT-Karrieren in fünf bis zehn Jahren aus

Konkret braucht man dafür Projekt Manager, die auf das Einhalten der Ziele achten, und IT-Fachkräfte mit Schwerpunkt Kollaborations-Lösungen, sagt ...
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